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Help! Chicken noodle soup delivered to Pasadena work place?

Ooh, thanks, RoxyGrl!!

Help! Chicken noodle soup delivered to Pasadena work place?

Thanks to everybody for their great suggestions! Turns out my boyfriend decided to stay home for the day. I may still consider bringing him something tonight...

Help! Chicken noodle soup delivered to Pasadena work place?

Hahaha... thanks, pley -- you know, he may just in fact do that, depending on how he feels when he wakes up at the crack of dawn.

But I appreciate your idea of possibly asking a nearby place that sells soup to walk it over. This ridiculous fantasy of mine has gotten to the point where I'm even considering driving up to Pasadena, picking up some chicken noodle soup at New York Deli, and delivering it myself, then rushing back to the South Bay!

Help! Chicken noodle soup delivered to Pasadena work place?

Hello dear friends --

My boyfriend is starting to come down with a cold or flu that's making him feel crappy. He works in Pasadena and intends to tough it out and go to work tomorrow for at least a half day. I live in the South Bay and can't physically do anything for him tomorrow during the day, so it crossed my mind that I could attempt to have chicken noodle soup delivered to him.

A few quick Google searches basically gave me Vince's Deli in Pasadena, via some website called GrubHub. I looked at the posted menu and they don't have chicken noodle soup. Plus, on Vince's Yelp page, it says "no" to delivery. I will definitely at least give them a call tomorrow morning to get to the bottom of this...

... but in the meantime, I would like to know if any Hounds out there happen to know of any other delis in the Pasadena area that might *possibly* do delivery. I realize this is asking a lot, because what deli delivers, right? And I'm a bit short on time, because I'd like to surprise him with this, and if he does end up going home by lunch, I want to catch him before then.

Thanks in advance!

anything open Thanksgiving night in the South Bay?

Hmmmm, interesting. I may look into this... thanks!

anything open Thanksgiving night in the South Bay?

Thank you so much, Wienermobile! Also, I noticed your helpful remark in a different Thanksgiving thread about just going on Open Table and checking their Thanksgiving-available restaurant list. That basically helped me decide upon McCormick & Schmick's. Good price, solid food, warm atmosphere, and not too much of a drive -- bring on the rain!

anything open Thanksgiving night in the South Bay?

Thanks, DrBruin! Oh, our budget? I suppose around $30-35/pp max?

anything open Thanksgiving night in the South Bay?

Any specific ones come to mind?

anything open Thanksgiving night in the South Bay?


My parents and I are interested in going out to eat for Thanksgiving dinner this year. We're in Torrance and would like to eat somewhere that's middle-to-slightly-upper range, price-wise that is in the South Bay. I had originally thought of Manhattan Beach Post, but after looking at their menu I realized tapas-style isn't my parents' favorite way to dine. (Also, it's a tiny bit above the ideal budget.)

When I looked into Tin Roof Bistro and attempted an Open Table reservation, I found out -- no surprise -- that they're not open Thanksgiving. That's when I realized this may turn out to be a totally futile goal.

So I thought I'd ask if anybody has a general sense of what tends to be open for Thanksgiving dinner in the South Bay that isn't a hole-in-the-wall (which I would enjoy on my own, but not necessarily with parents in tow).

Thanks in advance!

Tin Roof Bistro
3500 Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Manhattan Beach Post
1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Antica Pizzeria

hee hee.. you made me laugh!

There is no news on their official Facebook page about where or when they'll be reopening.

Mission 261 for dinner?

ADDENDUM: I woke up this morning and suddenly remembered another dish -- black pepper beef. It was really dark, almost black with soy sauce, so at first I thought it was burnt candied walnuts; the shape of the beef "slices" looked chunky and bumpy like half walnuts, too, which contributed to that initial confusion. They were way too salty (as salty as they were darkened with soy sauce), but still tasty. This was probably the only other dish I actively enjoyed eating, but there was so little of it (it made perhaps two spins through the lazy Susan, and it was gone), and it was served in such a simpleton way (just dumped, shiny with more cornstarch goo of course, on a giant leaf of lettuce), it felt unsatisfying. I also would have appreciated having some rice with it (or some of that weird fried rice, which came much later) because it was so salty.

