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searching for new (or old)BYOB in Bucks County

The Summer Kitchen in Wrightstown is an excellent BYOB. Probably my favorite restaurant in Bucks County period.

Dec 06, 2008
bunionbob in Philadelphia

Chowish finds in Yardley/Morrisville area?

Erini in Ewing, NJ just accross the river from Yardley was a mixed experience. We had dinner with another couple, looking forward to trying the former Diamond's restaurant. The restaurnat is up on a hill with a driveway to get up to the lot. Plenty of well lit parking in what is basically a residential area just above the Delaware River. Unfortunatly, there was a wedding party hooping it up in the banquet portion of the restaurant and with all the spill over huddled around outside the door smoking (including the bride herself) I was all but ready to turn around and leave. Fortunatly, the dining room was on the other side of the building beyond earshot of the partiers. We were promptly greeted and seated in a large, lovely dining room with a roaring fireplace.

I loved the comfortable high backed chairs and large linen covered tables. Our waiter was very professional and gracious as he gently interrupted our pre-dinner conversation to inquire about drinks and ultimately dinner specials to consider. The menu was well rounded and comprehensive with many tantalizing choices with perhaps a Mediterranean to Greek bias. The wine list too was impressive. We ordered a Shiraz which our waiter professionally served while discussing the specials. He was knowlegable and quite helpful. The a la carte salads we ordered were served in very large bowls with an abundance of greens and toppings and we enjoyed everything .....until the food arrived entirely prematurely. Suddenly, it was time to put our salad bowls aside and make room for entrees.

I must say the pork tenderloin with a sweet mango chutney glaze was excellent. It came with hare covert, hot perfectly cooked and buttered, mashed sweet potatos which to me is the perfect accompaniment to pork tenderloin. My wife's salmon was perfectly cooked and the portions were certainly plentiful. Unfortunatly, our servers committed the cardinal sin of waiting; that is removing the diner's dishes before everyone (namely me) was through eating. It was inexusable and each of us acknowleged it. Coffee was individually served in a silver service and my wife's creme brulee was sweet, creamy and melt in your mouth delicious with a wonderful glisteny sugar crust.

Somehow, I felt that the rush to turn over the tables overshadowed what should have been a very comfortable, delicious and satisfying experience. That said, I would certainly go back to give it another try.

Dec 01, 2008
bunionbob in Pennsylvania