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North End Grill (Eric Korsh, n=1)

Noticably different style from Floyd Cardoz, but quality and service remain high.

Very few items from old menu remain. Clam pizza still there, short rib burger only available by request, but now also served in main dining room. Dessert menu completely different; Tracy Obolsky had initially kept the lemon meringue pie and pot de creme from her predecesor, but those are now gone.

Kitchen is more overtly lively; lotsa shouts of "walking" and "how many minutes on that Tomahawk" whereas previous regime was almost Lincoln Center caliber quiet.

Had the potted crab (very subtle spicy seasoning), head-on prawns (with juicy heads), black sea bass with cockles and leeks, the burger (thrice spiced fries replaced with duck fat fries). All seafood cooked perfectly; side of corn ($7!) delicately touched by thyme. We also received an amuse of beef carpaccio with anchovies, capers and micro greens.

As before, great, if pricey, choice for the Tribeca/FiDi area. Still not sure if it is a destination restaurant, but we'd go at least once a month if I could afford it!

Aug 14, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

2014 Update on Restaurants in Battery Park Area

Went on a Saturday night last month. No wait, about half full. Very friendly staff. Loved the chicken wings, chicken liver mousse (with chicken skin "crackers"), bird burger (flavorful, moist), lobster roll. Felt bad for the woman at the pass: she looked pretty pissed at not being able to find waitstaff to deliver food, but we didn't feel delayed at all.

Jul 17, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

2014 Update on Restaurants in Battery Park Area

Kathryn: spot-on, as usual! Don't forget Inattesso, though! Plus, Tartinery at Hudson Eats; foie gras in a food court! North End Grill: sitting solo at the kitchen counter, next to the bar, is also a good option.

Jul 06, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

all'onda or charlie bird?

Just want to clarify that the noisy room is the in BACK of the upstairs area, not the whole floor. We were in a booth next to the stairwell and had no problem with noise. The only seating downstairs is a small communal table and the bar.

The food: SO thought the uni bucatini was so rich that she couldn't finish the squid ink monkfish; love that the manager came over to ask if there were any problems when the staff noted that 3/4 of her secondi was untouched ;) . Reportedly tasted great the next day from the doggie bag! My strip steak was just fine, with luscious potatoes and greens, and everyone enjoyed the uni arancini.

Mar 09, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

Juni, Betony or The NoMad?

Went to Juni just this past weekend: loved Chef Hergatt's food at SHO and still love it (and his new-to-me faux-hawk haircut). But, dang, that Hotel Chandler setting makes the Akron Comfort Inn look like MePa in comparison ;) . Went to Betony last month: prefer the food at Juni, but the room at Betony (at least the bar area) is a big plus. And, Betony has way more critical buzz, FWIW (James Beard nod, etc). Went to NoMad late last year: the perfect blend of food, room and buzz, IMO.

Feb 20, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

Dining suggestions with a one year old

DBGB would be perfect with kids; see 'em there all the time! BTW, if you're gonna be down in that nabe, a "new to you" idea would be the Yuji Ramen counter on the second floor of the Bowery Whole Foods. CH fave Mighty Quinn's BBQ is also down there, but since you're from Memphis...coals to Newcastle, etc ;) .

Feb 08, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

Dining suggestions with a one year old

Without the info that kathryn usually asks (where you're from, your budget), I'll throw out Koreatown suggestions Gaonnuri (relatively new, + rezzies, + view, but kid-OK; gaonnurinyc.com) and Cho Dang Gol (not new, but recently has had a huge popularity spike; go by 6 PM to avoid major wait). If you're from LAX or SFO, I take those back ;) . Down Broadway from K-town are the oft-mentioned NoMad (probably OK in the Atrium) and the Breslin, which would be new to you and are still buzzy, non-staid places.

Feb 07, 2014
Andy T. in Manhattan

December trip report

Another "thank you" for your excellent report! Also very useful to me WRT recommending Balthazar to visiting friends and going to Pearl and Ash myself! Glad you liked Buvette - it's one of my SO's faves!

Dec 29, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

Coffee besides Starbucks around Battery Park???

The OP's 11/3 post only mentioned that their hotel was "around Battery Park". But, if they are at the Conrad (dig the Jetsons-esque lobby), by all means go for Kaffe 1668. I didn't know that they grind the beans fresh for every cup (!), so I was a little annoyed by the wait the first time I went...

Dec 10, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

Coffee besides Starbucks around Battery Park???

This place is a bit closer to you than Kaffe 1668 and brews Stumptown:


No disrespect to kathryn (love you!), but Kaffe 1668 is in Tribeca and is at least a 10 minute walk from Battery Park.

