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Perfect Gin Martini

Now you're talkin'! Finally some are starting to acknowledge the contribution of a good vermouth to this drink, instead of playing the "make mine extremely dry (wink, wink) or "very dirty" (because they can't really stand the taste of gin) game to (erroneously attempt to) demonstrate how "refined" their tastes are, or they simply switch to vodka (or hey, ow about a "chocolate martini," huh?) because they have no taste!

Thanks for posting this. Don't forget to experiment yourselves with the ratios to get the drink to taste like you want it to taste, not how hip it sounds to say the silly variations when you order it!

Feb 25, 2011
mgmwi in Recipes

Beloit, WI - Hansen's Tavern - CLOSED

If you want a great burger from a locally-owned restaurant in the Beloit, WI, area--go to The Rock at Maple & 4th St by the Henry Ave bridge. This place consistently turns out excellent burgers (and great food all around) at reasonable prices with excellent service. I've had many meals there and not one bad experience.

While it's sad to me that they had to adopt the too-common "sports bar" theme inside (but it probably draws in people for games that otherwise might not be there), but you can sit outside if the weather permits and enjoy the views of the river! And DON'T feed the matter how cute they might be!!!

Sorry, but Hanson's--the one everyone remembers for it's great "samitches"--is DEAD (they current management should not even be allowed to use the name!) and gone. Long live THE ROCK!

The Rock On the River
101 Maple Ave, Beloit, WI 53511

Jan 04, 2011
mgmwi in Great Lakes

Beloit, WI - Hansen's Tavern - CLOSED

This used to be a classic burger and fish joint in Beloit, but some friends and I attempted to eat there on 07/29/2010 and found it to be THE WORST BAR FOOD we've ever experienced. Two out of six dinners were sent back, and another couple should have been. What they did to my tuna steak should be a crime--ending up in a can of Wal-Mart cat found would have been a far more noble end for that poor fish!

Jul 30, 2010
mgmwi in Great Lakes

Coconut Farro Porridge with Mango

Tried this last night with spelt--just could not find farro locally. Unforunatedly I started around 10 PM and found myself still stirring till 3 AM. I must have simmered that unsoaked spelt for upwards of four hours before it absorbed most of the liquid and could be chewed by anything less than a horse! was worth the wait, and around 3:30 AM I had a nice bowl of it with a fresh, ripe delicious Ataulfo mango. Wonderful, blend of flavors, toothy and filling.

Next time (and I guarantee there will be many next times!) I might try pre-soaking the spelt overnight, using farro if I can find or order some, or trying this recipe using a high quality organic brown rice, which would likely work out just as well. I might even adjust the salt down by a teaspoon to start and add a bit more to taste as the grain softens and absorbs the liquid. One other suggestion is to set aside a bit of cooking liquid toward the end to pour over the mango as a sauce a la mangoes & sweet rice. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Apr 25, 2010
mgmwi in Recipes

Where can I let my bread rise?

On a day when you are NOT baking and have time to play around, turn your oven light on (or prop the door open slightly if it turns on automatically) and measure the temp after an hour or so. If it's too high (which it likely will be), prop the oven door open (or open a little further) with a rolled or folded towel and take the temp again in an hour. If it's too cold, unfold the towel a bit to decrease the venting. If it's too warm, fold the towel over again or use another towel to thicken the wedge and open the door a little more. Trial and error when you're not in a hurry will allow you to find the temp range you're looking for.

A bowl of hot water in the oven is a nice option to keep the humidity up in the enclosed space. You could actually just pour the hot water into a heavy steam pan already in the oven if you use one when you bake--small amounts of water will boil off as the oven pre-heats later and will also create some moisture in the process. Again though, BEFORE you bake, play with your water temp and the towel/door angle combination to get the temps in proper range so that you know what to do when you are actually ready to proof your dough.

Look at is as a FUN experiment, and dabble with small batches of one straightforward recipe until you get consistent satisfactory results. Don't forget to WEIGH (not measure!) all of your FRESH, HIGH-QUALITY ingredients--including weighing the water--for greater consistency! The more things you can keep constant and control, the better you can tweak a little of one or the other each time to see how it affects the final product and ultimately get as close as you can to the results you are seeking.

It's a quest...enjoy the journey!

Jan 12, 2010
mgmwi in Home Cooking

Bademjan - Incredible Persian Stew

This list of ingredients is a "recipe"?

Dec 04, 2009
mgmwi in Recipes