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Road Trip: Kansas City to Breckenridge, CO

My family and I are driving from Kansas City to Breckenridge next month. Are there any stops along the way we should be sure to hit?

Also, any off the beaten path restaurants in Breckenridge we should visit? We have a two year old, so nothing too fancy, but other than that we are open to anything.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Any noteworthy new places in KC?

It's been 2 and a half years since I've been gone. Bluestem and Potpie were around, but the others are new. Thanks. My parents live near KCI so Justus Drugstore would be easy to hit. I've heard a lot about Seven. Is it all hype? or does it live up to the hoopla?

Any noteworthy new places in KC?

I have been out of Kansas City for a few years....are there any great new places I shouldn't miss on my next visit?

Recommendations for St. Louis!

I've recently had a good meal at the tapas place, Mosaic, on Washington. Also Copia on Washington is pretty good.

Anthoninos on the Hill...St. Louis

I've been there a few times and every time it has been really good. I've tried the gyro and mixed kabob (I think that's what it is called.) The review above is right...the people there are really nice and very accommodating. We went once with my one-year-old niece and the waitress was extremely friendly and took a lot of time out playing with her.

Quick Dinner near Scottrade Center - St. Louis

I am taking my husband to a Blues game in a few weeks for a his birthday and am looking to get dinner prior to the game somewhere close and quick, but also good. I know there's always the option of hot dogs and nachos at the game, but I'd like to do something a little more since it is a special occasion.

Any recommendations?

Pestalozzi Place - STL

I just ate at Pestalozzi Place last night and was impressed. It was very inviting and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was great and at a great value. When we were there, it was pretty full, so hopefully it will stick around for a while! I will definitely be back.

Pestalozzi Place - STL

Does anyone have anything to say about Pestalozzi Place? I had a friend recently go and he said it was great. Any wonderful dishes that are a must?

The Hill, St. Louis

Anthonino's, on Macklind, is very good. It has both Italian and Greek.

40th bday party site suggestions-St. Louis

Lorenzo's Trattoria on the Hill has a nice private room on the main floor level.

Best Butcher in St Louis?

We had dry-aged beef the other night from Whole Foods. Not sure if it was "prime" or not. All the same, it was very good.

Nov 28, 2006
jojoamelia in Great Plains

Dying for a Curry in Kansas City

One of my favorites when we lived in KC was Taj Mahal at 75th and Wornall. Don't waste your time with Great India on 39th street.

Sep 12, 2006
jojoamelia in Great Plains

Nice Dinnner in Columbia, MO

We had a great time in Columbia....thanks for all the great recs.

Saturday we had lunch at Booches. There was a big game crowd, but we were offered a seat at a large table with another party. As always burgers were great, washed down with a nice Budweiser.

Saturday, we went to Sycamore. Both my husband and I frequented Widman's while in college, so it was a little strange being in the same space, since we didn't realize it until we pulled up. The food was great. We got the blue cheese salad and the iceberg wedge, both were great, but we both preferred the blue cheese. Entrees were the bacon wrapped scallop and the sirloin. Both were wonderful. We even saved room for a great crème Brule and two cappuccinos. Forgetting about the price differences in Columbia, we were pleasantly surprised when the bill arrived. Our only issue was that the temperature of some items was off; we wished the bread was warm, the steak a bit warmer and the cappuccinos slightly hotter. Overall, the place was wonderful with very good service. We will definitely return.

On Sunday night we went to Flat Branch. We had a large party and the service and food were great. (and the beer of course.)

Nice Dinnner in Columbia, MO

We are headed to Columbia, MO for the holiday and are looking for a nice meal. Both my husband and I went to school there, but haven't been back in a few years. Are there any great restaurants/dishes we have to try? We were thinking of Trattoria Strata Nova, but haven't been there in many years; is it still a good choice?

Kirkwood MO recs for next weekend

I've only eaten at Blue Water once, but I was really impressed, as far as imagination goes. The dish I had was scallops stuffed with goat cheese and I beleive pistachios. It was amazing.

Kirkwood MO recs for next weekend

Dewey's pizza is a great pizza place in Kirkwood. I think it would be good for a lunch. Whenever I try to go for dinnner, it is so packed and the wait is forever. Definitely get their house salad and try one of the specialty pizzas.

Kansas/ Kansas City food souvenirs

I moved away from KC and whenever I am able to get back I have to pick up some Scimeca's Marinara sauce and Hereford House dressing, I love them both, and miss them so much!

Aug 17, 2006
jojoamelia in Great Plains

In Chesterfield, Missouri - staying at Drury Plaza Hotel, HELP, where to I go to eat...

I second Annie Gunn's. I hear the meatloaf is great.