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La Cremaillere in Beford: still very good?

I am surprised I found nothing in the search engine... is this place still any good?

Antipasti (formerly Hudson at Haymount House)

Hi all,
A new place has taken over the Haymount House on Studio Hill in Briarcliff Manor. It is called Antipasti--that's the restaurant and bar. The rest of it will be a catering/banquet hall, so they are calling the whole thing The Briarcliff Manor.
Anyway, anyone know anything about this place, yet?

Shelter Island and Montauk

Hi, I was just in Montauk for the week. The only place I saw that had the buttery lobster rolls (which is 'Connecticut style' so rare in NY) is at Dave's Grill. It's a gourmet version of it... Lobster chunks poached in butter on a brioche bun. Truly decadent. A bit pricey but we found that Dave's Grill had some of the most truly gourmet food around, also great cocktails and a harbor vibe but with white tablecloths...
One warning, many places are closed on certain days (usually mid-week) and and Duryeas is BYOB and cash only.
Our week there we did:
The Coast--excellent
Dave's Grill--see above
The Inlet--excellent, loved the sushi and the steak
Cyril's--good, didn't live up to hyper I heard (and why was the lobster roll spicy? that was wierd)
I know I am forgetting some place, oh well!
Bird on a Roof for great french toast and frittattas
Johns for pancakes

ISO: Food Markets near Stockbridge

For farms tands I have gone to Taft Farms for years: Also for a good selection of beverages plus really nice snacks and such for picnics or whatever try Nejaimes and Plaza Package in Gt Barrington (no website). Enjoy!

World cup viewing in Ossining?

Hi, we want to watch the world cup Mexico game on Sunday in a bar or cafe--we're thinking Ossining because it would be fun to find a Mexican crowd.... any thoughts??

Where to eat in Montauk/Amgansett? Please help.

We always enjoy John's for Pancakes and ENE (East Northeast for dinner--save room for cocktails and dessert--it's always our blow-out night :-)
I 2nd the Inlet and Hideaway, too. Also Cyril's itself has a lobster roll, too.
Have a blast!

Christmas in Berkshires

BTW in case you didn't know, the Williamsville Inn is in W Stockbridge not Williamstown... There is also the Candlelight Inn in Lenox and the Red Lion Inn. I haven't eaten at any of these places in quite some time so can't vouch for the chow but just brainstorming for you.

A New Years treat we also used to do is to go crazy at Guido's and have an easy but gourmet dinner: lobster bisque, prepared meat or seafood dish, etc. All the stuff you drool over at Guido's but feel is too extravagant. If you are just 2 or 3 people it is a fun splurge (a bit too expensive for a big crowd). Nothing like not having to drive on a holiday :-)

Christmas in Berkshires

I have a house in Stockbridge, and a trick we always used was to go to the inns that have restaurants. They remain open on the actual holiday. I believe we went to the Williamsville Inn, Aubergine in the past... the Old Mill was always open on New Years Eve so maybe they're open on xmas and xmas eve. Anyway, think of the restaurants that are in Inns and you'll come up with some good stuff. Good luck and enjoy your new place! Great location.

Looking for a great "special occasion" restaurant in the Great Barrington area

I have a place in Stockbridge so someone got me a $150 gift certificate to Chez Nous. It was great, we went all out (cocktails, appies, mains, wine by the glass, dessert) and have $35 dollars left over....... very warm service, casual atmosphere and gourmet touches on all the food...

Brunch for 3 old friends to linger and catch up

Thanks all. I offered the following list to my friends:
Le Jardin du Roi
Deer Park Tavern
Lexington Square Cafe
Crabtree's Kittle House
Landmark Diner

I threw the last 2 on to cover all the bases and the winner is... Landmark Diner (after all that :-) but it's fine with me, I find their breakfast items very reliable and tasty (breakfast burrito anyone? mmmm

Brunch for 3 old friends to linger and catch up

Thanks all, I'll keep the Marriott and Doubletree in mind for the future but it's the wrong vibe for this outing. Deer Park could work, or possibly the Boathouse--BUT I heard some awful things on this board regarding the boathouse...
I checked Haven and Briar's but it seems they don't have brunch... Trying to think if Pleasantville, Tarrytown or Ossining have something I haven't thought of...

Brunch for 3 old friends to linger and catch up

Hi, where would you go for a Sunday Brunch for 3 adults... we are old friends reconnecting via facebook and are looking for a comfortable place to hang out and have brunch somewhere around Briarcliff Manor up to Katonah since that is where 2 of us live, the 3rd is driving up from Hoboken, NJ.

I don't think we want to go real fancy like Crabtree's Kittle House, but don't want to go too casual like Jean-Jacques. I thought of Orfino's in Briarcliff but am not sure. I am thinking Briarcliff, Pleasantville, Chappaqua, Ossining, Mt Kisco, Katonah....maybe Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown.

I appreciate any suggestions!