Again, this felt like a random, mediocre dish. To paraphrase Alvy Singer, the food was terrible, and it came in such small portions. (Though to be fair, it wasn't so much the quantity as the sheer lack of quality that made this banquet so terrible.)

Mission 261 for dinner?

My family is all Chinese -- my cousins and I are the first American-born generation (we're in our late 20s to late 30s); our parents (Grandma's kids) were born in China and moved to Taiwan as infants/toddlers following the Communist takeover. We definitely look like we belong in the SGV. In fact, most of my extended family lives in the SGV and we always have big dinners in the area, so making reservations for this sort of thing is really old hat. The only anomaly tonight was that they decided to go a little outside the usual, reliable Chinese banquet places and go with a fancier-looking place than usual. After all, Grandma was turning 90, and maybe ambiance does matter once in a while. Too bad about the food. Never again!

EDITED TO ADD: I realize my lame, vague descriptions of the food probably sounded kind of um, heh, like a non-Chinese person's take on it, but I've always been terrible at describing Chinese food -- partly because I only know the names and ingredients in Chinese, and even then it's kind of spotty because I'm never completely paying attention to what the "adults" are ordering in the first place.

Mission 261 for dinner?

Oh, well, this was an 18-person banquet that was planned and funded by the sons and daughters of my grandma, with me and many of my cousins (i.e., their children; her grandkids) along for the free ride as usual, so I wouldn't have had any say in the matter. But yeah, speaking to others who had dined tonight, the consensus was quite unanimous that the food was simply bad.

Mission 261 for dinner?

Welp, just came back from grandma's 90th birthday dinner at Mission 261 and boy, what a freaking disappointment. My parents and a few of my cousins had had dim sum here in the past and thought it was interesting (if pricey), and decided it would be a good location to celebrate this grand milestone. Unfortunately, the Chinese banquet food was TERRIBLE. The variety of dishes was very unimpressive and un-banquet-like: we started out with a tiny plate of Chinese-style cold cuts (there were two separate tables, 10 people at one, eight in the other). Then there was bbq duck (like Peking duck-style, with crispy skin), but not served with buns, just chopped into chunks. Then some bland veggie dish that had celery stalks, slices of carrot, and shrimp -- this dish was so paltry, by the time the lazy Susan brought it to me (and again, there were only 10 people at my table, and none of them gluttons), all the shrimp was gone. So I ate a few pieces of flavorless celery covered in lots of cornstarch goo.

Then there was a simple fried rice dish. I was very surprised to see this as a part of a Chinese banquet package. But I love fried rice, so I dug in -- wow, it was horrible. There was no flavor, the peas were hard (like they hadn't been boiled enough?), the carrot chunks were hard, and the worst part was the rice -- it was wet and mushy. It was the strangest fried rice I'd ever eaten. I didn't think you could screw up something that easy.

Then there was some kind of thinly sliced mushroom laid over Chinese bok choy -- again, bland and drowning in cornstarch goo. By this point I was getting more bored than full, which was a strange phenomenon for me. But I kept thinking, stupidly, that there was more to come, and something would definitely wow me -- because there is always at least one "wow" dish in a Chinese banquet (at least in my experience). A lobster dish came in, too -- actually, before the mushroom one -- but I didn't partake because it was the messy kind (chopped up into chunks, with shell still on, and also drowning in cornstarch goo). I can't comment on the lobster since I didn't try it. Maybe that would've been the "wow" dish. (Probably not, though, judging by the way it looked and smelled.)

