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Nicoise Salad in the Metro Area??

I am restarting this thread in hopes there is a new place in the DC area.

Again, I'm not particular about "traditional" or "non-traditional" meaning:
- grilled vs. canned tuna
- type(s) of olive (nicoise would be nice but a mix or something close works)
- vegetables or lettuces used (although I do enjoy potatoes and green beans)
- fresh anchovies, preserved or none

However, I am particular about one thing; the dressing should be a close approx of the traditional style. (vinegar, Dijon mustard, lemon, salt/pepper, etc.) Thanks!

Feb 22, 2011
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

National Margarita Day - 2/22

I was just wondering if anyone has a favorite margarita watering hole in order for me to imbibe on such a celebrated drink it gets its own day.

I prefer fresh ingredients instead of pre-made. I'm in DC but willing to travel via metro. Thanks.

Feb 22, 2011
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Your favorite cheese

Ditto on the Époisses.

Nov 02, 2010
MLP in Cheese

Brisbane (Inner City) - Restaurant with a View

I will be staying in Brisbane for two nights in mid-September and wanted to treat a friend out to dinner who lives in the area. I will be near City Hall but would be willing to go a little out of the way for something spectacular.

I'm not concerned about the price but only if the place has a view of the water with good food and service.

Thank you.

Aug 26, 2010
MLP in Australia/New Zealand

Help! broke and "need" to buy EV olive oil

I just picked up a big tin this past weekend at Litteri's Italian Deli in DC located in the City Market off of Florida Ave, NE. The tins range from $40 to $15.

Aug 06, 2010
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Sydney - What is the best Asian food the city has to offer?

I will be traveling to Australia in September and my first stop is Sydney. I love all food but I'm specifically interested in any Asian fare that Sydney has to offer. I will be staying very close to Chinatown so I will probably start my culinary adventures there.

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 29, 2010
MLP in Australia/New Zealand

$30 Challenge - Any suggestions?

Kora in Crystal City on Crystal Drive has a $5 lunch deal for their pizza or pasta dishes or a $7 sandwich selection which includes a salad and fries. I was really content with the tuna nicoise sandwich which was cooked to order. I believe the deal is not available on weekends. Kora is ran by Chef Morou.

I would also recommend the Cafe Asia happy hour sushi deal for dinner.

Cafe Asia
1720 I St NW Unit Frnt, Washington, DC 20006

Jul 16, 2010
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Christmas Eve in Philly - Restaurant Rec near Market and City Hall

I'm going to be in town for Christmas Eve and wanted to know if anyone knew of any restaurants or even a nice bar that serves food on Christmas Eve.

Thank you.

Dec 23, 2009
MLP in Pennsylvania

Film & TV: Favorite Fictional Food & Drink?

I would say most of the candy on the Hogwart's Express from the Harry Potter Series
- chocolate frogs that hop
- Bertie Bott's jelly beans (vomit flavor - blech!)

Simpsons Breakfast food - Krusty Flakes, Krust-Os & Milhouse likes Vaseline on toast
Simpson dinner - Firehouse Ned's Fire Alarm Chile

And the best IMHO -
Anything shown in the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Jul 21, 2009
MLP in Food Media & News

Beef Wellington needed NOW!!!

Wegman's carries frozen beef wellingtons in packs of two. I know you said cooking anything would be bad but maybe just putting them in the oven would work.

here is a link of the product info.

Apr 29, 2009
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Funny letter of complaint re. meal service on Virgin Atlantic

Thank you for sharing!! I absolutely needed that laugh!

Jan 28, 2009
MLP in Food Media & News

Where can you get a good Calzone - Arlington/Alexandria

I read a really bazarre news article tonight about a mishap with a calzone order and it got me thinking (and craving) a really good calzone. One that isn't to dry, with some decent sauce and ingredients.

Here is the article - I think the owner needs to cut down on the espresso or something....

Pizzeria owner accused of beating man over calzone

PALM COAST, Fla. (AP) - Flagler County authorities said a restaurant owner pistol-whipped and beat a customer who complained that his takeout order was incorrect. The owner of Goomba's Pizzeria was charged with aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon and released on bail.

According to a police report, security footage from the pizzeria shows that the owner struck the customer with a gun. He then jumped over a counter and started to assault the customer and his roommate.

The customer was at the pizzeria to collect a refund for a calzone, which he said was prepared incorrectly. He was taken to a hospital after the incident with a bloodied head.

Jan 28, 2009
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Rehearsal Dinner near Crystal City

If they are from PA and they want to stick to Crystal City than I would think that the Crystal City Sports Pub on 23rd Street should suit everyone's needs. The third floor is great for large parties, it's handicap friendly, they have parking across the street and they have several vegetarian options that include salad, specials of the day and sandwiches. The place definitely fits the bill for prices. They had a 2 pork chop special that included two sides for 8.99 and I personally enjoyed it while watching the olympics one night.

The minuses, it can get loud but if you are going to go that early than you shouldn't have too much of a problem. The other minus is the copious amounts of TVs...but that could be a good thing if you need distractions.

Here is their menu page - Check out the daily specials. They typically change but not by much each day.

