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Seeking Greek Gyros/Souvlaki in Roslindale area

Souvlaki -- get thee to the Blue Star Restaurant right in R. Square. They serve it with the french fries inside, which I love.

Haymarket and Fish Advice

Any thoughts on the various sellers of fish at Haymarket?

I'm leery of the guys selling outside on the street next to the T station, as their seafood looks pretty beat up.

Has anyone used any of the guys selling fish from the downstairs shops in the main part of the market? Any hidden gems or cautions?

And any other source of fresh fish (not lobsters or crabs) that is walkable from the Financial District?

Jasmine Bistro and other Hungarian places?

Yep, its ga-LOOSH-ka. If you need a mantra, go with the whole thing:

Paprika chicken with dumplings = csirke paprikas galuskaval

Say it with me: chir-KAY pa-pri-KAS ga-LOOSH-kval.

I always try to stick up for the little known dumpling against the imperialist spaetzle.

Jasmine Bistro and other Hungarian places?

Galuska, my friends, galuska. That's what the mini-dumpling are called.

And I'd second the notion that this is really the only Hungarian place around. There was a place in Quincy but it has closed.

There are some related foods in other Eastern/Central European cuisines, but Magyar cuisine is distinct enough that it matters.

I would note that most natives would look cross-eyed at you for paying $20+ for paprika chicken and noodles.

There was a restaurant called the Goulash Place in Danbury CT. Not sure if its still around.

Best restaurants in the Milton area

"There are no good options in the poorer areas nearby"

Umm, well. If you can stand the Dickensian squalor of West Roxbury (that's sarcasm, my dears), try Masona Grill or West on Centre.

I think those two compare favorably to most (most, I said) of what you will find in Canton, Dedham, Braintree, or Quincy.

2008 CSA Reviews

I was curious if anyone else had reservations about Stillman's Meat CSA. I too have felt that they aren't living up to the promise of a 50-50 split between stew/ground meats and higher end cuts. Beyond pork chops and the occasional steak, it seems really heavy on the ground meats, pork bellies, and country-style ribs.

Its also not their fault, but I've found it exceptionally difficult to deal with small (read single serving) portions of stew/slow cook meat over the summer. I know how to cook it, I just don't want to on a hot day.

Again, they are lovely people and I appreciate their treatment of animals. Its just hard to justify the cost for what you get.

J.P, Roslindale, West Roxbury Chinese Food?

We too have longed for good Chinese in this neighborhood, only to be disappointed by gloppy tributes to corn starch and stale fry oil flavoring.

Golden House on Washington Street (near Branelly's) has proven to be pretty good. The stuff tastes fresh and they are generous (particularly with shrimp). Be warned -- they don't take credit cards.

Seeking PuPu Platter Goodness in WRox/Ros/B'line area

I'm looking to take the kids out for the goofy, Chinese-American delights of the pupu platter. Ideally with all the cheesy trappings of the Tiki Lounge era.

Any recommendations for this area (Roslindale, West Roxbury, Newton, Brookline)?

Is the South Pacific still open in Newton? And has anyone been in Tahiti in Dedham (the soulless exterior leads me to believe that the bar trade may be more important)?

Any suggestions are welcomed. And although quality is not foremost in my mind, let me know if someone excels at the platter.

Anyone suggesting Pu-Pu Palace in West Roxbury is automatically disqualified -- as my better half once remarked after a meal there: "I'd be disappointed if I got this in a mall food court".

Chinese in HP/Dedham/West Roxbury

Mandarin Gourmet at Putterham Circle is really the best in the area, but its pricier too.

Imperial Kitchen in Roslindale Village used to be OK but was not too happy with the last time I tried it. West Palace and Pu-Pu Palace on Centre Street in West Rox are dreadful.

Roslindale bummers

Spoke with the folk's at Diane's. The donuts disappeared due to some family issues (i.e. not enough time to make donuts right now). After the Christmas season, they are considering bringing them back. I'd tread lightly but it can't hurt to inquire in a positive, constructive manner.

Seeking a Worcester-area Caterer

Does anyone have recommendations for a caterer serving the Worcester area? I'm holding an event at Holy Cross for approx 20 - 40 and need a caterer. Anyone have recommendations for me? thanks.

Opinions on local meat producers and meat CSAs?

