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If we loved these places, what should we try this time?

Thanks all!

Apr 04, 2011
livetotravel in New Orleans

If we loved these places, what should we try this time?

Hi all - this Board has allowed us to eat very well in NOLA during past visits, and we hope it does so again.

Experiences that stay with us are Cochon, Herbsaint, Bayona and August, as well as Commanders Palace.

If we loved those, what restaurants for dinner would you recommend now? One's we've been looking at are Luke, Brigsten's, Emiril's and Le Foret.

Also, for more casual grazing we loved Coops, Mrs. B's for lunch, Johnny's, Parkway Bakery and Domilese's for po-boys. Anything you recommend like them?

Thanks so much. We can't wait to get back to NOLA.

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

430 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112

701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

Le Foret
129 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Mar 29, 2011
livetotravel in New Orleans

Vienna: Riegi or Mraz & Sohn

Hello - looking for opinions on Riegi and Mraz & Sohn - trying to decide between the two.

Berlin - Margaux or Vau?

Thanks linguafood - I enjoy reading your posts on this board. I was asking about Dressler because we were looking for something close/walkable to Arcotel John F in Mitte, and we will have completed a walking tour at around 6:30PM - so in the neighborhood and not too dressy as we're up next morning and out @ 0430 to Vienna. So do you think Traube is a good replacement for Dressler?

We then return to Berlin for 5 nights after Vienna and right now I have booked Margaux, Renger-Patzsch, & Altes-Zollhaus - Reinstoff looks great - on the other end of the spectrum, what about Henne, should we go for the fun of it?

Also considering Cookies Cream.

Thanks for your help.

Berlin - Margaux or Vau?

Hello - which would you pick for your one blow-out dinner in Berlin? Thanks much for your responses. (Not interested in Ma this time around)

Also, any opinions on Dressler in Mitte and on Altes Zollhause in Kreuzberg would also be appreciated.

Arzak - how bad is smoking section?

Thanks - just the reassurance I was after.

Feb 25, 2009
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

Arzak - how bad is smoking section?

Excuse me if this is an already discussed topic - but I have just received confirmation for lunch @ Arzak and their non-smoking section is booked - so, alas, we must sit in smoking section.

Does anyone have experience doing this, and just how bad is the experience??

Thanks in advance for any information.

Feb 23, 2009
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

Comerç 24 vs Cinq sentis

You might be interested in my report from Barcelona from May ...

Dec 21, 2008
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

Barrio Park Slope

I just want to correct the above post - the wonderful owner of Barrio is Julie (not Laurie, whomever that may be) ;-)

Jul 28, 2008
livetotravel in Outer Boroughs

Five Guys Burger in Park Slope

Here's a complete guide from a Park Slope bulletin board

Jul 27, 2008
livetotravel in Chains

Barrio Park Slope

Went tonight for a return visit - simply fabulous - everything was working in harmony. Met Laurie, the owner - she was wonderful and gracious. Went around 7:30 and waiting no more than 15 minutes for a table. I had the Poblano Chili w/chorizo & potatoes, my wife had the Yucatán Shrimp w/cilantro & jalapeno marinade, pickled onions, & calamari coconut rice - the spices were right-on as was the heat level - simply delicious. The drinks were great, the service superior. This was one of our best restaurant experiences in PS. I'm convinced that they have worked out all the bugs and are here to stay. And what a amazing contribution to 7th Ave this place is. Viva La Barrio!

Jul 25, 2008
livetotravel in Outer Boroughs

fish tacos?

I just had 2 fish tacos at Pinche today - and I think they have become the best in Manhattan - better than La Esquina IMHO.

Jul 16, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

STAND (burger review)

Based entirely on the weight of Adam Kuban's re-review posted on A Hamburger Today on Thursday, I made my first visit today for lunch. Let me spoil this right up front my saying I loved everything about my experience today except the burger.

I arrived at about 12:15 PM and was warmly welcomed by two young women at the host stand. I told them I'd sit at the bar. There were only about 5 or 6 other people in the restaurant at this time. I again was warmly greeted at the bar by the young gut tending bar and placed my order - a la Kuban - a classic burger w/cheddar, small fries and a small root beer.

The physical space at Stand BTW is wonderful - modern, clean, cool and comfortable. It really an appealing minimalist design.

