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High Tea in Toronto?

Thank you for the great tips, and the education on the difference between high and afternoon tea! My intention was indeed 'afternoon tea'.

High Tea in Toronto?

Hi there,

My mom is newly back to Canada from living overseas and I'd love to take her to High Tea somewhere downtown. Only requirement really (other than a great experience) is that it would be on a weekday.

Sorry if this is an overdone thread, I tried to run a search with no luck!
Thank you!

Rosehill Venue Lounge

I have had a lot of experience there and I have to say it's one of the best run venues in the city. Kirby (venue manager) is fantastic and has amazing knowledge of the space (he himself got married there!). It has a great kitchen for the chefs to work out of and looks beautiful at night lit up by candles. Also needs very little to make it look great for a wedding. The only downside is the lack of outdoor space but hey, it's 'downtown' Toronto.

Wedding Venue with Outside Space (and good food) in Newmarket. Gorgeous spot.