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Help! New to Fairfield County, need Vietnamese market

The best vietnamese market is 130 wood ave bridgeport, they have it all. veg, fish, meat. they also serve roasted pig to go on fridays

Kona - Stamford- not a fan....

Kona grill is the TGI Fridays of sushi, awful food, cool indoor/outdoor bar

Great food shows on bbc America

love Jamie Olivers new show in the U.S. and Gordon Ramsays kitchen nightmares in England. way better than the American spin off.

Jan 10, 2012
mrporkbelly in Food Media & News


They say they have a wood grill now. is it real? do they really have a grill master ? i live close to a red lobster restaurant and i don't see any log piles out side to feed a wood grill. maybe they use liquid smoke instead?

Nov 30, 2011
mrporkbelly in Chains

Prime Dry Aged Beef In Fairfield County?

Atlantic meat market on wall street in Norwalk ages there own prime rib eye and NY strips and will cut it to any thickness you like. Awesome

Bridgeport, CT Finds

went for lunch today with a client , place was packed. Had fried spring rolls , fresh summer rolls , pho #1 the house special with rib eye and tripe, and vietnamese iced coffe. Everything was great.

Any Tamales in the Greater New Haven Area? In Connecticut?

Mi Rancho on Fairfield ave in bridgeport has really good Mexican style tamales.

Mi Rancho
2754 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06605

Tuscany in Bridgeport CT

they bring out little uncooked samples so you can see what they are. the server recites the preperation and sauce for each lobster ravioli in saffron cream, gnocci with roasted butternut squash, linguini with clams etc.
wow i think i need to get back there!

Tuscany in Bridgeport CT

Tuscany is pricey but good. they make their own pasta fresh every day and at dinner they have around 8 to 10 to choose from. The server brings the pastas out on a board and explains the preperation of each one.The lobster ravioli and lamb shank are very good ,but the grilled baby octopus that is always offered as a special is great! The service is excellent.

No more food network in c.t. good bye guy fierri u tgif sellout

as long as cablevision keeps bravo and the travel channel thats what matters . food network has sucked for a long time. just give me more no reservations and top chef, i will miss chopped . the one good show on food network

Jan 04, 2010
mrporkbelly in Food Media & News

IHOP coming to Nashua NH

I think i hop bought applebees last year. maybe they're switching over the poorer perfoming applebees to i hops and vice versa

New Years Eve in Fairfield County

Napa &co rocks! had dinner there the other day and it was great.The new chef is great.

Holidays in Thailand

have a blast! That's my suggestion. Great beaches ,great food , great diving! The full moon party on Ko phangan used to be great but the last time i was there lots of trouble , that was 10 years ago. you can catch a boat from Samui for cheap and be there in 20 minutes

Looking for restaurant suggestions for Thailand.

I had a great meal at the Boat House in Koron just out side of Patong in Phuket. i t was 10 years ago so it may not be there anymore. the street carts are great but you should get a Hep B shot to be safe. I read an article awhile back that said a lot of the food carts tested positve for hep b. (not to alarm you but this is a good thing to do when traveling abroad) There is a place in bankok that specializes in Thai Royal Quisine but I can't remember the name. Ask the locals. Thailand has some of the best food i've had. Have a great trip and please report back on the food. I' m going back after 10 years in may I can't wait! Cheers

Taco Trucks at Long Wharf in New Haven

good and cheap! I hit them up when ever I'm in NH. Don't have a favorite, they all are good.

Any notable seafood shacks between NY and New Haven?

my fish guy told me the beds just got closed again .the price of steamers and fried clams has been going up and will most likely stay high thru the summer because of supply and demand.

Best oyster place in Fairfield County?

ocean drive is closed

Stew ongoing debate

also my fish guy told me Stew's can sell cheap lobsters because they buy new shells (they are in season in the summer months)in bulk from south carolina. new shells are freshly molted lobsters light on meat and heavy on water because they haven't grown into there new shells. some people think the new shell lobster meat is sweeter and more tender, and it is . you can tell if a lobster is a new shell if the shell is soft. fully grown lobsters will have a very hard shell sometimes with barnicles on it. hard shell lobsters are harder to come by in the summer and are more expensive.
I have bought hard shell lobsters at new wave in stamford and fish tails in new caanon at about 9 to 10 dollars a pound retail.

Stew ongoing debate

i believe "dry pack scallops" are unadulterated and therefore more expensive .wet pack scallops are injected with a saline solution and leak water when you cook them making it impossible to get a good sear on them. poorly handled , frozen ,or old dry scallops will have the same problem

Cafe Roma - Bridgeport - Disappionted with the town, not the dinner.

i have to agree , i lived in Bridgeport for 2 years , then moved to stamford. bridgeport has pockets of good areas and bad. unless you live in the black rock area there is no restaurant/bar scene. Half of the down town is delapitated and rundown, not dangerous .. i don't know ..i guess it's just done . sad because the city has a great history. when you drive down town you can see what it used to be. There are a lot of great restaurants in bridgeport of all levels, you just have to know where they are

Baang, Riverside/Greenwich

I had dinner there 2 weeks ago and they have sushi now. It was really good. The rice was perfect! Wierd right ? That is usually the problem with sushi in c.t. and there is a lot of crappy sushi out there. The waiter told me the chef went to california and took a week long intensive class with a certified master sushi chef. They have a sushi menu that changes weekly. I agree with the other posters though; the music was over the top loud, but everyone at our table agreed the food was great .Rember this .anybody can can buy fresh fish -- perfecting the rice ...that's the real skill!

Where do you get oysters in FFLD county?

Fish tails in Darien. I get oysters and clams from them all the time, always great. They also run the seafood market at Rowaton so it should be good as well.

Dunvilles wesport

They just got reviewed in the fairfield weekly.(very good) I have always been a fan of the chef there. He does great homemade pub food.

Black Duck Westport

A great dive drinking bar!

Vietnamese in Stamford

There's a great Asian store right down the street from there. On friday afternoon they have bahn mi, a half bbq pig , offal, dumplings and other fresh prepared vietnamese food.

Ralph 'n' Rich's in Bridgeport, CT

it is tripe stewed in tomato sauce, they make it every few weeks for the regulars. costs like 9 bucks and is a meal in itself. you have to like tripe or you may not like it.
if not you will find other stuff on the weekly special or regular menu that you will love

Ralph 'n' Rich's in Bridgeport, CT

I love that place. great bartenders/ wait staff, good solid food. Ralph or Rich are always there. That's why it is consistantly great. I had dinner at the bar the other night with 3 friends and it was fantastic. great oysters. try the tripe special , it kicks ass

FFD County Hounds - Anyone Home?

Tuttis is off of exit 17 on 95. near the Black duck and Abondaza, never ate there ,but have heard good things about the food. It's a really small place. if you eat there stop by Dunvilles after for a drink , great local bar with really good pub food.

Another Pepe's Apizza Coming

I had a pie at the Fairfield place the other day with some friends visiting from colorado. they loved it! The crust was perfect, remember to to keep the toppings to 2. to many toppings soggs out the pie.
pizza is all about the dough/crust and Pepi's rocks!

I Love Anthony Bourdain, but...

hands down the best food show on tv

May 13, 2009
mrporkbelly in Food Media & News