Thanks to everyone for their input.

A quick question about Stillman's -- How is pick-up? We used to subscribe to their vegetable/fruit CSA with pick-up in JP and found it to be a bit of a pain. There were certain times when you felt like an extra in Lord of the Flies. Not really the fault of the Stillmans, there were just mobbed and having trouble dealing with everyone. Has it gotten better?

Opinions on local meat producers and meat CSAs?

I'd like to get your opinion on in-state producers of meat that provide delivery to the Boston area, including meat CSAs.

I'm aware of Stillman's meat CSA and I'd heard of a couple in Concord, MA (I think) that had a similar arrangement. There was also a farm selling meat at the South Station Farmers Market, but I have not seen them recently.

What options are out there and has anyone used them? Ideally, I'd like to find a source of locally (and ethically) grown meat that is reasonably priced.

Roslindale bummers

Their marble cruller, freshly made, was a thing of genius.

I get the feeling they aren't making them anymore either. Have been in several Saturday mornings over the past two months and have gotten the same response.

Anna's Handcut Donuts on Centre Street in West Roxbury is close by. I don't think its quite as good, but the selection is better. (And they always have them, because that's all they do.)

Allison Arnett leaving Boston Globe

C'mon, why so critical? You want something more than Wednesday's recipe (from their 'italian correspondent', no less) to boil greens for five minutes and top with olive oil? Picky, picky..... ;-)

How to Cook Corned Spare Ribs?

Our local grocery (West Roxbury/Boston) offers corned spare ribs around St. Patrick's Day (or Evacuation Day, for those on the payroll).

Anyone have any insightful ways to cook them, beyond the standard "boil for four hours, add vegetables.....".

Mar 15, 2007
slowcookedbeef in Home Cooking

Spaetzle maker uses?

They are perfect for making galuska. ;-)

Mar 05, 2007
slowcookedbeef in Cookware

Boston Area Seller of Forschner - Fibrox Knives?

Anyone now where I can find these knives in the Boston area? I'm intrigued by the price-value of these knives, but want to hold them in my hands before buying. Thanks.

Boston Kebab House - Downtown hope for vegetarians

I'll second that. I don't think its quite as good as Sultan's, but the food (and particularly the vegetables) are fresh, and you can usually sit down. Its a touch off the beaten path but worth adding to your food itinerary, particularly in that part of town.

Macedonian / Serbian / Croatian / Bosnian / Basic Ex-Yugoslav place to buy Cevapi!

Cevapi is a reach. You might have to go to Sabur in Somerville to get your fix.

As for "macedonian feta", I'd take a look at Roslindale Village. The greek fish store, Bob's Market (Syrian) and the Halal Butcher (not sure of name) all carry sirene from Bulgaria and I believe at least some of it is cow's milk, not sheep.

Good Roslindale Takeout?

Since the last poster mentioned pizza, I'd put the Pleasant Cafe (Washington St.) up there as one of the better pizza places.

And Imperial Kitchen is the best Chinese takeout I've found in the area -- its not as good as Food Wall (on a good day) but's its consistent and alright.

I'd also put in a plug for the various small markets in Roslindale Square -- Tony's, Bob's Pita, the Greek fish place, and the halal butcher (International Foods?). Its not takeout but its a set of local treasures that is not found many other places.

Hungarian food in the Boston area?

The excellent Hungarian place in CT is (I think), the Goulash House in Danbury, so its a hike. Have not been there in years, but the food was excellent. Your basically eating in someone's converted parlor/first floor and the waitress was also the cook, it seemed.

The Roadfood review is here:

Breakfast in Hyde Park area?

Blue Star Diner (Restaurant?) in Roslindale is a find -- a step up from a greasy spoon with all the old reliable breakfast menu items plus some intriguing omelettes. Their use of leeks in particular is a nice touch. The place has recently been redone and is clean and modern. Its not the Ritz but for a basic breakfast, it works well.

Any Good Chinese in West Rox/Roslindale?

Any advice on where I can get decent Chinese (and I mean Chinese-American take-out here) in these neighborhoods. Have tried Tai Ho, Spring Blossom and another place on Centre. None has been very impressive.

Any thoughts on other places in the area -- Wing's Kitchen, Imperial Kitchen, Dragon Chef, Golden House, etc....