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What brand of turkey cooks up the best?

We served a 26 lbs Murray's Turkey. My first time cooking a bird that size, which was intimidating, but it came out great and so super moist. We had 28 people at the table, many of them more experienced cooks than me, and I got rave reviews. We barely had enough left-overs for two turkey sandwiches! Personally, I like the fact that's it's a natural bird, that's why I buy their chicken as well. I hadn't had a Murray's turkey before, but I will get one again next year. They also sell a pre-brined one, which I'm kind of curious about.

Funny thing. A friend also bought a Murray's, slightly smaller, and cooked it upside down (don't ask..). She said it still came out great. You can't beat that.

Nov 29, 2008
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