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Chicken and Waffles in Durham or Chapel Hill, NC?

We've frequented Dame's numerous times. Yes, the food tastes AMAZING (although it's very heavy). Our last visit on a Friday night in early September had the WORST service I've ever seen in Dame's. I'm not sure what is going on (the AC wasn't working well) but the host was beyond surly (looking at his iPad the entire time, no eye contact, nary a smile broken), the server went on her 15 minute break in the middle of serving us and NOBODY seemed happy. Usually the taste of the food makes up for their slow service and strict waiting policy---but no longer. I can only hope that management takes note and rights the ship

Sep 08, 2013
mange2te in Southeast

San Francisco/Napa with 3 kids

For another vietnamese alternative (perhaps for your next trip), we ate at Tin in SOMA and absolutely loved it. We'll be bringing our children on our next trip to SF!

Inexpensive Sonoma

I'm sure you've already traveled to Sonoma and gone, but for those who are searching this board for other tasty inexpensive NOT pretentious dining in Sonoma, we enjoyed Taste of the Himalayas (as CarrieWas218 said). We were surprised to learn that there is a large community of former sherpas from Nepal who are now living in Sonoma. No wonder the food was so tasty!

And Sonoma Market had wonderful cheese, sausage, wine and bread (ok, we got there too late for the REALLY good bread). Perfect for a picnic on the plaza downtown.

Is truly different even out there anymore?

With echoes of addiez's comment, I think Myers + Chang's mixing of Asian with some southern is different and creative without being pretentious. I just had the "cheap date night" there and was really pleased---the greens (gai lan) were super fresh and the crispy whole fish was done perfectly. Not too salty, although perhaps a wee bit spicy (and I like spice!). Service was very good and the Chinese/diner decor meets my definition of creative.

Jun 25, 2013
mange2te in Greater Boston Area

Cafe BaoNecci - Best Pizza in SF?

We visited it for dinner last night and they now open at 5pm; we sat down at 530 and there was plenty of space/no waiting.
As many have posted, the pizza is excellent---with a very crispy crust---thinner than NY style for sure. I had the Cotto E Funghi (prosciutto and mushroom)---delicious. The prosciutto melted in my mouth and was sliced very thinly. Cost for a personal-sized pizza (no slices) is $15.95. Service was excellent and you get to see/walk thorough the kitchen when you visit the rest room.

Portland ME w/kids

We just did Portland on a Friday night in the height of tourist Summer season with our 8 year old. I needed kid friendly, wanted local, away from the crowds and not very expensive. Based on Hounds recommendations, we had Maine beers at Great Lost Bear (including a microbrew root beer...coloring placemats provided entertainment) and then drove to South Portland to Dock's Seafood. I've heard it's owned by the Fisherman's Grill person but has more seating than FG. Sat outside on picnic tables. Far from the tourist crowd, friendly, simple---fresh---delicious lobster and lobster roll. 1 lobster, corn and slaw for under $10. It's BYOB...could only have been better with a bottle of Allagash White.

Jul 20, 2012
mange2te in Northern New England

Fluke Restaurant in Newport

I third that. It's pricey and the plates are small but it's the best fine dining I've had in Newport. We sat at the bar and slowly worked our way through drinks and various small plates--ending with the delicious goat cheesecake. The staff was very nice and knowledgeable.

Jul 30, 2011
mange2te in Southern New England

Recommendation for Anniversary Dinner? (Raleigh area)

For the benefit of other Hounds who might be looking for an anniversary dinner in the triangle: we celebrated ours at Four Square with the Chef's seasonal menu. Appetizer was very good but the entree was out of this world. Best upscale food we've had so far in the triangle. Ambiance is decidedly not hip (staid) but the food was fresh, inventive and delicious.

Four Square Restaurant
2701 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707

Aug 11, 2010
mange2te in Southeast

Seafood in Newport, Rhode Island? [moved from Boston board]

I second the recommendation for Anthony's---good year-round and for just about any type of seafood. As for fried clams in-season, Flo's Clam Shack near first beach in Middletown (right over the NPT line).

Flo's Clam Shack
4 Wave Ave, Middletown, RI 02842

Jun 29, 2010
mange2te in Southern New England

Jestine's Kitchen vs Homney Grill in Charleston, SC

We just had dinner at Jestine's night before last and Hominy Grill last night. Hands down, go to Hominy Grill. It's a little more upscale but definitely casual and comfortable--we wore jeans and brought two elementary school children; the kids were pleased. I had three sides: grits are fantastic, tomato okra stew was quite good, hoppin' john was fine. Others had shrimp and grits (fantastic), the big nasty biscuit (very good) and fried homemade bologna sandwich (also wonderful). To top it off, the service was friendly, attentive, efficient and the food came out at the right times and temperature. Jestine's was, as I reported elsewhere, "aggressively mediocre". Practically tasteless. If you're downtown and are looking for good food at a moderate price: Hominy is your spot. Oh, and yes, the desserts are good too.

