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Celery Root Soup

@ joyfull: 1 apple will not impart massive amount of appleness to the soup, it will give it a touch of sweetness and boost the overall flavor.
@ mariamom: while a stick blender is more convenient and safer, it will not give the soup the same velvety texture as a good blender.
This sounds like a delicious fall soup

Oct 15, 2010
sonicboom in Recipes

Sweet Afton

It is absolutely an upgrade. The burger is far better than any burger around including the new Bare Burger down the street and 30th ave is not so fabulous unless you're into the Euro vibe joints. If you can't tell the difference between a Pat LaFreida Burger and ground chuck then just stick to Pinocchio Palace.

Sep 22, 2009
sonicboom in Outer Boroughs