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Kale-- can it be frozen?

I've frozen spinach & chard with no trouble. Whole leaves raw in ziploc bags, they get brittle when frozen, then I crumble it directly into soups, casseroles or wherever I need a bit of extra vegs. Just try a couple of leaves as an experiment.

May 26, 2013
grinchyheart in Home Cooking

How can I freeze oatmeal in individual servings?

I divide a batch of porridge into muffin tins, cool & freeze overnight. Pop the frozen cereal pucks into a large bag or container. This is a bit easier if you use a silicone pan on a baking sheet to freeze them. I nuke them from frozen, maybe 2 minutes on high. My cereal mix can be pretty firm, so I splash just a little milk in before nuking to loosen it up; maybe 1/2 what I'll end up putting in.
I've made it with fruit cooked in and/or added after nuking. It just depends on what is available.
I do think that fruit added in the cooking is better if it is chopped small; ymmv.

Jan 12, 2012
grinchyheart in Home Cooking