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Banh Mi in Charlotte

There is a new place next to "Three Amigo's" (formerly La Casa De Enchiladas) that serves up some pretty decent Banh Mi. It's called "NC Banh Mi" I believe. I like it better than Thanh Houng down the street because the service is more friendlier, and the place feels cleaner inside. It's on Central Ave across from Dim Sum. I still like Le's Sandwiches a little better, but this is my second stand by when I'm craving Banh Mi

Sep 19, 2010
tcamclt in Southeast

Moving to Charlotte. Afraid of the food

I agree even though NC is well known for it's pork bbq, Charlotte is lacking when compared to some of the other small cities who have a deep history with bbq. If you can make the trip to Lexington,(about 1 hrs. drive) I highly recommend it for bbq. But for bbq in Charlotte there are still some options. The places I like are Mac's, Outlaw BBQ in Matthews (take out only). Never been a big fan of Bill Spoons, but I've only tried them after Bill Spoon passed away R.I.P. Bubba's is pretty good, but I stopped going there because the raised the prices of their sandwiches to like $5 yet are the same size as they where when they used to be $2.50. Old Hickory is good, but the sauce they use is a bit sweet and tangy which some people prefer. I like mine more vinegary. I've heard McCoys is really good but I haven't been there yet.

For Southern/Soul Food try, Merts, Down to the Bone, Dish, Simmons Fourth Ward.

May 28, 2009
tcamclt in Southeast

Lexington NC BBQ

Love Lexington BBQ, I haven't been to all the que joints in Lexington yet. I did go to Stamey's of Tyro, and John Wayne's which I felt are both respectable. But I have to agree that Lexington #1 was my favorite.

Dec 13, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

RO'S BBQ Gastonia NC Recommendation

Can't say I'm a fan. I certainly didn't love the slaw, but can't say I hated it either, it just wasn't for me. I grew up eating more of the Eastern and Lexington style Que.

Dec 11, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

visitor seeks charlotte NC's best local fare

Were else did you eat? Im curious to here about it.

Dec 09, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Group from NW Looking for Good Southern Food in Charlotte

Also if your more into an Upscale type of Southern you may want to check out these places.

Savannah Red inside the Marriott Uptown on Trade & Tryon ( I can't vouch for them because I've never eaten there, but it does look good)

Ratcliffe on Tryon, They specialize in Carolina farm to fork cuisine. (Again I've never been here, but I hear nothing but good things about this place.)

Dec 09, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Group from NW Looking for Good Southern Food in Charlotte

For diehard BBQ people that live and grew up with BBQ in North Carolina, there really isn't that much to choose from in Charlotte. Lexington which is about an hour away is the best place for BBQ. There are some local places that have decent BBQ, but when you've had the best it's kinda hard to go back to just okay BBQ.

Mac's on South Blvd, is okay. I say okay now, but I used to think it was great. That was before I went to Lexington. For someone not familiar with NC BBQ they may love this place. Others like Bubba's, Bill Spoon's, Old Hickory are okay, but I would personally pass on them. Mac's however is super crowded and service can sometimes not be so great. There are a lot of part-time bikers there (Lawyers that buy Harleys and think they're a biker) but this might be okay for a group of 15 except it will be hard to find a table that large in Mac's.

I've heard McCoy's has decent BBQ, but I haven't tried them yet. Any thoughts people?

Dec 09, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Group from NW Looking for Good Southern Food in Charlotte

Never been to La' Wans, but after visiting their website it definitely is something I want to try. I'm a big fan of "Down to the Bone Soul Food" on N. Tryon in the University though.

Other soul food spots to try for the more hardcore are:

Floyd's, Coffee Cup, Simmon's 4th Ward, Chicken Box

But I agree with the others even though Mert's is more of your Disney Land like Southern Food, it is good and I enjoy it. The atmosphere is a lot nicer than the other I just mentioned, and is probably better for groups. Also if your hotel is Uptown you could probably walk there. It's a good safe bet kindda place for out of towners I think.

I also like the idea of Dish for dinner, they don't serve fried chicken, but they have chicken & dumplings and shrimp & grits. It's not to far from Uptown and would be a decent place for a group.

Dec 09, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Luisa's BRick Oven Pizza, Charlotte NC

Never been to Luisa's per say because of mixed reviews. But here is currently may list from best to last in terms of pizza places in Charlotte.

I Like a lot:
1) Zio (Providence Rd behind Boston Market)
2) Intermezzo Pizzeria ( E 10th St @ Louise Ave in Plaza/Midwood)

Good, but can't rave about them being the best in Charlotte:
3) Tony's Pizza (Multiple locations
)4) Portofino's ( Park Rd or Eastway Rd)
5) Due Amici (university)
6) Hawthorne's Pizza (7th Street)
7) Luigi's (Tryon near 485)

Doesn't really do anything for me, but if I'm desperate I'll bite:
8) Brick's (multiple locations)
9) Fuel (multiple locations)

Dec 03, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Help with SouthEast US Road Trip (VA NC SC GA) [moved from Not about Food board]

If you pass through Charlotte and are looking for a meat and three I would recommend the following, some with mixed local reviews, but it depends on what your up for.

Nicer sit down atmosphere:

Mert's Heart & Soul
( More of a Soul Food place than Meat & Three, but aren't they pretty much the same)
214 N College St
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 342-4222
Uptown/Downtown Charlotte

1220 Thomas Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 344-0343
( More of a Southern Fare then actually a Meat & Three, they don't have Fried Chicken
)In a cool eclectic little neighborhood Plaza/Midwood
Closed Sundays


Less atmosphere more cafeteria style:

Down to the Bone Soul Food
7945 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 548-1616
Close to I-85 in the University area of Charlotte
(Soul Food/Southern
Closed Mondays

There are some more, but I like to call these fairly safe bets.

Dec 03, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Help with SouthEast US Road Trip (VA NC SC GA) [moved from Not about Food board]

I second Lexington BBQ, it is half way between Winston Salem and Charlotte. Lexington itself is with in 8 miles of the Interstate I-85 which you will be traveling southbound. "Lexington BBQ #1" has great bbq in my opinion.

Lexington BBQ #1
10 US Highway 29 70 S
Lexington, NC 27295
(336) 249-9814

Dec 03, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive

Need Lobsters in Charlotte, NC

I know this is 2 year old post, but I wanted to reply because I myself was in search for Live Lobster. I just bought some from Inner Harbor Seafood Market on Central Avenue. I bought two lobsters for 8.99 lbs., and maid some excellent Lobster Rolls, yum!!!

3019 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 567-0283‎

Dec 03, 2008
tcamclt in General South Archive