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New Haven County Farms

this event might interest you.

Adriana's restaurant in new haven reopening

Thought this may interest somebody out there.

I've been to Geppi's down that way but never this joint.

authentic Mexican in New Haven area

It's not that bad. Don't know if they serve wine. Haven't been in over a year, I shoul get back there.

As far as the Ruger, I'd go with a basic inside the pants clip on with a baggy shirt. lol

authentic Mexican in New Haven area

consider this peruvian place as well. really basic setting but great food at a good price.

Machu Picchu
101 Farren Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513

bring a gun if you have one though.

Pacific Grill In Hamden, CT Opening Wednesday

I went today for lunch and checked it out. out the door for 13.50 with tea and a tip (8.99 +1 tea +3 tip). I thought it was pretty good. the crayfish were a little salty, the clam chowder a little too gelatinous. the oranges were lame. But don't get me wrong, I'll still eat every one of those again next time I go, the beef tips (or whatever you call them, about the size of a silver dollar with the bone attached) were great, as was the other stuff. plenty of sushi to chose from (no eel though) . Corn on the cob was a nice surprise. the place is well worth the money as far as I'm concerned. An some of the Asian women they have working there are off the hook. Worth the trip just to check them out.

Oh, and the peel an eat shrimp were perfect, and decent size. the wonton soup was among the best buffet WS i've had. good call on the banana creme btw.

very nice inside also. I'll keep it in the rotation.

Pacific Grill In Hamden, CT Opening Wednesday

it's where child world was back in the day lol.

hamden plaza

Pacific Grill In Hamden, CT Opening Wednesday

thanks for the heads up, i'll go soon. I peeked in the window there a while back and it seems the layout has changed.

I hope it doesn't put the buffet in north haven out of business, that's one my second homes.

New Haven (or vicinity) suggestions for MIL's big birthday lunch with kids?

no there's no view, and I've ribbed paul about that over the years. but there are many historic photos of the lake in one of the dining rooms. The food is good and a gathering like the one in question would be very affordable. I know that if I threw the party referred to above at the view for all those people it would cost 1/2 of what it would cost at the other places mentioned. I would stab a stranger in the eye with a butter knife for my grandma, and I wouln't have her last 2 big birthday parties there if it was lame.

If you're a self-important beret wearing cheese nibbler lakeview might not be right for you. But if you want to be treated special and get a reasonable price for a great meal then the view is the place. On a sunday afternoon they could have the run of one of one of the dining rooms, providing there are no other functions. There aren't many places that have survived on the hill as long as lakeview, they must be doing something right.

The other places mentioned are great as well.

New Haven Restaurant Week Part 2

I saw that as well. Some pretty nice places on the list.

New Haven (or vicinity) suggestions for MIL's big birthday lunch with kids?

Call paul at lakeview tavern in branford. I had my grandma's 85th an 90th birthday parties there. great food, and the price was beyond reasonable. and plenty of room outside for the kids. you can utilize either of two very nice dining areas. I know I'm always plugging the place on here- but that's only because out of the dozens of places I've been over the last 20 plus years there isn't another guy who treats his customers like he does. WTNH held a function there about a month ago.

Best Recession Eats on CT Shoreline

just got this e-mail from nellie greens.
Mid-Week Madness Menu is HERE!

Come in Wednesday and Thursday nights 5:00 to closing. Two people can enjoy salad, main course and a bottle of wine for only $32.00!!

Where can I find live blue crabs?

find 'em here.

I caught around 1,000 in 07, same in 06. 08 was a terrible year in SC CT.

Best Recession Eats on CT Shoreline

that's the village diner. I like it, but it's been a while.

twin pines, also in EH has great deals daily- soup, salad & entree all for under 10 bucks. not byob though :) it's also nice inside.

Fresh Smelts--have they dissappeared from New England?

we've been seeing less and less in LI Sound, likely due to the dramatic increase in the striper population over the last 10-15 years.

Bump this post in august and I'll bring you a few pounds fresh caught. you'd have to meet me at mohegan or foxwoods though, I'm down new haven way.

Eli's on the Hill, Branford, CT

i typed a long winded response yesterday, i guess it didn't go through. At lakeview i go with penne voka pasta, ny strip, wraps, burger, buff wings (also boneless), their mixed vegtable side and the bread they serve is top notch. fresh cut fries too.

Eli's on the Hill, Branford, CT

ha ha!

and the one on long wharf was good too. I worked with a lot of hot chicks at the LW theater for a outside telemarketing company in the 80's and we'd all go there after work. Being being that I was the only remotely halfway decent looking straight dude that worked there I scored regularly. I have fond memories of that place.

Went to the ground round in groton not too long ago because it was in the entertainment book and i was staying up there to gamble and the MS was sold out. As I was eating I had a big smile on my face thinking about the great times the ground rounds have provided me with in the good old days. and the food was decent too. I wanted to look in a room they had there because that is where all the "fun stuff" was and I was feeling nostagic but there was a huge kids party in there.

In grad school I went to the eli's in hamden regularly and despite blowing 30 to 60 in alcohol each visit never once did the bartender by me a drink. A few visits to eli's in branford, same thing. and I'm a decent tipper.

