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Good takeout options in sun city

hi all I'm staying in sun city 20 minutes outside of las Vegas for a week. Does anyone have good food recommendations? Ideally $20 or less pp with great takeout options and closer to sun city than the strip.

May 13, 2012
SageNYC in Las Vegas

Best grocery stores in Craftsbury, VT area?

Thanks Joe! Can't wait to try one of their sandwiches! WORDDD

Best grocery stores in Craftsbury, VT area?

I'm coming from Boston. What is the name of the co-op in Hardwick? Thanks for your help!

Best grocery stores in Craftsbury, VT area?

I'm going up to Craftsbury, VT with my girlfriend next weekend and we were looking for a good, local, reasonably priced grocery store or market in the area. Any ideas?

Best reasonably priced LOBSTER spot in Maine??

I've never had Maine lobster while IN Maine. When I was a child I would visit, but wasn't into shellfish at the time. Now I'm older and absolutely can't get enough of it.

I'm looking for a great authentic Maine lobster spot. Great views and authentic Maine atmosphere are huge pluses. Ideally not ridiculously expensive, but of course we're talking about lobster so I'm prepared to shell out a fair amount. It would be nice if we could walk around and enjoy the area afterwards as well!

What are the top spots around? Ideally not touristy, but just very real and relaxed atmosphere. Are there any nice spots overlooking the shore? What do regulars recommend? Would love to hear your recommendations!!


Best free/cheap cheese tastings in Vermont??!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their GREAT suggestions! We ended up going to three spots:

First the Grafton Cheese Company in Brattleboro. Inside was just awesome. They had roughly 10 samples of their cheeses. My favorite was the four-star grafton and my girlfriend loved the maple. They also had a couple of cheese spreads, and our consensus favorite was the blue-cheddar spread. It was out of this world. We later used most it to make some blue-cheddar mashed potatoes -- HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! You could also check out the cheese making on the spot which was pretty neat, although there wasn't that much to it.

Next up was the Vermont Country Store and OH MY LORD, this is a must stop spot for anyone going to vermont. Growing up in Massachusetts I have to say this is the quintessential New England store. And they have everything there. Fudges, cheese, meats, toys, clothing, hats, masks, soaps, spreads. Anything you could think of, they have it. They even had an old pair of waxed lips that I haven't seen for almost 20 years. Oh and one more thing, you can SAMPLE ALMOST EVERYTHING!! It was just a blast.

Last we went on the long trek to Sugarbush Farms. After driving down multiple dirt road after dirt road I was certain we were lost. But then sure enough in the distance was this beautiful family run farm. It was just spectacular. Inside their little home was an entire room dedicated to cheese tasting. We tried all 14 kinds of cheese they make and they were all fantastic. Next room was a giant room of meats and spreads and dips and syrups. Again all fantastic. I loved the venison and the grade B syrup. After buying a cheese sampler we headed to their short ten minute walk through the woods across from the parking lot. Beautiful views and you great demo of how they extract the syrup from the trees along the path.

All told a wonderful trip and we couldn't have enjoyed it without all your help! So thanks again everyone!

Sep 30, 2009
SageNYC in Northern New England

Best free/cheap cheese tastings in Vermont??!!!

My girlfriend is a hardcore New York urbanite and she's going with me on a foliage filled weekend trip up to Vermont. She also happens to be a CHEESE ADDICT. It would be great if we could find a cheese farm that demonstrates the process of cheese creation and also offers a variety of cheese tastings. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced or even better, FREE cheese farm where we could sample a bunch of cheese?

Sep 21, 2009
SageNYC in Northern New England

One Last Great Lunch in Manhattan

I'm looking for both. Delicious food that she hasn't experienced before but also a place that will remind us of the greatest city on earth.

Jean George is a good choice, but maybe too stuffy in my humble opinion. I'm looking for something a little more laid back and a little more funky and different.

Jul 24, 2009
SageNYC in Manhattan

One Last Great Lunch in Manhattan

I'm moving out of Manhattan tomorrow after living in this wonderful city for the last two years. I want to take my girlfriend out to one last great lunch. It can be anything, but I want it to be a special meal that she'll really enjoy. She's from Manhattan, but hasn't experienced many restaurants here. Price range is $15-45 a person. Any ideas?

Jul 23, 2009
SageNYC in Manhattan

What to order at Bubby's Tribeca

So I'm going to Bubby's for the first time tonight with my girlfriend and we're planning on getting two entrees to share. After a quick look at the menu I think I'm definitely getting the meatloaf wrapped in slab bacon, but what else do you guys recommend? Also, sides: I'm thinking hush puppies and creamed spinach. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Jan 28, 2009
SageNYC in Manhattan

Spicy Food

I am the eldest daughter of two very wonderful parents with woefully mild palettes. Recently I moved to the city after spending 22 years in Vermont. Where do I go for spicy noodle and meat dishes in midtown west?

Dec 08, 2008
SageNYC in Manhattan

Best keg delivery and/or pickup in Midtown?

Thanks for that sir. Unfortunately $220 for 1 keg of budlight is a bit much for me!

Dec 05, 2008
SageNYC in Manhattan

Best keg delivery and/or pickup in Midtown?

I feel like a complete frat boy posting this here and it's a bit embarrassing because this is not my style at all, but does anyone know of a keg delivery or pickup service in Midtown? I have absolutely no experience with kegs in the city and really need to grab one!

Dec 04, 2008
SageNYC in Manhattan

Best Cheap Eats in Midtown West

I've been living on 51st and 9th for about a year now and I'm looking to branch out to wayyy more restaurants.

At this point I have a pretty solid 5-10 restaurants that I go to on the regular including...Won Dee Siam for thai, Mee for chinese, Sapporo for ramen, Island burger (along with all the other usual suspects) for burgers, Nick's for greek, Daisy May's for BBQ, Sacco's for Pizza, and Renaissance for late night diner.

Now I'm a film student graduate and have a ton of loans to pay so my budget is sort of limited to say $15ish a meal or so.

I always have options outside of my hood and I'm constantly discovering great new spots throughout the city, but for lazy days when I want to stay in and deliver or keep it close to home, where should I go??!!! I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Nov 30, 2008
SageNYC in Manhattan