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wanted: fellow foodie travelling to San Sebastian Aug30-Sep2

Hello - I will be in San Sebastian next week August 30th to September 2nd. I`ve found what souds like an amazing day trip into the Basque countryside to visit some farms, vineyards, meet a cheesemaker, visit a market, and get a true sense of the agricultural and gastronimical scene in this region. Problem is that it`s too much for me to pay alone so am looking for anyone with similar interests who might be traveling in San Sebastian at the same time. If you`re interested in joining, please let me know. I promise a relaxed and fun traveling companion.


Aug 24, 2010
iradub in Spain/Portugal


Had brunch there last Sunday and it was really great. I had the full english breakfast and loved it. Huge amount of delicious food including really good boudin noir if you like that kind of thing. Service was great.

Feb 17, 2010
iradub in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

montreal foodie looking for recommendations

Hey everyone - In a few weeks, I'm headed to Orlando for 3 nights for a conference. It'll be my first visit since I was 12 years old; the only food I remember from then are the ice cream sandwiches at Disney World!

I'm looking for recommendations for dinner from devoted Orlando foodies. What are the places you would not want someone to miss? What are the most incredible dining experiences in Orlando?

Not sure yet where I'm staying (booked through work and they haven't told me yet!)... but assume anything in the city is do-able. We'll be a group of 2-4.

Looking for fine dining, but not necessarily fancy or pretentious. Local/sustainable focus is good but not essential.

Thanks in advance!

Nov 02, 2009
iradub in Florida

Where should I eat at next???

I just wanted to say that I had dinner at Perilla Sunday night and it was great. I highly recommend it for a reliably delicious meal. The duck meatballs were awesome, as were the scallops with plum kimchi, the hanger steak, and the ricotta ravioli.

Aug 19, 2008
iradub in Manhattan

Perspectives Ottawa

Dined at Perspectives at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata on Friday night with 3 friends. A little weird to drive all the way out to Kanata for fine dining but I had heard good things and the menu looked interesting. Executive summary: mostly disappointing, overpriced for what we got, chef is trying to hard to be cool and chic and not delivering.

Started with cocktails, they were ok. Bread was good. Amuse was a passion fruit cocktail. Mine had large chunks of ice in it which made it a little hard to drink (literally). Also didn't appreciate a cold sweet amuse, i guess i'm more partial to the savoury bite type. This was actually my first sweet amuse, not sure if it is a new trend or what but I wasn't a fan. My app was called Foie La, 3 attempts at foie gras: wonton, temaki, and beignet. The wonton was tasty, if tiny. The temaki was just ok but could have had way more interesting flavours. The beignet was awful, a crispy piece of donut in an overly sweet caramel syrup - no idea where the foie was here. My partner had bison carpacio and although the bison on its own was yummy, the greens were overly bitter and the dressing dominated the bison. A traditional carpacio presentation with more subtle accompaniments would have made for a better dish. Another friend had the scallops, probably the best of the 4 apps we tried, it had a really good potato latke type thing underneath. The last friend had a dish promising 3 textures and 3 temperatures starring duck, rabbit, and pork. My friend's assessment: seems like everything is the same flavour (bland) and the same temperature (room), I will say they are different textures though.

One of the few totally good things we tried was a sushi roll we shared between our apps and mains. It contained squid and roe and had an exiting flavour and texture combination.

Mains were overall better than the apps but still disappointed. Nothing lived up to its exotic menu description or price, but worse it just wasn't good enough. I had a rack of veal which was cooked to perfection but lacked seasoning and didn't come with enough sauce to enjoy it. My partner had venison which, again, was cooked right, but underseasoned. Another friend had the lamb which he said was good and the final friend had the kurobata jowl which was very good.

Deserts were ok, cheesecake was pretty good. Wine list is impressive and not unusually high in terms of pricing. We liked all the by the glass options but opted for a reasonably priced Ripasso recommended by the server, delicious. Service was fine. Restaurant was extremely cold, too much AC.

Sorry if this sounds overly negative or snobby but when I pay top dollar I expect amazing flavour and creativity and this just didn't do it for me. If you are looking for good food in Ottawa I would choose Domus, Beckta, Urban Pear, even the Manx, before this place.

My advice to the chef: stop trying so hard, make things a little simpler and focus on flavour.

Jul 16, 2007
iradub in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bocado Ottawa Review

Have dined twice now at Bocado on Sommerset near Bank and thoroughly enjoyed both visits.

It's inside a beautiful old house typical of centretown with hardwood floors, exposed wood trim, bay windows, etc. Warm, cozy feel to the inside. Nice spacious layout and there is a terrace out front.

The food is mediterranean with some twists. Delicious stuff and tastefully presented. Moroccan lamb skewers with a nice yogurt sauce were perfectly cooked. The eggplant is also excellent. The gazpacho is refreshing and yummy. Have tried several other mains and enjoyed them all. Apps are $8-$10 and mains are around $22 to $28.

Simple wine list with some decent stuff by the glass.

Overall, a very nice addition to the neighbourhood and I enthusiastically recommend it.

Aug 08, 2006
iradub in Ontario (inc. Toronto)