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Looking for good quality Japanese BBQ in SF

Does anyone know of a good place to get Japanese BBQ in the city? I'm looking for something like Gyu-Kaku (Japan, NY, LA, Hawaii)

I want good quality meats/seafood/veggies - cooked on your own personal Charcoal Grill.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Great Cheap Eats recommendations in SF for upcoming visitors?

Hey folks-
I'm looking for some solid cheap eats spots to recommend to my budget conscious relatives who are coming to SF next week. I would like to suggest a diverse choice of foods including seafood, Italian, Mexican/burritos, chines, new American, Indian, Vietnamese, etc. They are coming for a week so they should be able to hit a number of great spots w/o spending a ton of money.

If you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate your help.


Organic breakfast restaurants/diners in San Francisco?

Yeah I live right near Toast and have been there a few times. It's a nice spot for the hood and they do use Niman and good coffee. But they still use crappy Cisco french fries and safeway bread and lettuce etc etc. Still looking for a place that goes fully organic with everything in their kitchen; meats, bread, butter, herbs, pepper, salt, grains, drinks, etc.

Organic breakfast restaurants/diners in San Francisco?

Where can I go to get a full menu of traditonal American breakfast, cooked using all organic ingredients? I know Lettus uses all organic ingredients and offers brunch on weekends and other restaurants use some organic ingredients when available. But what about a diner or casual spot that serves pancakes using Orgainc flour/eggs/butterblueberries or omlettes with all OG ingredients and local free range/grass fed sausage and bacon? Thanks

Consensus On Best Restaurants in SanFrancisco???

well over the past few years they completely cleaned up Union Square and it's definitley a lot nicer now.. but it's just a bunch of big chain stores to shop at. If you like shopping all day long then it'll be fine. But otherwise there's not much true SF character in that part of town. If you're renting a car, i'd suggest exploring all parts of the city (and if you're not, then get a muni map and figure out how to get around with public trans - the cabs are a bit pricey)
Definitley go over to the Haight and walk around by Golden gate park, head down to Union Street in Pac heights and check out stores and outdoor cafes there, take a drive through the Castro and head up to Twin Peaks for views of the city. Catch a Giants game at ATT park and see the up and coming south of market area, walk around the Ferry Plaza building/Farmers Market, go to Valencia and 16th street and walk around the Mission. If you're looking for touristy stuff go to Pier 39 and look at the Seals and Fisherman's Wharf. Go over the golden gate and Take a drive to Sausalito and walk around, drive to Tiburon and have lunch at Sam's and take in views of SF and the bay, check out Muir Woods near Mt Tam. All good things to do outside of Union Square ;- enjoy your trip.

Consensus On Best Restaurants in SanFrancisco???

Spots to check out:

The Slanted Door - the best cali fusion Vietnamese ever. And walk around the Ferry Plaza building on Saturday morning during the farmer's market.

Papalote - hands down the freshest and tastiest burrito's and fish tacos and best homemade salsa ever. anyone that tells you otherwise has never been or doesn't know what they're talking about.

Yank Sing - To notch Dim Sum

For Brunch, if it's nice outside and you are patient, wait at Chloes on Church and 26th. Or go to Maverick on 17th and Mission.

Boulevard is always a great choice (out of your $15 price range though)

If you're looking for reasonably priced healthy organic food, check out Lettus Cafe in the marina.

For sushi check out Koo in the sunset.

All of these places are outside of your hotel zone, but it'll be a good way for you to experience SF.. cause union square is not the most ideal part of the city to spend your time.

Hope this helps.