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Minor's Soup Base in SD

Did you ever find a place that sells Minor's? I live in Cerritos but thought if you found a SoCal chain that carried it I might get lucky.

Sep 28, 2010
Rexamundo1 in San Diego

Graduation Dinner Recs

My son will be graduating from PLU in Tacoma on Sunday May 24. The ceremony is at the Tacoma Dome. Starts at 2:30 and last years video was 2.5 hours long. So we would be safe in saying we would be leaving by 5:30. We live in SoCal and are not familiar with the area. Any suggestions for a post graduation dinner? We do not have family or friends in the area to host a dinner so it will probably need to be at a restaurant.
It will probably be a small group 10 or less.

Apr 18, 2009
Rexamundo1 in Pacific Northwest

Hosting Christmas AND on-call at work

Thank you for all the great ideas! I am not a great cook and all your suggestions sound doable for my skill level. Thank you for responding and have a great holiday season.
Merry Christmas

Dec 04, 2008
Rexamundo1 in General Topics

Hosting Christmas AND on-call at work

I have been hosting Christmas at my home since 1987 and I do not have any relatives willing or capable (physically) of doing this. Not a large group any longer, around a dozen or so with possible drop in friends. I have a dilemma this year. I will be on-call at my work starting on Monday until the following Monday of Christmas week. I will be working every day except Christmas but will be on-call all 7 days. My work hours are likely to be long as well during that week. I would really appreciate ideas for a mid-day meal probably around 2 p.m. My husband is a great helper but does not prepare meals; he will clean up a storm and run for food but no cooking.

Dec 01, 2008
Rexamundo1 in General Topics