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'fess up, "i'm a hog when it comes to eating ____ ."

Macaroni and Cheese.


Dec 10, 2008
CulinaryBoner in General Topics

Good Wine Buys for under $10.00?

I heard the married couple who write the WSJ Tastings column on the radio last night and they got me all inspired. They suggested wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa as good bets for under $10.00.

I was amused when they stated that you should steer clear of "the critter labels"!

Any good suggestions?

Best Chinese on the South shore??

I'll second Tsang's in Hanover except maybe for the Udon noodles. Five Spice in Quincy center has the best!!!

South Shore Restaurants?

The Ledger reviews just make me crazy..."My companion liked the bread. It came with pats of butter." Argh!

I have had good and bad at Atlantica. I thought Burton's and Scarlet Oak were pretty good. I wanted to like Alba's but the inexperienced staff took away from the experience. I am also curious about the Winery (?)in Pembroke (former Bobby Hackets).

South Shore Restaurants?

Anything new and good on the South Shore? I used to read the Ledger reviews but since Virginia Hayes left the column is lousy.

New To Austin

I visited my brother in Austin and he took me to a great BBQ place. I was hoping to go to Stubbs but it was closed on Mondays at the time. We went to the Ironworks (?) instead and it was fantastic!!! I also had great Mexican food at a market place in San Antonio. It is about an hour away but worth the drive.

Nov 29, 2008
CulinaryBoner in Austin

Where have you always had a bad meal?

I agree about the Phantom Gourmet. I think you have to advertise to get a good review...

Where have you always had a bad meal?

I am sure the Palms has already been mentioned but I have to throw in my two cents. Awful, awful, awful! Bitchy waiter, dirty silverware and terrible food. Afterwards we decided we could have had a better lunch at Burgerking!

The only good note was the busboy and I sure hope he heads across the street to the Oak Room. He is wasted at the Palms.