Dec 09, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

Help for a San Franciscan in Battery City Park

Glad you liked Inattesso's other offerings! You can almost forget you're dining on the side of a highway in there! Also glad you could enjoy the promenade by the water! This might get nixed by the mods, but be sure to check out the Irish Hunger Memorial right in between the Conrad and the water; it's that wedge shaped piece of rock and greens ;) .

Oct 18, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

Adam Platt Kicked out of ZZ's Clam Bar

Not sure what you thought about his basically letting his two kids write this week's review of Han Dynasty! A fun read, but plus/minus on the usefulness front...

Oct 18, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

How did you get an EMP dinner reservation recently?

Had the luxury of advance planning for a Saturday evening in late July; began calling at 8:58 AM exactly 4 weeks in advance and lucked out at about 9:10! Meal took 4 hours even without a kitchen tour ;) !

Oct 18, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

Help for a San Franciscan in Battery City Park

Welcome to the neighborhood! As a longtime resident, I agree with kathryn that BPC is not for Destination Dining. Tribeca does have DD, but depending on whether you are staying down by the Ritz or up by the high school, may or may not be "walking distance".

That being said, decent options actually in BPC include Inatteso (for that thin crust pizza; 28 West Street, facing the highway), North End Grill (way more than decent, but cost me about $90 pp last Saturday; 104 North End Ave, in the same complex as the movie theater and the Conrad Hotel), and Liberty View (pretty good Chinese; 21 South End Ave).

No disrespect to kathryn, but NEG, Shake Shack and Blue Smoke are in BPC, not Tribeca. The other specific restaurants she lists are in Tribeca. For "adventurous" and "authentic ethnic" food, you'll definitely have to cross the highway (which, BTW, is also known as West St).

Make sure you take a walk by the water! You'll come across Merchants River House right by the promenade, which has a great view but is diner caliber at best (despite the recent Orlando Bloom sighting ;) ).

Oct 16, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

Best Places for food around Winter Garden Theater or Met Museum

Do you mean the Winter Garden theater in Times Square where Mamma Mia is playing, or the Winter Garden downtown in the World Financial Center, across from the 9/11 Memorial?

Jun 13, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

New resident of FiDi

BPC recs:

Inatesso, in the building just north of the Ritz-Carlton, 28 West Street, facing the highway. Casual Italian, but quite good (better than Harry's Italian, which is in the same complex as North End Grill, along with Blue Smoke, Shake Shack and Wei West).

The Black Hound (South End Ave, attached to Southwest) is supposedly open until 4 AM (!!) and is more of a mixologist joint than a bar.

Not BPC: search for Stone Street options, since you sound young and not a fogey like me ;) .

Apr 29, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

The new-new food hall at The Plaza (not Todd English's)

In both the Todd English and non-Todd English sides, there are counter spaces available with at least 4-6 contiguous seats on each side. IIRC, there are no seats where your feet touch the ground, so if your kiddies are slip-sliders, that may be an issue. Be sure to try the green tea mille-feuille cake at the Lady M stand!

Jan 28, 2013
Andy T. in Manhattan

La Vie En Szechuan Brief Report

Dropped in for lunch this Saturday and was also the only English speaking table (my Mandarin is pitiful). The "Double Cooked Pork" (more like "sauteed bacon, leeks, onions and black beans") was lick-the-plate tasty; I could easily have knocked off three bowls of white rice with it but limited myself to only one-and-a-half ;) . SO had the relatively, IMHO, boring "noodle soup with seafood" which was quite the trough-ful for 9 bucks. La-mien type noodles with extremely fresh veggies and a surprisingly full-bodied broth. Entire kitchen staff paraded out around 1:30 to unload a minivan which had pulled up with large boxes of veggies and meat.

Dec 10, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Short on time- Field trip to Manhattan

I'm impressed with Motosport and foodwhisperer's Olympic-caliber walking skills! Koreatown is on 32nd Street; Carmine's is closer but still across a long block between 6th and 7th Aves. I like the Halal cart idea, if it's not freezing. But speaking of burgers, how about:


Right in Rock Center!

Dec 04, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Help this newlywed plan a Chowhound-worthy NYC whirlwind honeymoon!

GCOB: Yay for the raw oysters, chowder, pan roast, architecture and atmosphere (sit at the counter). Nay for most everything else.

Nov 19, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

How to eat cheaply without getting chased down the street?

Speaking of Food Network, I'll throw in Tom Colicchio's Craftbar (menus in link):


Yes, even though TC's name is prominently featured on the entrance, Lauren Hirschberg is the chef. And, yes, Craftbar was not one of our favorites once they moved from East 19th, back in the days of Akhtar Nawab and Karen DeMasco. But we dropped in last Tuesday night and, tho the breadsticks are smaller, the eats are just fine (had the liver pate, country pate, hamachi, duck hearts, chitarra and choucroute). Very diverse crowd; mom and daughter, girl's night out, post-work, couples. Nice and buzzy-loud, too.

