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Grass-fed beef in San Antonio

I'm traveling to San Antonio for Xmas with my in-laws and I'm in charge of the main course for Xmas eve dinner. I'd like to make beef tenderloin, and I'm looking for a really good source for grass-finished, humanely raised beef. A google search turns up a bunch of options, but does anyone have a recommendation for a butcher or ranch that turns out reliably good product?


Nov 25, 2011
JBS280 in Texas

Almond paste in DC

Does anyone know of a metro-accessible place where I can get almond paste in DC? And a pastry bag? Thanks!

Cooking Lessons in Washington DC

Cakelove offers baking classes in their Silver Spring location. I know people have (ahem) differing opinions on the quality of their cupcakes, but I took the "Small Sweets" class (it was an Xmas gift from my husband) and loved it.

Bottles for limoncello

So, this is a long shot, but...

I'm making limoncello for gifts this year, and I'm looking for bottles to put it in. I found some glass bottles with rubber stoppers (important, since some will be shipped) at the Container Store, but they're a bit pricey. Any suggestions?

Local food gifts

I'm putting together a gift basket for my foodie uncle-in-law, and I want to include some local treats. They can't be perishable, so I'm thinking bottled sauces, candies, etc. He lives in TX, so I want to get him stuff from the area that he can't get down there. Any suggestions? I'm limited to the DC metro area.