Mar 13, 2010
mange2te in Southeast

NO's Top 50 for Triangle area - what's yours...

We're new to the area so I can't comment as to whether the quality has decreased but my meals at Guglhupf have been mediocre at best (too sweet muselix and chai, boring egg dishes) but I'm officially sworn off of it after the HORRENDOUS service we received. Cold weekend, party of 6 seated outside rather than wait for a table inside---after numerous discussions with the staff who offered no proactive help---we ended up leaving without eating after waiting for OVER an hour. I kept wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt---give them another chance but the staff basically admitted that their service was a disaster and threw up their hands rather than proactively try to resolve the situation. We had guests in from out-of-town and, frankly, it was embarrassing. In brief: Their food is NOT good enough to make up for the abysmal service.

Guglhupf Bakery & Patisserie
2706 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707

Oct 25, 2009
mange2te in Southeast

Dreaded IAD overnight: where to eat nearby?

We had a great meal at Taste of Burma tonight---wonderful "Rangoon Night Market Noodles", fried yellow Burmese tofu (our children said it was a bit like french fries), harvest spring rolls and green curry vegetables. Decor is nice. Service was by what I can only assume is the teen/early 20ish children of the proprietors---so VERY laid back. Great food--delicious.

Paris dinner for 2 under $500 in August

Thanks for the info about la Regalade being closed. Very helpful, indeed. I can only hope that my children are so kind one day to treat me to such a meal. ;)

Jun 17, 2009
mange2te in France

Paris dinner for 2 under $500 in August

A friend wants to treat his parents (in their 60s) to a nice Paris dinner ($500 max) and has asked me for advice. They prefer authenticity to touristy and need to avoid lots of shellfish due to allergy. I've searched CH for some recommendations..perhaps Josephine and La Regalade? It would be nice to have them experience a 3 star meal (I've had the grand fortune of eating at Michel Bras) but it appears that $500 won't get one there for a dinner in Paris. The other difficulty is that they'll be there in AUGUST. I've informed my friend that nobody else will be there except his parents. :) I assume chefs are en vacance too. Any hound advice is much appreciated. Merci bien.

Jun 16, 2009
mange2te in France

St Louis near Powell Hall/Fox Theater

For the record: I went to Bobo noodle on Skinker for the first time tonight and was impressed. The place is rather tiny (maybe 8-10 tables total) and one order's at the front and then food is brought to the table. The decor is very clean-lined and pleasant---as was the staff. It's a great place for 2-4 people but might be difficult for larger parties. The food was very good: fresh, crisp vegetables in the dishes, VERY spicy as a baseline (you can ask for less spice). The beef pho was quite spicy and delicious. I wish the physical space was a little larger---but they've done a nice job with what they have. Entrees for $9-12.

St Louis near Powell Hall/Fox Theater

I've never been to Vito's. What kind of pizza: thin (new york) / thick (chicago)? I'm familiar with Racanelli's, Dewey's, La Pizza and Pi. Thanks for all of the info, hounds!

St Louis near Powell Hall/Fox Theater

But do you recommend the food? Any particular dishes over others? Can't say that Scotland makes me think of delicious food but I may be wrong about that.

St Louis near Powell Hall/Fox Theater

Four couples are going out for dinner (sans children!) before a performance at Powell Hall. We're coming from the UCity area and are looking for something either on the way or in the Powell Hall/Fox Theater area. Pretty different taste preferences among the group so I'd say price is more of a factor than type of cuisine---nothing too fancy (below $12-15 entree). At that price point I tend to look at ethnic cuisine but I leave it to the hounds....any recommendations???? I read some postings about Bobo noodle--is that a dinner option?

Family eats in Memphis: 2 days only

So we ended up doing Rendezvous for the tourist aspect but were really pleased with the dry rub ribs--not too spicy and just really delicious. Kids had pulled pork sandwich and salami sandwich. Slaw was way too spicy for them. The ice cream at Wiles-Smith was really good--the food...not so much. I was also shocked at the use of styrofoam plates and plastic utensils at both Wiles-Smith and Gus's. Gus's was the best fried chicken I've ever eaten--I was searching for any extra bit of coating on the bone after I'd eaten every sliver of meat I could find. They have grilled cheese for the kids as even their tenders are done with the same level of spice as the regular chicken. I wish we had time for an additional bbq stop but we did make it to Deli Mexicana (Las Tortugas) and agree that it was totally worth it. Best fish tacos since we were last in Texas. Ultra fresh and tasty and the agua frescas were wonderful. Thanks to the hounds who helped us have an amazing eating experience in Memphis!!!