Sep 10, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Looking for great Sushi/Japanese in Fidi or Battery Park.

I think the lack of replies reflects your header; there is no "great" Japanese in Battery Park or FiDi. Kaijou, at South Cove in BPC, has a great view of the water but is neighborhood-only material, at best. In your message, you seem to be willing to accept Tribeca; give Brushstroke a whirl, in that case. If you're staying in BPC, consider Inatteso (next to the Ritz) or the Danny Meyer joints in "Goldman Alley" (North End Grill or Blue Smoke). BTW, casual attire is fine at NEG; I went in shorts and didn't get the stink eye ;) .

Aug 24, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Dinner near pier at Battery Park

The complex that kathryn notes also has a branch of Harry's Italian which really is classic red-sauce Italian. It's in "Goldman Alley", next to the Shake Shack. Big servings of veal parm, chicken piccata, spag and meatballs. Certainly not as "high class" as Locanda Verde but you're guaranteeded to be full for (and probably fall asleep during) the cruise ;) .

Aug 13, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Solo dining recommendations in the Financial District/beyond

Inatteso is another Battery Park City option that is fine for solo dining. Like NEG, however, no view:


My go-to for outdoor drinking is by the North Cove marina at the World Financial Center. Food truck schedule included in link:


I also recently learned on this board about rooftop drinking at Loopy Doopy at the Conrad Hotel (same complex as NEG). I think there's also an outdoor bar at the BPC Ritz-Carlton:


As kathryn suggests, if you don't mind hiking up to Tribeca (less than 30 minutes), then that opens up a lot more "chow-worthy" options. Finally, if you're in eastern FiDi, closer to Water Street than West Street, then tack on some walking time and approach the South Street Seaport with caution ;) .

Jul 05, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Atera Review + Photos

Gorgeous photos, as always! You even included a shot of the guy my daughter thought was really cute (the one making the coffee; it was really fun watching him prepare the cocktails and the tea, down to the little egg timer he used)! Wish we had gotten your pork dish; ours was loin and was quite the textural workout ;) .

Jun 22, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Looking for a quick bite near Wagner Park

Adrienne's is a good choice but is in a different direction from Bowling Green than Wagner Park is. For takeout from a slightly upscale deli/grocery, there's Battery Place Market, the 77 Battery Place branch which is literally across the street from the park. If you want sit-down, there's Inattesso, in the same building as BPM, but on the West Street facing side.



Jun 08, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Great Food near Ground Zero

It's large portions of old-school red-sauce Italian, way better than Olive Garden (way to set the bar low, eh?) and a touch better than Little Italy "classics" like Puglia. The SO noted that all the shellfish in her seafood linguini was frozen, dumped into the sauce rather than cooked in the sauce. Not sure what the latter means, but the SO used to work in a resto, so I guess she knows what she's talking about ;) . Sitting outside is nice, but you're in that Goldman "corridor" rather than on the water or in the North Cove...

Jun 03, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Great Food near Ground Zero

Speaking of Italian, Harry's Italian (pseudo-link below) just opened this month in the same complex as Shake Shack and North End Grill, across the highway and a bit north of the 9/11 Memorial (aka Ground Zero).


Not just pizza, but Cheesecake-Factory-sized portions of pastas and old school entrees such as chicken parm and veal marsala. We went this past weekend, and my platter of the former was easily big enough for three servings; I stuffed down two-thirds of it and had the leftovers cold for dinner the next day (I don't think it was meant to be "family style" like Carmine's). Sat next to a family at a table set for 12, so they should be able to accommodate your group. This is certainly not Michael White or Mario Batali style Italian. It's casual, but definitely not a dive, red-sauce food, which you probably have in Toronto, but which would fit the bill for something chill after your heavy tour. PS; they should probably have their liquor license by June 23, but call ahead just in case.

May 29, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan

Wowing visiting friends near Battery Park/ Wall St.

I'll second Gigino as noted by Sneakeater and jaba for food-with-a-view. As you probably know, the marina behind the World Financial Center ("North Cove") has lots of outdoor seating and is plenty lively. Food options as linked below are servicable, especially with lots of booze. There are also outdoor food vendors on the plaza (last weekend was burgers and lobster rolls).


NB: the food trucks don't show up on the weekends.

May 22, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan


You, sir, are correct: the sum total of my European dining experiences is Parisian brasseries - tripe sausages, shellfish platters and the like. I have also not been to other "counter" places in NYC such as Brooklyn Fare and Ko, so perhaps those may have similarities to Atera. We did go to Robuchon in midtown many years back; not many of those dishes contained lichen or looked like a rock!

May 21, 2012
Andy T. in Manhattan