The burger, ordered medium rare arrived cooked perfectly medium. It was on a brioche bun just a tad smaller than the burger circumference - stacked on top of the burger were hopefully-not-killer tomatoes, raw onions and a unnecessarily high pile of shredded lettuce. Under the burger were crinkle-cut dills and a small squirt of their ketchup & mustard. Like Mr Kuban I did not like the red peppercorn sauce that was served on the side. I did, however, add a squirt of "Japanese mayonnaise" to the burger half way through. That condiment was a nice surprise - it's sweet and went well with everything else.

The burger was one of the most beautiful, well-charred, and juicy I have ever seen. The problem was not only was it cooked medium it was absolutely tasteless - I mean absolutely - no hint of salt, pepper, or, gawd-forbid, fat. If this was the 80/20 % lean to fat version, they need to return to the 70/30 version. This was the most tasteless burger I have ever eaten and makes me appreciate the Shake Burger even more, which is a salt lick compared to Stand's version.

The fries, on the other hand, were perfection, golden brown and crispy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside. Some of the best I've had.

If the burger I had today is representative then they should rename Stand Bland.

Jun 20, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Date in Brooklyn

I highly recommend Saul in Boerum Hill - it's a Michelin 1 star, it's modern, it's quiet and you have a conversation, and the food is fabulous.

I love Rose Water, Applewood, Al di La, Convivium, etc - but they are all really cramped spaces and loud - which is perfectly OK if that's what you want - because the food at all those places is terrific. But for a date, Saul is my first choice.

My second choice would be Moim - really love that place.

Jun 12, 2008
livetotravel in Outer Boroughs

Union Square Cafe revisited

I reluctantly left the comfort of my a/c apartment in Park Slope to venture into overheated Manhattan today to go shopping with my wife (who actually it turns out wanted to buy me something for my birthday which I celebrate later this month.)

Well, I'm glad I did because we had lunch at Union Square Cafe. USC is one of the consistently excellent restaurants in NYC with one of the best staffs around. It was about 1/2 full at 2:00PM today and a cool oasis from the scorching pavement.

We split a snap pea salad which came with pancetta, mint, pecorino Romano and olive oil - light, summery, crisp and delicious!

I had lasagna Bolognese with ricotta and English peas - light pastry-like separations with light fluffy ricotta and excellent Bolognese sauce.

My wife had the spaghettini w/flaked halibut, chili, white wine and garlic - another great, summery, dish.

We each had a glass of Sancerre and split a baked strawberry rhubarb cobbler with almond ice cream.

A great way to idle away a couple of hours on an oppressive Sunday afternoon - I once again highly recommend USC.

Jun 08, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Eleven Madison Park goes off the rails

I totally agree w/Nosh. Have eaten at EMP several times, have always communicated up-front to the captain and server re pacing expectations and have always been accommodated. EMP especially, and D Meyers restaurants in general, are all about gracious service. And the comping here is a hallmark of that commitment to the customer.

Jun 05, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Eating Barcelona

Hi - We walked into Hisop on a Monday night without reservations and were seated right away (we were headed for Coure which is across the street but it was closed). We booked Alkimia through our apartment rental agency - they booked it for a 2:30PM lunch about 2 weeks in advance of our arrival. If I remember correctly all menus were in all 3 languages and all servers were multi-lingual. The same menu is available for both lunch and dinner at both restaurants.

May 27, 2008
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

Eating Barcelona

My wife and I recently returned from a truly great 9-day trip to Barcelona - we consider it one of our best overall dining experiences anywhere.

Best Discovery:
Goliard - Carrer de Progrés 6, Gràcia - a small, quaint & rustic restaurant on a narrow side street, off-the-beaten path. Catalonian menu and incredible prices - the lunch prix fixe was 11.12e/person. Highlights were the Boles de Picolat (Catalan meatballs) and their version of Fideua which was made with fish and pork.

Most pleasant Surprises:
1. The pintxo at the cafe in the foyer of the Palau de la Musica Catalana - really wonderful - crabmeat salad, silver backed anchovies, salmon, salt cod and cava - a wonderful pre-concert snack.
2. The consistent quality of the food, the inviting atmosphere and the cheerful service at Taller de Tapas on C/Argenteria, 51. We went here twice we were so surprised ;-) Great patatas bravas, silver-backed anchovies, salt cod fritters and their profiterole with chocolate sauce were heavenly!

