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best place for fried chicken in Raleigh?

Hi everyone,

We are hosting a group from Japan next week and are planning to have a potluck of traditional American food. I would love to bring some great fried chicken, any suggestions on where to obtain this in Raleigh? I would like to avoid the chains . . .

thanks! Kim

Mar 17, 2010
kandreaus in Southeast

Best Southern Food in Triangle area?

I've never even heard of the Old Place - I just checked out the website - it looks great! Thanks so much.

Other ideas are welcome!!

Best Southern Food in Triangle area?

Hi everyone,

I have a friend coming to visit me in Raleigh for a week from the Minneapolis area - she wants to experience true southern food. I would like to try and stay away from the upscale places (from a budgetary perspective) and would appreciate some input! I've heard great things on this board about the Pit in downtown Raleigh - and not such good things about Mama Dips, unfortunately. Any suggestions re: good fried chicken, etc., would be welcome. Thanks!

Is there ANYWHERE worth eating in Smithfield, NC?

Taking the mother in law (who lives in Carolina House, Smithfield) to dinner - ANY suggestions? I'm afraid it's a desolate wasteland of strip malls and fast food . . . .

Thanks! Kim

suggestions for waikiki, maui

Thanks so much for all of these great suggestions! I'm taking careful notes!

Mar 04, 2009
kandreaus in Hawaii

suggestions for waikiki, maui

Hi everyone, My family (husband and 10 year old son) are planning a trip to Honolulu and Maui in April. In Maui I believe we will be staying at Eva Villa near Wailea and will be there for approx 3 days. In Honolulu we will be staying at Hilton Hawaiian Village for approx one week (business meeting for my husband so we will probably not be travelling much).

I'd love recommendations re: local food (locally grown possibly!!) not too expensive, sort of funky, that sort of thing. We love sushi and seafood. Also, any farmer's markets??

Also, I know this is a food board but if anyone has experienced the interisland ferry from Honolulu to Maui I'd love to hear about it - we are thinking of taking it.

Thanks for any suggestions - this is my first post but I LOVE this website!


Feb 16, 2009
kandreaus in Hawaii