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Mazatlan's Best Restaurants??

Las Lupitas Restaurante in the Zona Dorado, in the Dgala Mazatlan Hotel (right next to the US consulate general) on the Gaviot was one of my best gastronomic experience of the trip, or ever!

This place has been open less than a year according to a staff there, and everything tasted just so fresh and clean to my palate!

I went only for breakfast and lunch but everything was amazing; starting out from freshly baked bread, "warmed" milk accompanied by coffee, breakfast chille relleno stuffed with fluffy scrambled egg and cheese with creamy pepper sauce, fresh and scrumptious crevice tostada, and beautiful "Lupitas omelet" with salmon chunks, and fresh tasting, vivid red color tortilla soup with diced melty Mexican cheese and avocado, and smoky pepper seasoning! Hats off to the chef. Yum!

The service by staff, especially Gilberto, was superb. He was such a professional server and made us feel very welcomed and home. We felt pampered by their careful care; water was always refilled before we asked, ashtray was replaced timely, and all the silverware and plates, and wine glasses on the tables were meticulously sparkly clean.

Best of all is such a humble pricing for the amazing fare they have with such a high standard of the cuisine and the professionalism of the service staff. Two of us had a big breakfast with coffee and bottle water, and ended up only around $16.00US! And I can't express enough, chef, though I never met, deserves great write-up! But I am glad with the fact that this place is a hidden jewel though.

Ambiance is very chic but warm and inviting. Patio area is nice too when there are not too many tour buses dropping off and picking up the visitors at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan right across the Lupitas.

Only thing is that you might want to be there with ample time to spend. It seemed everything is made from scratch by hand, so it took a little time for some items to come out. But relax and chill, they are all worth it!

Nov 30, 2008
satochow in Mexico