Disappointing and Touristy
1. El Quim in La Boqueria - I suppose too much attention over the years has resulted in mediocrity. Way overpriced and way overcooked - and it was not busy, so their was no reason for the poor food performance. The prawns were overdone and too chewy and the patatas bravas were all mayo and no spices. In fact, I thought the whole Boqueria experience was over-hyped.
2. Senyor Parellada - run-of the mill-food and The.Worst. Service.Ever.Anywhere. The 5 language menu should have alerted us!

Far Exceeded Expectations: (In no particular order)
1. Santa Maria - wonderful, intimate, rustic bistro feel restaurant at C/Comerç, 17. Inventive, fresh, delicious menu. We had the tasting menu along with a bottle of white and the bill was about 90e for the 2 of us. Highlights were salmon sushi with goat cheese centered in the rice ball, quail with sweet potato puree, foie gras with a cherry glaze, sardines with a yoghurt curry, frog legs, steak tartare, a raspberry shortcake parfait with a zotz-like fizz candy that popped in your mouth, and chocolate cake with creme and espresso.
2. Taktika Berri - Valencia, 169 - Another restaurant with a great bistro vibe - we sat in the back dining room, away from the bar area. No printed menu - all made daily and server tells you what's what. Highlights were the veal cheeks, the clams with fried garlic and onions and the Hake with garlic and tomato salsa. Chocolate cream layer cake and cava! About 50e for 2.
3. Cinc Sentits - Aribau, 58 - lived up to all the rave reviews. We has lunch here - the 29e per person prix fixe 3 course, which came with 2 pre-appetizer amuses and 1 pre-dessert amuse. Everything with perfect and service was exceptional. Highlights were the diver scallops and the suckling pig and the incredible artisanal cheese plate. Along with several glasses of cava, bill was about 70e.
4. Hisop - we had dinner here. A minimalist heaven design-wise, with truly great, inventive menu. This was our best meal among the best restaurants. Highlights were a great mackerel dish with both a mushroom-infused sauce and a chocolate sauce, grilled cuttlefish with lime dressing, fois gras with whole cherries and liquorice, grilled scallops with sweet green onions and Jerusalem artichokes, and the most inventive dessert of the trip - lime ice cream with a pistachio souffle covered in a sweetened arugula sauce! Bill was 100e.
5. Alkimia - Industria 79 - we spent 3 wonderful hours here for lunch and also spent the most money here (but well worth it!) One of the amuses was a liquid take off of pan amb tomaquet - the natural juice of the tomato covered with bread crumbs. Another amuse was a foie gras gelatin cover with rice crispies and edible flowers. A appetizer of small salmon cubes along with white asparagus and edible root stock and flowers was delicious For mains, a traditional Catalan stew of red snapper and creamed potatoes, and a wonderfully spiced steak tartare with small pillowed fried potatoes. For dessert, a chocolate/hazelnut brownie with rice yoghurt and espresso ice cam. Bill was 110e.

We had a great time and loved Barcelona and will miss the fabulous dining opportunities.

May 26, 2008
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

i waited 1 hour for food at shake shack yesterday...

Wed, April 30th, 11:25AM - no line
Wed, April 30th, 11:55AM - 20 people on line
Mon, May 5th, 11:15AM - no line

You will also find reduced lines at 4:00PM

May 06, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Barcelona - Where do I need reservations?

PBSF of course gives you great information.

We are Nyers also, who also love to eat - we had the same concern, and working with the couple who own the apartment we are renting, booked the following in advance for our trip commencing next week...
Taktika Berri - 'cause we wanted to get an actual table
Cinc Sentits
Roig Robi
Alkimia &
La Clara

We also have advice to arrive early at places where we do not (or the restuarant does not) take reservations...especially Santa Maria

May 06, 2008
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

Barrio Park Slope

This note below was just posted on the Park Slope Forum of - very nice note from the owner...


My husband, Spencer, and I are the owners of Barrio and were recently
informed of the Park Slope internet forum discussions about our new

We sincerely appreciate your thoughtful insights, critiques, and concerns
and would love the opportunity to address them. Feel free to email us
either at or We also look
forward to meeting you. Please let us know the next time you visit Barrio
so we may personally introduce ourselves.

Spencer and I are simply thrilled to be a part of the Park Slope/Greater
Brooklyn community and are striving in every way to make Barrio a wonderful
restaurant. Your feedback and communication with us will surely be an
integral part of Barrio's success.