There was a roasted chicken dish, too. It was really similar to the duck dish in preparation. Oh -- I forgot to mention that the duck dish was not even part of the banquet package; it was ordered as an add-on. That was the dish I enjoyed the most, though that's not saying much considering how tasteless the entire meal was.

We ended with red bean soup with a few lotus seeds thrown in for show. It was the most sugary Chinese dessert soup I'd had in a long while. I liked it, though -- don't get me wrong -- but boy, it was sweet.

AND THAT WAS IT! When they'd brought out the red bean soup, I was again surprised, because I had expected more (and better) food still. I don't know what's wrong with this restaurant; I know that our family had ordered one of the cheaper banquet choices (and yet the bill came out to $548), but we always stick to the same price point, so that's very telling at a place like Mission 261 where ambiance is obviously far more important than food.

I would not recommend dinner at this place.

EDITED TO ADD: I would like to emphasize that I'm not certain I recounted every dish that was served in this banquet, so if it sounds to you like this was an unbelievably tiny banquet for the price, it's probably because I left something out. And understandably so, considering how forgettable everything was (except for the bizarre fried rice). But I can assure you it wasn't more than one or two dishes. And above all, the quality of the dishes I did detail above was just absolutely HORRIBLE.

Mission 261 Restaurant
261 S Mission Dr, San Gabriel, CA 91776

first-date, gender etiquette question

Thank you, montrealeater. Very much appreciated.

first-date, gender etiquette question

No, because for one thing, shortly after I posted this, I never thought about it whenever I was with him (as we had so many other things to talk about). But I think he might actually get a kick out of it. So perhaps one day I'll show him, if we get more serious.

Also, I'm a bit flabbergasted this HAS elicited such a response!

first-date, gender etiquette question

Thank you, Heatherb, for actually getting the gist of my OP. I find it ironic that some people in this thread are blasting me for over-analyzing and blowing things way out of proportion when they're doing that very thing with my inquiry despite my very clear explanation for its motivation. So thank you, Heather, for understanding me absolutely and exactly. I didn't think it would be that hard, but bulletin board passions get in the way, apparently.

I'm going to see him a third time tonight, so nobody's running for any hills.

first-date, gender etiquette question

We split the bill. Actually, I ordered more than he did, so technically I paid my share and he paid his.

first-date, gender etiquette question

I paid my share, he paid his.

Hollywood Pizza, the chitown style pizza joint

Maybe it's because you got the name wrong: it's called Hollywood Pies. I haven't tried them just yet but my impression is that you wouldn't have trouble finding them if you place an order first, because then you can ask them for details. Their website, however, is pretty clear about the pickup location. It's purposely set up as take-out/delivery only, so there's no point in trying to show up unannounced.

LA coffee scene: are we at the start of a revolution?

Ooh, thanks for the tips, ristretto. I had no idea these two coffee places existed; the South Bay is sorely in need of cafes like these!

first-date, gender etiquette question

Hi ta0126,

Thanks for being the first one to actually ask how long I hesitated -- as opposed to making your own conclusion over how long a "hesitation" is -- because though I was tempted to chime in (after I'd received criticism over my original post) on such details, I'd initially decided against it lest I sounded overly defensive or like I was rewriting history.

I probably shouldn't have even used the word hesitation, because the speed at which thoughts pass through one's mind is quicker than can usually be described in common units of time, let alone vague nouns. "Hesitation" (particularly of a mental sort) sounds far longer than most people perceive, and I think most of the commenters, through no fault of their own of course, interpreted this as a palpable moment of silence, which it definitely was not.

My "hesitation" was so brief, I felt like he actually cut me off when he ordered for me. So in a sense, it wasn't so much what he said to the server as the fact that he didn't even give me a chance to defer to him. That's what irked me more than the content of his words. As I recall, I was *just* about to say "go ahead" after looking over at him, when he cut me off mid-inhale and placed the order. One could even say there was no hesitation, just a glancing over at my date as I was about to speak.

