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The Best Donuts in the Planet are in East Boston...

Went to Betty Ann based on this thread - as a donut connoisseur, I have to agree - the best I've had. Thanks for letting this non-native in on the secret!

Lunch spot on beach not far from Hobe Sound?

Hi East Coast Florida Chowhounds,

Years ago I was taken to a fabulous little beach grill that wouldn't have been too far from Jupiter Island, FL. From memory, it was a public beach with a great lunch counter/grill that was covered and had some seating under cover on picnic benches. I had an amazing grilled mozzerella, tomato, basil sandwich with great potato wedges - and swore that if my in-laws ended up nearby, I'd be there for lunch all the time. Well, long story short, it's been years since I've been down and I tried to find it last year, checking out all the public beach spots south of Jupiter Island to about the Seminole Golf Club - no luck. Maybe it was north, I can't remember. Maybe it no longer exists due to hurricanes - but does anyone have any clue what I'm talking about and where it might be??
Thanks so much! And very glad to see the post on Austin's Smoke House - good to know there will be some decent eats close by. Slim pickings in that area.

Apr 13, 2009
ggbeantown in Florida