Weird question re sweet potatoes and Thanksgiving

I have to say I think it would be very touching and nice if you made the traditional ones that were always made, esp if the ill person will be there. Making both is a fine idea but definitely make the traditional ones--that would be loving and respectful IMHO

Nov 09, 2009
jessheslin in Home Cooking

Anniversery dinner at Matsuri 11/14

Oh! I am surprised... I thought Matsuri was well-thought-of.
Hmmmm I would love to hear some other opinions.
Kelea, isn't Buddakan kind of a loud gimmicky scene? We like a festive atmosphere but not sure if that place would be annoying on a Saturday night.
Thanks so much for your honest opinions!

75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

369 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

Nov 03, 2009
jessheslin in Manhattan

Frozen reconstituted baccala

You might try posting on the Home cooking board...


Explanation accepted and no snickering here!
Just wanted to also say I had an amazing dinner at Equus but double-check the menu prices since I recall it was pretty expensive. (Ok now no snickering on me because when I went to Equus last April, I got the impression here that it was considered like One if By Land 2 If by Sea, if you get my drift; BUT it was very good!!)

Anniversery dinner at Matsuri 11/14

Any suggestions? We love sushi and japanese food and won a 1-night stay at the Maritime Hotel which is where Matsuri is.

369 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011

Nov 02, 2009
jessheslin in Manhattan

Is "Flames" Steak house worth it?

Hey CityGirl, I thought you said Briarcliff or nearby towns. Pleasantville is just 10 minutes, if even, from Briarcliff.
But perhaps you should clarify the geographical location you are looking for?


Re Paese Pasta, as good as the food may be I would be disappointed in the ambience for a birthday dinner. If it was just going out on a Saturday night it would be fine. Also the pizza is mediocre, so you can definitely skip pizza there.

Barn Wedding in upper Hudson/Berkshires?

There is a lot of Berkshire info on the New England board so you might want to post there too.

Is "Flames" Steak house worth it?

Hi again, CityGirl ;-) I have tried Flames for Valentines day, it IS a little cheesey, the service was very good though. I think they know a lot of people are there on dates or for special occasions. It reminds me of what you would have imagined a "fancy" restaurant to be like when you were 15. White table clothes, lots of servers swarming your table, big menu, etc. I prefer Haven and Iron Horse as I pointed out in the other post BUT if one of the people really likes steak houses we were impressed with our t-bones, spinach, potatoes etc. Some of the other dishes have an italian flair. Caveat, we enjoy steak houses on occasion but are not conoseurs (sp!) in any way...


Hi CityGirl, 1st you tagged the wrong restaurant in your link. I live in Briarcliff and was very disappointed in Terra Rustica, too. I would recommend Haven or Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville for a couple's birthday dinner. I took hubby to Haven for his bday and we did Iron Horse Grill for our anniversery one year. We were not disappointed. There was a little wait for our table at Iron Horse but they graciously gave us free drinks at the bar so it was not a big deal.

Terra Rustica
550 N State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

Iron Horse Grill
20 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

Semi-comprehensive Montauk dining guide (long)

Awesome, ENE is our fave place in Montauk. It really delivers!

Sushi recommendations for Briarcliff Manor and environs

I live in Briarcliff and like Yama very much too. This is the one near A&P at the Chilmark Shopping area. I have tried, but didn't like the one near Heller's in Pleasantville (something with an H like Haruma or something). I also didn't like Kiku right in Briarcliff. Welcome to Briarcliff!!

Abuelos (Mexican) in Ossining?

This sounds great... can you describe exactly where it is on S. Highland? Thanks!

Athena Diner in Fleetwood is closing

Bummer, thanks! Lived in F'wood for 5 years. They were always so nice to us there. The food was good and consistent and the waffles were so fluffy with a vanilla-y flavor that I just loved. Oh, well!

Athena Diner in Fleetwood is closing

Has it closed yet? What is the closing day? I really want those waffles one last time!!

Affordable, delicious catering for a party-- near Ossining/Briarcliff area?

Hi! I had a good experience with Villarina's (italian) in Ossining (in the Chilmark shopping center). They have a menu on their website, too. They were timely, reasonably priced, helpful, etc. I planned the menu with the manager and he was a really good listener, making up one pasta dish just for me. I don't know that they are 'cheap' as I gave myself a break and splurged on having them do salad, cheese trays and desserts in addition to trays of food. The only thing I would say is there was a little too much food. So if you use them, perhaps err on the side of less, if he gives you a choice.

Lobster: steamed, boiled or broiled?? (Montauk)

Hi I am off to Montauk for the week and plan to have lobster one night in a restaurant. Already have many tips on where to go (thanks 'hounds!) but sometimes they ask if you want it steamed, boiled or even broiled. What is the diff? I think I have only had it boiled, to my knowledge.

Amagansett Seafood in the IGA Shopping Center

Is this the Amagansett IGA or the Montauk IGA, thanks.