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Hazel's Diner- good breakfast/brunch option for Yonge & Lawrence

Interesting that you had such a different experience than we did.

We have tried this place twice - both times we were disgusted with what we ate.

Most recently we were there for the eggs (asked for poached) hashbrowns and toast. The eggs were prepared in little steamer dishes. Hey - I can make real poached eggs and thats what I expect if I am eating out. The hashbrowns were dull - no flavour at all. And then there was the service...they brought us a glass 20 minutes after we asked for it.,

It is cheap - but if I am going out I want something closer to edible.

iso great fried chicken

thanks for this info - stockyards is likely the closest so will try that first.

iso great fried chicken

i am looking for that blend of crispy and juicy.

it has been years since i had great fried chicken - and that was at someones place - never been able to find it anywhere else.

not looking for buckets of grease or anything fancy - just good honest fried chicken with a hint of spice (and/or sweet).

do we have this in our fair city or shall i have to wait for a trip south?

Best Chinese Lobster in the GTA?

hmmmm...any midtown suggestions?

are all Omei locations the same or is there a gem among them?

Wedding Venue-- St. Lawrence Market Hall vs Gladstone Hotel

I think that St. Lawrence Hall is one of the most perfect places for a wedding. It is a beautiful space, has great historic value and the staff are easy going. They don’t limit you to “preferred vendors” and they help you make the arrangements required. The other bonus is that they are in a great location with parking available close by.

best vegetarian, non-tomato sauce pasta dishes in TO?

Camberoni (or maybe it is Gamberoni) - it is a little place on Yonge north of Lawrence on the west side. It has a few great dishes on the menu (including spagetti with rapini and fresh gnocchi) and best of all - they will make just about anything you want. last time we were there I had a dish that was a mock carbonara ( muchrooms instead of bacon).

great service too.

Oakville Saturday or Sunday Brunch?

We have been to Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview Village - its good. that being said, I am not keen on taking her to a mall restaurant...it is where the bus takes here for her walk so it wouldnt feel special to go there for brunch.

I called Stoney's and they have only a limited menu on Saturdays.....

Any other ideas?

Oakville Saturday or Sunday Brunch?

Thanks for the responses...unfortunately...we have already done Jonathon's - great place! If Stomeys is crowded might not be the best place as we also hove our 19 month old som to contend with....I will look into Spencer's - has anyone tried it?

If we cant find a brunch buffet - how about a really great place for brunch?

Oakville Saturday or Sunday Brunch?

Fellow food enthusiasts - I come to you for assistance.

We are taking an elderly aunt out and need a good rec - she prefers buffet (so she can try everything) but I dont want another meal at Il Fornello or its type.

We are hoping to stay withing a 15 min drive of the main drag in Oakville - it takes long enough to get there so we dont want to have to drive too much further.

Someone had rec'd Ancaster Old Mill - looked great but a bit too far.

any other ideas?


We too think they are trying to ride the trend via name alone ....cuz it sure aint reflected in what we ate.

The food was good (of the group I recall our table ordered salads, bruschetta, soup, fish, pasta and cant recal what the meat was...the sight of it usually scares me)

My thoughts are that if you name yourself something that implies such a particular way of cooking/eating - you should have to provide an offering that truly supports it (waiter told us it was 50% local). I recall menu at JK having a fair bit of local...many places go as far as 30-40% - so I expected so much more than this.

What next - Japanese resto's with no sushi? Bars with no booze?

vegetarian chinese restaurant suggestions

we have always had great meals at both Gourmet Vegetarian (7 and west beaver creek) and Kings Cafe (kensington area) - the latter is closed for renos but promises to be open agan soon.

happy eating!

dinner rec midtown/uptown/leaside?

thanks for the recs.

is it just me or does Quince have a really limited menu - and not much for the seafood enthisiast...and we love Zee but it wont fill the meatlover bill.

how pricey is Celestin and is it worth it?

I think Locavore is on Avenue - anyone tried it?

dinner rec midtown/uptown/leaside?

we are meeting friends for a special midweek dinner - and need your help.

We are ideally looking for something that has seafood and meet options..only other limitation - not Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Indian.

Would be great to find something north of Eglinton and south of 401 - Dufferin to Bayview.


just checking - anyone had dinner there?

how was it?

Christmas eve lunch

oooh I have heard they are great - but - I wont have a car to use that day so it would be too far .

We need someplace we can walk to with the stroller.

Christmas eve lunch

Need your help...we are planning to go out for lunch Christmas eve in the Yonge/ Lawrence area and need recs. It must be someplace we can take out toddler. He will very nicely sit in a highchair - but we dont want to go somewhere that will be annoyed we are asking for a highchair.

We would prefer somewhere nice (ie not GG or Abott).