Julie Rothschild

May 05, 2008
livetotravel in Outer Boroughs

life altering sandwiches

The.Best.Meatball.Hero. ... Crosby Connection's super sandwich - w/ricotta, topped with a tomato/basil sauce and shreds of fresh mozzarella, touch of pesto - $6. Located on 290 Elizabeth St between Houston and Bleecker in former Parisi bakery location (next to Rice)

The.Best.Porchetta.Panino. ... Il Buco's slow roasted Flying Pigs Farm Heritage pig with wild fennel pollen and rosemary on ciabatta! $15 - 47 Bond Street

May 03, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Barrio Park Slope

We called at Noon today for a reservation for 2 at 8:30PM and got the OK. We arrived on time and were seated by 8:35PM. Water and chips/salsa arrived in due course and our server - she's a gem - took our order in timely fashion.

30 Minutes later our appetizers arrived - still way too long of a wait! The food however is once again fantastic - repeated the empanadas from our first visit and also ordered Barrio's take on sopes - crab meat salad/epazote/& perfectly spiced cascabel salsa - this dish was super- crab meat was creamy and sweet, the cornmeal base was just the right texture and consistency and I guess the epazote was right as I'm still alive to write this.

Good thing the apps were great because the pacing is still horrible - another 30 minute wait for our entrees. My wife had the chicken enchilada and I had the poblano chili - at first we thought that the dishes were near perfect, until, about 1 minute into them, the overabundance of chili powder struck and rendered our taste buds useless for the rest of the meal. Shame, because the chili was on the verge of greatness - grilled poblano stuffed with diced potatoes and minced chorizo - really tasty until I couldn't taste it anymore. My wife's enchilada only less so over-spiced.

We finished by sharing a tres leches cake that was really yummy. Also, during the course of the evening my wife had 2 glasses of sangria and I had two glasses of cava.

Total bill w/tip was $87 plus change.

This place has such potential I want to be a good culinary parent to it - but the pacing just has to improve and the kitchen has to find the right balance with the heat.

I'm up for one more visit.

May 02, 2008
livetotravel in Outer Boroughs

Barrio Park Slope

April 24th - We spent almost 2 hours here due to really, really long wait time for food service - our server even comped us a round of drinks due to the wait. The staff was really nice - the bartender especially. It was simply that the kitchen couldn't cope with the crowd - it was jammed from 7:45 to about 9:30. Our wait for a table was only about 20 minutes - it was the wait for the food that felt interminable.

But, that said, we thought the food was fabulous. We had the marinated Oaxacan cheese, and black bean & plantain empanadas to start, followed by steak tacos and fish tacos and finished by sharing the Yucatan shrimp. All the plates were really well-prepared and used the freshest of ingredients. We especially like the sophisticated use of spices throughout the different dishes. Our only critique re the food is that the 3 taco plate is minuscule.

We liked the vibe & decor of the place - good music and really festive. We will definitely go back once they get their act together in the kitchen. I want Barrio to make it - food is great and it's 2 blocks from our apartment

We're going back tonight.

May 02, 2008
livetotravel in Outer Boroughs

Quick suggestions on list of Barc. tapas and restaurants?

Hi - I'll be in Barcelona for 8 nights beginning My 14th - here's my final list - culled from various sources including chowhound, e-gullet, and the personal lists of 2 people who live in Barcelona...
Taktika Berri
Santa Maria
Cinc Sentits
Tapac 24
Can Mao
Santa Maria
Pousada Caballito Blanco
Senyor Parellada
El Xampanyet
Motjuic El Chalet
Roig Robi
La Clara

Can't wait!!

Apr 29, 2008
livetotravel in Spain/Portugal

Dosa Man Still MIA

Just spoke w/him - he'll be back second week in May

Apr 24, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

tips for scoring a reservation @ per se?

Like many top restaurants Per Se does not place all their tables on Open Table - a percentage are held for phone calls and friends.

Feb 28, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Review: Casa Mono

any feel for what's it's like to walk into Casa Mono at 6:30 PM on a Friday night - wait-time-wise??

Jan 28, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Le Bernardin - Question?

Thanks all - 2 we are - so we'll plan on 2 hours.

Jan 28, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan

Walking into Casa Mono or Boqueria on a Friday Evening?

What's the real world reality check of being seated at either of these tapas bars at around 6:30 PM on a Friday night?


Jan 28, 2008
livetotravel in Manhattan