You have a tough job trying to organize something with those restrictions so I wish you luck.

Aug 26, 2008
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Pierogis in the District?

I really like Wegman's frozen peirogis when I have a craving. They have different varieties and I found the mushroom really tasty.

Also, there is a new place in Arlington/Crystal City on the 23rd Street (Restaurant Row) called the Tortoise and the Hare. They are served with sauteed onions, sour creme all on top of sauteed spinach which makes for a pleasant surprise.

May 07, 2008
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Eastern Market Burns!

Going to Eastern Market was more than just a food stop for groceries or for a plate of Market's blueberry pancakes. I knew the people that worked there and appreciated what they did on a daily basis. I loved going to the produce stand inside (either of the two) and how they always slipped in an extra bannana or maybe a tangerine. Or listening to the butcher talk about his fishing trip with friends. Or even the latest gossip about what's happening on 7th Street or the Hil development while I picked up fresh raviolis. That kind of stuff doesn't happen in a Whole Foods or a Safeway like it did and will soon again at Eastern Market. (that is if the evil suits don't roll in to try for a profit)
I am very proud of the community response - again, it wasn't about the just the food, or just the quality or even just a friendly face...Going to Eastern Market is all of that and sometimes more. I still remember going there for my first Christmas Tree on the Hill in the freezing cold. Or buying fresh flowers at the outside vendors only to see the same wonderful faces 10 plus years later. Eastern Market makes the Hill a community and that is something that way to many other places lack.

May 01, 2007
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Hot Dog in NOVA

I think the grilled all beef dogs at Hard Times Cafe are decent. There is a location in Herndon.

May 01, 2007
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Philadelphia Water Ice Factory on H Street NE

Growing in the area I can say that every single water ice stand that I have been to in the Philly and South Jersey area always made theirs with real ingredients. And if they didn't they never lasted long or weren't worth going to. That's what makes it so good. Nothing like the Lemon water ice with real lemon zest. yumm

Apr 13, 2007
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

In Crystal City this weekend, where to eat?

I have been working in Crystal City for about 7 months and I would recommend Jaleo or Bebo for a nice sit-down lunch. Both are part of the Crystal City underground off of Crystal Drive.
If looking for somewhere cheaper - There are several restaurants on 23rd Street - my favorite is Urban Thai and the Kabob Palace (near the 7-11).
If you want something by the metro there is a very decent Mexican Restaurant near the food court and a King Street Blues.

Apr 12, 2007
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Lunch in Kingstowne/Springfield?

Yes, lots of choices at Delia's but I kind of think of Delia's as a greek diner with a peruvian twist. I grew up in New Jersey so it kind of reminds me of home. Good luck -- please post anything new that you find.

Oct 04, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Lunch in Kingstowne/Springfield?

I've been working near the Springfield mall for the past 6 months and have to agree that there really isn't much but I have found some "chowhound" places I keep returning to:

Kate's Irish (in the shopping center across from Mike's) serves decent food at incredible prices. I like the irish stew but not fond of their corned beef.

Delia's on Backlick (near the Jiffy Lube) the gyro greek salad is something to go back for, and most of their sandwich's are great, my fiancee loves the pizza and the dolmades entree.Also they have a very good Peruvian chicken that is served with two sides.

El Paso - not bad, but not great either. the service is friendly.

on the other side of the mall - I enjoy a Thai Place called Rice & Spice on Franconia (next to the Burrito Joynt - which I do not recommend). The owners of the Thai restaurant are really nice. The Asian Roll is great, fresh basil, fresh mint and plump shrimp. The rest of the dishes are above standard and they can make it very spicy if you ask.

Oct 04, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

I love Mangoes, but....

Saveur did an incredible write up on mangoes in their summer edition. Very descriptive on different types and even some incredible recipes.

Sep 29, 2006
MLP in General Topics

Dinner in FFX Tonight-Need a place with good veggies

I have a vegan friend and several vegetarian friends (myself included before i discovered merquez three years ago :)
Anyway, I can say that we all agree that Sunflower is a great place to meet for lunch and pre-theatre dinner.

Sep 29, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Ravi Kabob

Where is this located?

Sep 29, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

new in town - help w/ bday dinner; entrees <$20

I agree with dottdc about Matchbox and Jaleo. small plates with great flavor at a small price. I would add Cafe Asia in the city. They offer a wide selection of asian dishes at a low price for a lot of food. (I recommend their entree soups) Also a plus is the proximity to the White House and the Interesting atmosphere (it's kind of like stepping into a Austin Powers movie set). Finally, they have a great sushi special during happy hour, that includes drinks.

Sep 13, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore


Do you know where in Chrystal City?

Aug 25, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Midwestern Fish Fry?

Jimmy's Tavern in Herndon has a Friday night fish fry. The atmosphere is friendly and I have no complaints about the fish. They even have peroigis on the appetizer list - they are a little to thick but not bad overall.

Aug 24, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

2 Amy's - I can't understand the desire to eat burnt pizza. I grew up in Philadelphia so I have some idea of what a good pie is and 2 Amy's (after two visits) is simply overpriced and inconsistent with it's product.

Aug 15, 2006
MLP in Washington DC & Baltimore