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Cognac Shrimp Bisque

Looks great, will have to try it out as well. Maybe substitute Port wine for the cognac?

Feb 17, 2009
cookingwithdadtv in Recipes


best with brown sugar, has a "dirty" look, but tastes best..

Feb 17, 2009
cookingwithdadtv in Recipes

4 nights in Miami--please help

defiantly go to Joe's, can't leave S Beach without going there.


Last year I spent 6 weeks in Portugal & panaché is also very popular as well. It's a great beverage when sitting around a the many sidewalk cafe's with friends. It's light refreshing and because it naturally has less alcohol you can have more without getting intoxicated. In Portugal they also use 7-UP 1/3 as the mixer with and topped of with "Imperial" (draft bear).

Feb 01, 2009
cookingwithdadtv in Recipes

Kitchen Superpowers - have one?

I can turn any left-overs into a new meal that the kids will eat, (well most of the time)
They call me the left-overs king..

What Did/Does Your Dad Cook Best?

I'm really surprised at all the resposes to this topic. It's reall nice to see & read about the contributions & memories that Father's left with they're skilled and sometimes, unskilled cullinary experieces in thew kitchen. I hope todays fathers take note & spend this kind of quality time with the'yre children as well.
Because most fond memories revolve around food etc.
My own father wasn't "the cook" in the family and we were blessed to have amother who was an excellent cook. He did contribute though on all those special cookouts with a great steak and some great funny memories of when he tried to take over the meals when mom was ill..
On the other hand, I have always loved to cook with my kids and have built a great relationship with them.
Check out the results at

The Basics: How to Make Shrimp Pasta

Great recipe, I love shrimp with pasta olive oil & garlic.
Try adding a little Tobasco to the shrimp while they're cooking (to taste) for a little spicier version..

Dec 02, 2008
cookingwithdadtv in Features