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Dijon / Beaune restaurants

My husband and I are headed to the Dijon / Beaune area in a couple of days. Any dining tips? Open to a range of price points and options. Merci beaucoup!

May 18, 2014
Snoopy917 in France

Milan reco's from a Milanese

Ciao Chowhounds,

I'm traveling to Milan next week and my friend who is Italian gave me a list of places to go. She's got great taste, so I figured I'd share:

1. Tano passami l'olio (a bit gourmet, but my top selection in milan)
2. L'uccellina. It's nothing special, but very diverse and I love it...
3. Il montalcino - typical tuscany cuisine. A bit stiff and formal, but good food.
4. Pizza - The best is la piccola ischia, but is 10 mins away from duomo
5. Fish - Trattoria del pescatore - via vannucci
6. Steak - DOn Juan, a truly argentiean place, is very good
7. Garhet - typical milanese places where you find risotto etc. It's a bit far from duomo (10 mins by car) but I love the atmosphere etc.
Breakfast "bastianello"in san babila is top, also cova in via montenapoleone and sant'ambroeus in corso matteotti
afternoon break panzerotto "da luini" (It's a calzone)
sushi - Nami or Zero


Sep 16, 2010
Snoopy917 in Italy

Prepared Food Markets / Healther Food Restaurants - Greensboro, NC

Thanks very much everyone!

Jul 06, 2010
Snoopy917 in Southeast

Prepared Food Markets / Healther Food Restaurants - Greensboro, NC

Hello Chowhounds,

I just found out that I will be in Greensboro, NC quite frequently for work. I wanted to know if there are any gourmet markets / prepared food markets in the area that you would recommend - somewhere where I could pick up a good sandwich for dinner or something from a prepared foods bar. I know Greensboro is known for good BBQ which I plan on partaking in, but would love some healthier options as well as I will be eating there quite often!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Jun 30, 2010
Snoopy917 in Southeast

Trata-Harvard Square, Pleasant Experience!

I'd like to give a shout out to Trata as well - I was shocked it was so trashed on this board. I've been there twice - I would consider the food "solid," not amazing, but for Harvard Square, where "variety" is Tommy Doyle's, Grendel's Den, John Harvard's, and Grafton Street, I would definitely say it's something different and good. I thought the pizzas were pretty tasty, and anywhere that makes good prosecco cocktails is okay in my book :). It's much better than some of the places that have managed to gain success in the area. If you're looking for something different, especially if you're near the Kennedy School or the business school (which are both very close by), it's a good place to check out at least once and make the call for yourself.

Feb 23, 2009
Snoopy917 in Greater Boston Area

Buenos Aires for New Year's?


I am going to be in Buenos Aires for NYE with three friends. We are looking to try to find a restaurant to grab some food at before midnight, but don't want to spend a boatload on a prix fixe (most are well over 100).

Any suggestions for a solid restaurant that may be more in our price range?

Thanks and happy holidays!

Gift certificate for around $100?

Hi there,

I would like to buy my aunt and uncle a gift certificate to a restaurant in the city for Christmas. They are big fans of Italian food, steakhouses, etc. and are big wine drinkers - a good wine list is key! Some places I know they have been and liked are:

Cite (the former)
Osteria al Doge
Maloney and Porcelli

Last year I sent them to Eleven Madison Park and then loved it - I am planning on spending about $100 this year because I am now in grad school, and, well, poor :), but the place can cost more than that.

A bit more about the recipients:
They are in their 50s but are somewhat "hip" (both work in the music industry) and eat in the city quite often. That being said, I'm looking for something a that is more about the food than being super trendy.

If possible I'd like to do something outside of the theater district (we go there quite a bit!). Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for your help in advance and Happy Holidays!

Dec 21, 2008
Snoopy917 in Manhattan

Comment on these SoHo restaurants, please.

I'm Italian-American and from the area, so I've eaten a LOT of Italian food :).

I absolutely loved Savore and so does my whole family - I've been there 3-4 times. They are never crowded - even on a Saturday night - and the service is usually excellent. I haven't had a bad meal yet. Whenever my aunt and uncle (who both work into the city) come into town and we want to go to dinner, we usually go there. It's not Gourmet, but it's not paper napkin, either. I think it's really authentic and would really recommend it at least once!

Good wine list too.

Dec 21, 2008
Snoopy917 in Manhattan

Colombia - Bogota and Medellin recs

I have to echo Andres Carne de Res - I was brought there by two Colombians and recommended it by a third - food is good, not amazing but good, but the experience of it is totally, completely worth it - one of the most fun parts about Bogota. Do not miss it!