Anyhow, this is all such old news now, as I've gone on a second non-food date and will have lunch with him next weekend. This time, I will definitely assert my order without so much as a glance in his direction. JUST KIDDING, GUYS. But it'll be something along those lines.

first-date, gender etiquette question

Thanks, DeppityDawg. I think perhaps my problem was taking the relative anonymity of Chowhound's boards a little too liberally, and treating it like my best friend. This was probably a question better suited for a personal friend or confidant, to whom I could discuss various points in real time, back and forth, without seeing the ugly words displayed near-permanently on a page. I imagine that if I'd simply posed this question to any of the above responders in person, whispered naively in your ear, including the passing judgmental comments made on the guy, I wouldn't get nearly the amount of flak I have. The only reason I didn't ask a friend and chose Chowhound instead was that I felt it was the perfect forum, content-wise, for it. Whom better to ask about dining etiquette than Chowhounds, right?

first-date, gender etiquette question

I appreciate the huge influx of responses, both sweetly helpful and blisteringly scathing. I agree that my post can seem mean, and it is partly because I was momentarily very turned off by his gesture that didn't go so smoothly either.

But if I can't be honest in my original post, then what's the point of asking my question to you all, right? As I had already written in response to someone else's remark trying to use the clich├ęd insult of "no wonder she's still single," my OP was a reflection of my innermost thoughts and confusion that I hoped people on Chowhound could help elucidate for me. And I'm grateful that you all have, so thank you. And I'm not saying that judging *me* is disallowed, either; the honesty should run both ways. But while my honesty (perhaps laced with some judgment) was serving to find the answer to a question (i.e., why did he do that?), the casually dispatched insults and passings of judgment on me had no other purpose than to put me in my place and shake me by the shoulders to tell me what a bad person I am.

I wrote this at the risk of further inflaming passions negatively towards me, but as the neurotic hyper-analyzer I've portrayed myself to be on here, I felt I had to respond with a follow-up.

Incidentally, I'm pasting a self-defense I'd written in the midst of this thread that may go unseen, but which I'd like responders to keep in mind as they wield their sharpened e-pens:

"Besides, if anyone allowed their own internal, nearly subconscious thoughts to be aired out loud on the internet in typed-out words, I wouldn't be surprised they would often sound like my original post. The only reason I did this is because of the initial jolt I felt, then followed by curiosity since this particular gesture I'd never heard of before. That's what the internet is good for -- to plumb the depths of ourselves in a public but anonymous forum, inviting others to submit their thoughts.

If the internet didn't exist, I wouldn't know half the trivia I know now, and if Chowhound didn't exist, I would simply have buried this whole thing and moved on without a third thought."

Thank you.

first-date, gender etiquette question

I have to say, the same exact thought entered my mind (about him accidentally stumbling across this post) and still hasn't left.

first-date, gender etiquette question

hahahahaha, oh my god, Janet, you're hilarious!!

Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

Oh my god, I died laughing at your anecdote, jao.

Funniest Thing a Server Said to You

My thought exactly.

first-date, gender etiquette question

I'm totally with you. In fact, by pure coincidence I'd left a somewhat lengthy and emphatic comment in the latest Chow Miss Manners/Helena (whatever that column is called) article about the expectations for men to pay on the first date.

first-date, gender etiquette question

Interesting that you pose this question, cowboyardee (I love typing everybody's names on Chowhound), because I think he indeed doesn't go on many dates. And what you surmise about him totally makes sense to me. The funny thing is, I think he's about as neurotic as I am, and together we could potentially create multiple layers of meta-neurosis and hyper-self-consciousness (or is that all redundant babblspeak?).

Anyway, it didn't backfire enough, since I'm going to see him again in less than 24 hours in a non-food/drinks setting. I'm still wondering if I should ever ask him about this or not. He seems like he'd totally be game for a discussion but I don't want to make him feel bad.