I go to lakeview tavern and paul the owner buys me a drink EVERY TIME. I've been a sole proprietor before and making your client know they are valuable goes a long way- I never got that at eli's, always more like they weere doing you a favor by allowing you in (although in my case that may be true lol).

Eli's on the Hill, Branford, CT

The ground round was there for an eternity. I used to play video games and eat popcorn while waiting for our meal when I was little. I thought I died and went to heaven.

I read a horrendous review about eli's branford on yelp.

I've been to both eli's and have my complaints. I'd rather eat at lakeview tavern just down the street than eli's on the hill.

ferraro's in new haven has a huge ad this week.

they are indy...not sure of the meat and poultry origin. they do butcher at least a lot of the meat themselves, and will cut stuff to order... they close at 6, and closed all day sunday. sat afternoon is the best bargain time but the place is a zoo. most of the stuff is emptied by 5 on sat. haven't been to c town lately, but i do score plantains at ferarro's for frying in the summer.

and their own sausage is good to i might add, and georgia hots. i also have used thier corizo (sp?) sausage for a sausage-kale-white bean soup that came out great.

Under $30 dinner for 2 in New Haven/Fairfield County Connecticut

I'd rather be fishing too. you should consider scoring the entertainment book, available @ entertainment. com. 20 bucks and free shipping i think, and has probably 100 2 for 1 restaurants. you can go to the site and check out the participating restaurants. they also have coupons for other stuff like ball games museums, ect. i get the new haven one every year and put it to good use.

you need to click "see all books" to get linked to the ffld county book.

East Melange/Buffet - Hamden, CT

being the crab joneser that i am i went to jade city AGAIN last night. i decided to give the big ass slab of beef another shot and it was pretty good. your basic lower end roast but it was "good". also. they had frog legs out- and i tried one for the first time. the damn thing was pretty meaty. tasted like a cross between chicken and fish to me- a few desserts, shrimp, lamb, beans.

the marketing for this place is the absolute worst. type jade city north haven in yahoo and nothing even comes up. sad really, because one could put up a website themselves and pay only like 13 bucks a month for a host on yahoo, godaddy, ect.

jade city chinese buffet
117 Washington Ave Ste 4, North Haven, CT 06473

ferraro's in new haven has a huge ad this week.

thanks for the input. i meant to say "new haven register". they have outrageous sales on veggies sometimes also. i'm going to grab some frozen lobster meat for lobster rolls. just thinkin about that place makes all happy, even though my taxes are filling up the carriages of 3/4 of the other clientele. the spices are a bargain- they have the pickling mix (for corned beef) for a buck...all other spices are a buck also, including cumin, which is expensive elsewhere. they all come in a decent size container.

ferraro's in new haven has a huge ad this week.

just sayin' :)

you can get to the a via the new register site. i wish it were summer- i don't cook much indoors.

East Melange/Buffet - Hamden, CT


i keep tellin' them they need a website. you punch jade city in a search engine and you get nada.

Fall-off-the-bone Pork Ribs in New Haven County?

believe it or not american steak house in w. haven has decent fall off the bone ribs on the cheap.

What makes a good clam pizza?

you may want to squeeze fresh lemon on top. that's how I roll and it's awesome. I do the same w/ white broccoli pizza.

Feb 26, 2009
shoreline in General Topics

East Melange/Buffet - Hamden, CT

I gotta disagree with you to an extent. First off, I,ve eaten there quite a bit lately and have never gotten so much as a belly ache. I eat the oysters, crab legs, lamb (the beef is lame), chichen wings, wonton, fruit, ribs, string beans mostly. It's like 11 bucks, I'm not expecting the world. Plus I think the chick in front is kind of hot.

I don't eat the clams because I eat those all summer.

If you think "fancy" restaurants don't have food hanging around in the back you're probably mistaken. I've gotten ill at some upscale places, but never at that joint. As matter of fact, I think I may fast until dinner time then go do battle there.

I have seen them shuffling the food around, I'll give you that much.

driving from nyc to new haven, CT via 95...

5 mins from new haven

East Melange/Buffet - Hamden, CT

if you're looking for a decent place try the one at 117 washington av. in North Haven. It has been on the money lately. snow crab, oysters and clams on the 1/2 shell, shrimp. crawfish, leg of lamb, sushi, and a lot of other stuff. Cheap too! I sort of gave up on the one in Branford near Kohl's because they "throttle" the snow crab legs- only bringing out a few at a time, and leaving the tray empty most of the time.

The north haven buffet is a better value than pacific grill in my opinion, although I like pacific also.

they are one plaza past stop and shop same side if you are heading toward wallingford, convnient to 91 and the merrit. 117 washington ave. If someone tries it let know what you think. I love the place. And Asian women.

Wilson's BBQ (Fairfield, CT) on DDD Tonight

born and raised in new haven area, never heard of the joint. th show reruns at 1 am, i may check it out.

I tried Modern Apizza (New Haven)

the stuff you saw on the bottom was probably corn meal. it keeps the dough from sticking. good use of that photo feature btw.

try sally's though. as a matter of fact a show on travel channel that just ended showed flo from sally's and pepe's pizza also.