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Sauceman's Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

You are right that it is not out of line with other places. If the food was great than I would have no problem with the pricing but I think my issue is that if I am paying prices that are on the higher end for that type of restaurant than I expect my food to be high quality and delicious.
For example- Brixx individual pizzas are between $9-10. I find them to be a great deal because they are on the larger side, taste great and have high quality ingredients. Also- Brixx is a sit down place. When I compare that to the pizza I had at Sauceman's I then feel like the pizza there is very overpriced in comparison.

Dec 22, 2010
lvfoodie in Southeast

Sauceman's Restaurant in Charlotte, NC

For the last year I have excitedly watched as a restaurant was being built in Southend (at the corner of Tryon and West). It finally opened last week and sadly is a big let down.
1) the pricing was very high especially for a restaurant where you order at a counter (our bill for 2 ppl was $22). A personal thin crust pizza was $8-$9 and definitely was not big enough to really bring home leftovers. If the pizza was great I could understand this- unfortunately it was soggy and the dough and sauce was flavorless (and definitely was not what I consider a thin crust). I had to take 2 napkins to soak up the grease and liquid from the toppings before eating it. After trying it my boyfriend and I both commented that we should make our own pizza and bring it to the owner to see what good thin crust pizza tastes like (pizza 1 star out of 5).
2) my boyfriend ordered a french dip- the cheese had no flavor- he liked the au jus dipping sauce I found it to be salty and lacking in something. We originally were going to split the pizza and the sandwich but after taking a bite I gladly let him have the whole sandwich and half of my pizza. The fries also look unappetizing- they were white and looked like they had freezer burn. They tasted ok (like typical fastfood fries). They should be making their own fries if they are going to charge around $7.75 for a sandwich and fry there or at least have them look appetizing. Also I have no idea what their small sandwich size would look like as the regular is not that big (although definitely large enough to fill you up). Again if the food was great I would be fine with a $7.75 price tag. Unfortunately this food should have been less than $5. They have a 1/2 bbq chicken for $11. For $11 I can get 2 full rotessiere chickens.
I emailed my friend saying I tried it and it appears my experience was similar to hers. She wrote me: Funny you said that about saucemans….I have already decided I am never going back. XXX had a sandwich the other day and said it was ok. Actually it was the Italian sausage sandwich- he said he was expecting a sausage link or slices, and it was ground sausage like sloppy joes. Then I ordered take out and they screwed up my order. The pasta tasted like I made it myself w/Ragu – and their specialty is mixed noodles –spirals and rigatoni. Who does that? And you couldn’t tell there was meat in my sausage pasta dish. Too bad because they spent so much time fixing it up.
I hope for the owner's sake that things get fixed and they work on perfecting recipes and getting prices to line up better. Sadly I am not sure if I am going to go back. I think I will just stick to the sandwiches at Common Market when I am in that area.

Dec 21, 2010
lvfoodie in Southeast

Breakfast in Little Rock

Doing a road trip. Staying in North Little Rock for the night and wanted to get a good breakfast before getting back on the road.
1) any recommendations for breakfast (would prefer a place the offers more than the typical eggs/omelettes/pancakes fare- would like something has interesting offerings)
2) only have an hour or 2 to sight-see in Little Rock- are there must-see places?
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Where to eat on vacation in SF

So far after reading more posts and the suggestions below I think we have decided to do:
One dinner at Town's End Restaurant for their Prix Fixe meal- any feedback? the reviews I read were really good especially considering what a deal it is
Lunch at the Farmers Market (especially for the pork sandwich)
Dim Sum at You's or Delicious Dim Sum? Thoughts on these? Would like reasonably priced but good dim sum
We are staying at Hilton San Francisco at Union Square West 333 Ofarrell Street
We just need to figure out our last dinner or change something above. Let me know thoughts.

Where to eat on vacation in SF

My boyfriend and I are coming to San Fransciso Sept 5-7. We will be staying in the Embaracedo (sp?) area. We arrive at 5pm on Friday so will need dinner ideas (especially ones near fun bars). Saturday we are going to do the Alcatrez tour so would like a lunch around that area and any dinner reservation ideas. Sunday I am thinking I would like to do Dim Sum somewhere in Chinatown. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Additional info:
Price range: lunch- looking for $10 a person OR a nice restaurant that has a great lunch menu rather than doing an expensive dinner- would prefer to stay in Fisherman's Wharf area for lunch since we will probably walk around there afterwards
Dinner: would like to do one dinner that is a bargain and one that is in the $100-$150 range for 2 people
We will not have a vehicle but can cab it if necessary
I do not care for Italian food

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

State of Barbecue in Las Vegas

A great place for BBQ is Barbeque Masters Wood Smoked. It is in Henderson right off of the 215 and Stephanie (on Horizon Ridge). Has incredible pulled pork, the ribs fall off the bone and the pulled chicken is great. The brisket has been a hit or miss with friends (i am not a brisket fan so can't judge it).

Aug 08, 2006
lvfoodie in Las Vegas

Staff changes @ Picasso in Las vegas?

Mario has left but Desi is still at Picasso!

Aug 08, 2006
lvfoodie in Southwest