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Place for a Small Wedding Reception?

I am in the same position as Fuzzeh. Although we have tried to plan this on our own with the bouncing back and forth of ideas we got nowhere! We are looking at July 25th of this year and have mutually agreed on a restaurant reception for 30. Please any suggestions would be most appreciated. I plan on reviewing the suggestions listed so far and look like really nice places although they are mostly french cuisine which I am not familiar with. We want a nice intimate place (patio) with enjoyable food for all! Fuzzeh have you chosen a location as yet?

Need a Caterer in Toronto

Oh my gosh! i just checked out his site and loved the menu. Please if anyone has used this caterer please give us your feedback ASAP! This would be perfect for our day and hopefully he is flexible on flavouring of meats as we would like to incorporate our Jamaican/Colombian culture.

Need a Caterer in Toronto

Looking for a catering company that will do a bbq for approx. 30 people for our wedding this July. We want our guests to be able to help themselves to whatever whenver. We are looking for a mix of bbq chicken, shrimp kebabobs and steak. Any suggestions??