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Berger Cookies may be victim of trans-fat ban

I'm coming into this discussion late, but I found this and remembered that it had been discussed, several times.
Just make your own!

Dim Sum

Well thank you, both of you! I don't feel so bad now. And you're right, the leftovers were delicious and all mine!

Dim Sum

I went to Hollywood East this weekend. I liked the food, and thought there was a great variety, even at 10am when lonely little me was the only patron in the restaurant. Yeah, doing dim sum alone is just sad, but I got a bunch of takeout boxes and had dinner that night, too. The radish cakes were fantastic, and they're my favorite. The pineapple buns were a little doughy, but delicious. The tiny egg custard tarts were mouth-watering great, and all of the various dumplings that I tried were delicious, even reheated later. All in all, I would try it again, but I'd like to find a group of 'morning people' friends to go with me sometime.

Real Buffalo Wings Needed

When I make my own, I put them into the oven and let them oven-fry until they're crispy enough. Since I usually start with frozen wings, that usually takes about 45 minutes at 375. Of course that time will be shorter if you start fresh or thawed. They thaw, then the water boils off, then they 'fry' in their own fat.
I think the only reason wing places deep-fry them is because it's faster.

Best Finds at Local Asian Markets?

I love those Choco-Pies! They're made with REAL chocolate and no high fructose corn syrup anywhere! Wonderful to find in this day and age.

New Indian Restaurant in Laurel

Yes, I've eaten there, and liked it a whole lot. The place is tiny, but the food is wonderful.
And right around the corner from my apartment! (as is Sapphire).


I've been there a couple of times. It's nice. Has a lot of things that I can't usually get locally, so it's good for that, but for the most part, I'll just shop there for a treat, not as a regular place. I love the large gluten-free section, for my friend who is sensitive, and I love the look of the prepared foods section. I did get one of their tiny chocolate cakes, and it was a huge disappointment, as were the chinese dumplings. They have flavors of Fancy Feast(for my cat) that I can't usually find, and I love their wide selection of diet sodas. Since they keep sending me piles of coupons, I'll keep checking them out, but my favorite time to shop is early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

Real Buffalo Wings Needed

Now I remember!! Bateman's!! When I worked up in Aberdeen, we used to get wings from Bateman's, and the were *very* acceptable by my New York State standards. Are they still around? Oh why can't they open a place down here in Laurel??
I do make my own wings at home. They're pretty good.

Real Buffalo Wings Needed

I'm also a past New York resident, and I can't find good wings in this area either. Nobody seems to know how to cook them properly! They have the sauces down, but the wings are cooked until they're done, not until they're crispy. What gives?

restaurant supply stores?

I tend to go here:

It's close to home and has some cool stuff.

Looking for Chinese scallion cake in Baltimore County

They are pretty easy to make yourself. I saw the 'recipe' somewhere, and never forgot it.

Mix flour and water together to make a dough. Roll out. Sprinkle with chopped scallions (green part too) and coarse salt. Roll this up like a jelly roll, then roll up the roll the other way to make a really awkward ball. Then roll the whole mess out again with your rolling pin. Some stuff *will* pop through - don't worry about it.

Fry this pancake in a frying pan. I used a mix of butter and olive oil, because that's all I had. It was delicious, and perfect. I ate it with soy sauce and hot sauce, depending on my mood.

Where in the DC area to buy an authentic wok?

Oddly enough, I found a very acceptable wok at Ikea. yes, it's got a little flat part on the bottom, but otherwise it's perfect. I use it to make stir-fry all the time.
However, my tools were found in Chinatown, long before they went commercial.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

I don't even remember the name of the restaurant, or at least I've blocked it out. It was in Calverton, in a location that had been through a string of different restaurants - all bad ones. This iteration, it was a billiard place. We were a party of 21 people, and they managed to mess up every single order in some way. I ordered an appetizer of raw vegetables with dip, which was a good thing because the Reuben I ordered was totally inedible. I fought through one bite, then handed the plate back to the waitress and said, 'I'm not going to pay for this.'. That was the first time in my life I ever did that. Afterwards, everybody said that their meals were awful in some way, but I was the only one who sent it back.
That place is gone now, and I don't know what is in its place.

Sir Walter Raleigh Inn

I ate at the Greenbelt one just a few weeks ago. It was excellent. My dinner companions and I were all very pleasantly surprised at the quality of our dinners. The wonderful salad bar is still there, and still fabulous. Near the end, the owners came by to introduce themselves and chat with everyone. Turns out, it used to be a partnership, and his partner allowed him and his wife to buy out the one restaurant, so the quality has gone way up since then. So try the Greenbelt location again. I loved it.

Good Food near Savage Mill

A friend is coming to visit next week and I'm taking her over to experience Savage Mill, then we need dinner. What's good around that area? I haven't been up there in awhile and I know it's grown, but what's nearby that you can recommend? We're particular fond of Indian food, but anything goes, if it's good.

Five Guys in Greenbelt - yummy!

I just have to thank all of the people who recommended Five Guys. I thought I'd try them out the other day, and WOW. The burgers are phenomenal! I was very impressed.
However, what's with the ear-blasting music? I couldn't hear myself think. By the time I left, I actually had a headache.

Let's hope they don't try to branch out into other foods (salad, chicken, etc) and ruin everything. Keep it simple!