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Best Gyro meat in NYC

Try "Eat It In A Pita" on 34st. near 1st ave.

May 27, 2010
UTOG196 in Manhattan

Best Gyros in NYC?

I been buying gyros from Eat it In A Pita (on 34th st. near 1st Ave.), for over 10 years. I love their gyros. I tried many places, but it all comes down to the one and only "Eat It In A Pita".......

May 27, 2010
UTOG196 in Manhattan

Great new Shanghai Juicy Bun Joint-Bellmore Long Island!

Tonight I had six orders of the soup dumplings and let me tell you, they were excellent. These soup dumplings are right up there with Joe's Shanghai, but I did not have to travel to Queens. I also had the Shanghai style noodles and also it was very yummy. If I didn't order the noodles, I probably could have eaten two more orders of the soup dumplings. I'm crazy for soup dumplings!!!