Family eats in Memphis: 2 days only

Thanks for the tip--esp about Gus's spice level (maybe taking off the skin is an option for the 5yr old) and the sandwich shops. For breakfast, I was thinking that we'd be at the hotel (boring) so that getting out isn't too stressed (and mom and dad can make sure they've had their coffee). Your idea about Arcade is great, though--and they'll love the milkshakes at Wiles-Smith, I'm sure. They're accustomed to New england Frappes--so it's always fun to experience other types of milkshakes. I'm excited for bbq and sweet tea! They haven't had agua fresca (mexican juice water) since they were last in Texas so I'm sure that will be a treat for them, too. I'm seriously hungry already! Thanks again!

Family eats in Memphis: 2 days only

First timer in Memphis --staying in Germantown and visiting downtown: with 2 children in tow (8 and 5). 8 year old is a foodie already although 5 yr old often defaults to pbsand and pasta but has been known to eat kale, pad thai and pate (go figure). Looking for recommendations for inexpensive/representative Memphis restaurants. Thinking: Rendezvous for dinner after seeing ducks, Gus' for chicken after Sun Studios and Stax...MAYBE Las Tortugas for dinner (I've read it's expensive for what it is...worth it?) then maybe another bbq place for lunch? (The Barbecue Shop, Interstate BBQ, Germantown commissary, Payne's BBQ or Tops?). Are there any interesting/good ethnic places (pho saigon? pho hoa binh?) or should we stick with southern cuisine?

Best places to eat in St. Louis, period.

I second the vote for Five--but note that they're moving to the Hill soon. Very fresh, innovative and nice service. Also "appropriate" portion sizes there--unlike nosh, I'm not a fan of large portions. PI is creative with both thin crust and deep dish (we prefer the thin) and it's also relatively kid-friendly (most friendly is Dewey's). Riddles is wonderful for freshness but not high on the ambiance if that's what you're looking for. Both Riddles and Five cook with Ozark Farm mushrooms---which are OUT of this WORLD!

The "New" Taqueria Lopez, post-3/08, Durham, NC

Just had lunch there today (Jan 24, 2009) for the first time and was hoping for a decent meal based on some of the posts. I'm sorry to report that I was incredibly. Apparently the Taqueria Lopez is under "new management" and is now called Restaurant Lopez. I also heard one of the proprietors talking about moving locations soon, as the rent has been increased. I'm quite familiar with Austin, Texas "Tex Mex" and was desperately hoping for some great Queso (dip), fresh Pico de Gallo and decent burritos, etc. What we got took FOREVER (more than 45 minutes with only 6 other people in the restaurant), one dish was completely wrong, the temperature was off (some hot items were hot, others completely cold), the pico was mostly onions and cilantro--barely a tomato to be found, only one of the three agua frescas (they translate them as "fresh water") was available and the beans looked and tasted like they came straight out of a can. I was so very disappointed....

Notes on our trip to the 4th arr.

We just returned from a week in the 4th with our two children (5 and 8). We managed to have some amazing restaurant meals for lunch--where the children had steak hache and pomme frites while we lingered though our courses. I highly recommend Cafe des Musees (technically in the 3rd) for lunch. The lunch menu of a slightly warm lentil soup with greens was followed by a course of duck with mashed potatoes, turnips and an amazing wine sauce was simply perfect on a winter day. The cheese plate was good, albeit the cheese choices a little more pedestrian than we we had hoped (including a standard goat and camembert). The place is noisy, crowded and busy but we never felt rushed and the service was always good--just never expect to have a quick lunch. This is the one place in Paris where we got a reasonably-priced quality meal (18 Euros for the menu) like I've come to expect from our visits to Provence (Cafe de la Poste in Goult being my ultimate favorite). The other bonus is that it's open on Saturday and Sunday!

For dinners, we cooked at home and would recommend the few blocks on rue de Rambuteau between rue Beaubourg and rue des Archives. The pastries at Le Pain de Sucre (14 rue Rambuteau) are mouth watering works of art--meant for a nice splurge. Their whole wheat baguettes are fantastic if you're lucky enough to have them as your local boulangerie.

Cheeses at Fromages...ou desserts (13 rue Rambuteau) were amazingly good and the selection wonderful--although the shopkeeper was not very open and engaging. The shopkeeper at Nicolas on the other side of the street was unpretentious and gave excellent wine recommendations in a broad range of price points--providing us with a marvelous bottle of wine for 5 Euros. Perfect for a picnic or a dinner at home.

Dec 03, 2008
mange2te in France