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DC/MD French fries?

visited victoria gastropub in mid-september and was pretty thrilled. first time having duck fat fries, and i couldn't get enough. all other dishes good (some better than others). but i dream of those fries...

Nov 14, 2009
jjg in Washington DC & Baltimore

Is there brown sugar available around Aix-en-Provence or on-line?

am living in France (a CT person usually) and agree that vergeoise is the best bet for brown sugar's close relative. had the Affligem de Noel beer last night, which includes vergeoise (and cinnamon, or cannelle as it's known here)--delicious! get it while you can.

Nov 30, 2008
jjg in France

Sainte-Maure, Basil and Fresh Herb Terrine

I am fortunate enough to be living in the Loire Valley right now and have had Saint-Maure several times a week my whole visit (it's in my fridge right now). I would suggest that if you can't find the original that you get the most firm chèvre you can find--it's quite hard cheese (always crumbles a bit when i slice it for tomate sandwiches). I'd also suggest another pairing: a Loire Valley Vouvray demi-sec blanc. In my experience, it works quite well. Tchin-tchin!

Nov 30, 2008
jjg in Recipes