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"Sweet Note Dessert" - Gem of a find in Markham and offering the BEST Souffle in the GTA, period!!

You would either have to call ahead or visit the store ahead of time and speak with the chef to see what she can make for you. We have done it in the past; just have to order and prepay ahead of delivery date. The cakes from Sweetnote are very pretty, not heavy nor overly sweet, which is the theme for pretty much all the desserts and sweets from Sweetnote. =D

Hope that helps!

Italian Gelato in Markham Chinese Mall

which cakes are good that ppl have tried?? Mom's bday is coming up and wanted to try this place ever since discovering it first @ Market Village, than see them move to Pacific Mall.

Note: She is not a fan of chocolate..... yes yes... i know it is a shocker... haha...

Btw, for the Pacific Mall location, do you have to order in advance for cakes or do they normally stock a variety?? I'm assuming this is just a "hub" location and don't actually make the products there, but instead get shipped from their main location.


I haven't tried this $25 pre-fix menu you speak of but in "general", the food @ Zucca is very good!! I would recommend and $25 for a pre-fix menu is a STEAL IMO.

Yummy's Burger is Huge Cheap and Delish

I agree as well on their shawarma. I too will have to try their burger's next time I'm in the area. Plus the guys behind the counter are very friendly too. =D

Jacobs and Co.

I would agree that Jacob & Co. is a nice spot for GOOOD steak.. Restaurant is very elegant yet cozy @ the same time... well.. more cozy than elegant. And yes.. the duck fat fries are to DIE FOR!!! SOOOOO GOOD!! =D

Good wings in North York!! Is that true?!!

Where is this located?!?!?? $23 sounds like an AWESOME deal!!! =D

Best candy store in TO?

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Tutti Fruitti (I believe that is how it is spelt) on Yonge and College. Never been in but seen their massive sign from the streets. =D

Linda Restaurant by Salad King, grand opening tmrrw

so where is this located?? inside the mall or outside??

Foodie Summer Festivalss

google Ribfest.... waiting for the Scarborough one to start near end of July =D

Fish and Chips

where is this London Style Fish & Chips in Eaton Centre exactly?? Is it in the food court near the Dundas side??

Best $10-20 burger?

shouldn't the Bymark burger be listed here too?? I haven't personally tried it but heard it's good! =D

Winchester Street - The Stone grill

so what you are saying is that the meat should be eaten and cooked in slices??

Winchester Street - The Stone grill

anybody try this place recently??

Good Korean spot along Yonge St.

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a decent Korean restaurant along the Yonge line. I know there are a lot near the Yonge & Finch area, but don't know which one is good. I've tried OWL, and I think that place is OKAY (good for late night though since it is open 24hrs). Does anyone have any suggestions??

I'm not really looking for any specific dish, but if you can suggest, that would be great! =D


Best Restaurant for Steak in Toronto

I find WildFire mediocre. I think for what you get and what you pay, I think I would have Canon Creek instead. Plus their prices of gravy or sides is pretty ridiculous I think.

Best Restaurant for Steak in Toronto

Thanks for all the replies everyone! I never even knew how close Barberians was to my school too... haha. And whats up with Harbour 60?? Is it like a hit and miss thing?? Minus the price of course??

Best Restaurant for Steak in Toronto

based on the quick replies from everyone (thanks btw), Jacobs & Co. seem like the spot. But I am curious, where is Barbarians as I can't find any info on them??

Best Restaurant for Steak in Toronto

As title states, I'm looking for a restaurant in Toronto that has EXCELLENT steak. Now I am aware of the KEG, Canon Creek, Ruby's, but was wondering if there were other places that would have @ par or better steaks than the ones listed above??