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I'm close to choking on a bottle of Blenheim's right now....I love the feeling....It's the best I've had, because of the ginger ale flavor. Best ginger beer I've had is Old Jamaica, I believe made by D&G, when I was in the UK. I've also had Fentiman's, Schweppes (both in UK), and Goya, Stewart's (both in Baltimore), Reed's, Barritt's, Regatta, Cock and Bull, (all in Cincinnati [Party Source in Newport]) and Archer Farms (Target). If I can find the Blenheim's Ginger Beer, my eternal search for the perfect ginger beer may be complete....

Mar 24, 2009
nikoxeno in Features

Great South-Side-Chicago-Style Steak Sandwich: Home of the Hoagy

I grew up within two blocks of "the hoagie shop"....went there countless times as a likkle yuf....and I've probably got as much steak sauce running through my arteries as I do blood and oxygen. Memories of heading there when all I had between me and my friends was enough to buy a large fry with steak sauce, laughing at the grown folk cussing out the people behind the counter for not making their called-in order until they got there, almost running there during high school to make it back in time for my next class.....fond memories for me, for always....for MORGAN PARK....not Beverly, come across a couple sets of tracks.....not Roseland, you've gone too far....Morgan Park. Though I've become a "foodie" in my older years (29), I still have a love for going to hood spots no matter what city I'm in....all due to "the hoagie shop"....

Mar 13, 2009
nikoxeno in Chicago Area

Where can I get Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

I just picked up two six-packs of baby bottles of Schweppes Bitter Lemon from the Binny's on Roosevelt Road in Chicago. I recently spent six months in London, and was taken with it as a mixer for my Bombay Sapphire specifically, but other spirits as well. I'm also on the hunt for Pimm's Winter (not sure if it's offered over here yet), and Schweppes Lemonade. I'm wondering if Pimm's No.1 & either the Lorina or Efferve' Limonade will act as a proper substitute? Might have to break that out when the weather turns again. I'm also on the hunt for some good ginger beer; it acted as a WONDROUS mixer for my Appleton Estate Dark & Stormy. Brit Mixers 1, American Mixers 0 in my book. It's disheartening to come back here and only have Coke & Sprite at 98% of places. Harrumph.

Nov 30, 2008
nikoxeno in Pennsylvania