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Place for a baby shower?

There will be about 20 people. I will look into Bon Vie - thank you - but am also open to other suggestions!

Bon Vie
518 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Place for a baby shower?

Does anyone have ideas for a place to host a baby shower? The focus is on the food and I'm open to savory or baked goods. I've called Yum but they don't do private parties. I'm also calling Amici, Parma, etc. I'd like to do brunch, lunch or late afternoon but am open to cocktail hour party instead. I want this to be a very nice shower, but I"m the only hostess so I can't go over the top. Thanks in advance for your ideas!

Manhattan - Visiting Today Hopefully Recs

We're headed to NYC tonight and very excited. Due to the weather, we are getting in later than anticipated so lost our dinner resos.

Any recs on where to eat? We are staying near Rockefeller Center and heard it would be hard to get cabs tonight.

We're young and want someplace trendy where I can wear this hot dress I just bought :-) We're not going to be going out drinking late so this is our night out. Any recommendations?

Dec 19, 2009
chicagobelly in Manhattan

trendy fun downtown place

tonight i feel like putting on a hot dress and going out to a trendy, fun place. i had hub 51 in mind but can't get reservations for 5 this late in the game. my mind is on freeze so i can't think of a place. we want it to be somewhere between south loop and lakeview and as far west as bucktown/wicker park and price can be entrees around 18-24 ish.

any suggestions?

Nov 07, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

Fishmonger Westwood/Bev Hills

I'm in Westwood and looking for a good fishmonger near me. I've heard of Fish King in Glendale, but I think that's too far. And Santa Monica Fish Co. seems to have mixed reviews. Can anyone suggest something else?


Jul 16, 2009
chicagobelly in Los Angeles Area

Chicago eats on the cheap

I second the Hot Doug's recommendation. Go on a weekday and not during typical lunch hour. There will be a line out the door when you go, but stay in the line!

'Affordable' - not sure what you mean, but here is a very reasonable Italian recommendation: Coco Pazzo Cafe on St. Clair in Streeterville. They allow you to order half portions which I think is a great asset to travelers who don't take leftovers home.

Jun 16, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

Need Rec for DuPont Circle

Hi there,

I am looking for a recommendation for dinner in DuPont Circle in early April on behalf of my friend.

They appreciate a good ambiance and great food, with an interest in local and/or organic.

They have 2 children - 7 and 9 - who are very well-behaved and who are also interested in food so it doesn't need to be the typical 'kid-friendly' place, but not too upscale so that they are out of place.

Any recommendations?


French father / daughter dinner

I'm not a big fan of the ambience at Bistro 110. Bistro Zinc is really good and simple and I think Bistrot Margot is really cute but sometimes it's too crowded to get good service.

Crofton on Wells is American w/ a French influence and it's fantastic. I love the ambience.

Jan 30, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

Caramel Coloring - ISO

I cannot find this ingredient, which I am using in my graby for a pot roast tomorrow night. I have been to Domnick's, 2 Whole Foods and called Treasure Island.

Does anyone know where I can find this?


Jan 30, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

ISO Restaurant Rec - Trendy, Steak, Northside

We are going to dinner with another couple and I am in charge of selecting the restaurant. They are a steak and red wine type of couple. We like a more trendy menu and vibe. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants that will fit both couples on the northside? We want to spend under $25 (hopefully even less!) per entree.

Thanks in advance!

Jan 19, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

New & Fun

Blue 13 is great. Food, service and music were excellent. I'm going back. The Caesar salad was my favorite - very uniquet. Here's my post on my blog on this if you want to read more about it.

Jan 17, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

Birthday dinner for out-of-towners, new Chicago ideas?

I would go to Aigre Doux. Fabulous food - perfect setting

Jan 06, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

Casual recs in downtown area

Pizza - La Madeira - so so good. If you go earlier then the clothes may not matter as much

BBQ - take a short ride to Wicker Park to go to Smoke Daddy's - very casual and fun

Jan 06, 2009
chicagobelly in Chicago Area

Lunch Recommendations Today - South Lincoln Park

My mom and her girlfriend are coming today and want to go shopping on North/Halsted (Crate & Barrel, etc). They like to come in, get their hair cuts, shop and have a yummy lunch.

Any suggestions for a ladies lunch in this area?


Dec 04, 2008
chicagobelly in Chicago Area