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Overnight at LAX - outbound and inbound

Dives are okay. Wouldn't want to stay in a dump! Checked into the Custom - it seemed to get mixed reviews. Maybe just
stay in one of the standards and taxi to a good meal someplace.
As long as the hotel has a decent bar!

Sep 18, 2014
tafttiger in Los Angeles Area

Overnight at LAX - outbound and inbound

Heading to Korea we have to spend two nights at LAX - one in Feb, one if March.
Haven't made hotel reservations yet - do any of the area hotels have decent
food? We won't have a car so shall be forced to taxi. Or uber. Need dinner
ideas please.

Sep 16, 2014
tafttiger in Los Angeles Area

Mid-afternoon meal near Barcelona airport

We have an almost four=hour layover in Barcelona in May, arriving
at 2:40 p.m. (14:40) and departing at 6:30 (18:30). Looking for a
restaurant open all afternoon near enough to the airport that we can
get back in time to catch our flight. Suggestions please!

Apr 09, 2014
tafttiger in Spain/Portugal


Whoops. I was sort of vague. We will indeed have a car.
No Asian because we're headed for Bangkok. Something
good, straightforward and with a full bar. My husband gets
a little nervous when we start out on a trip - so no Mexica

One Dinner in Singapore

Alas, have only one evening there. Are staying at the Mandarin Oriental.
Should we just eat there or go afield?

Dining in Bangkok

Will be there for five days in October. Seeking both lunch and dinner
experiences. Staying at the Peninsula. Thanks, Chowhounds, for aniy


Have to spend the night in Millbrae due to early flight the next day.
Heard the best restaurants are in Burlingame. Advice?

I-5 - Sac to Portland

Lunch between Sac and Ashland where we'll stop for two days. Then on
to PDX. Heard Lily's in Mt. Shasta is closed. That was always a fallback
stop for lunch. And north of Ashland - new territory for this Chowhound
on the road.

Jul 31, 2013
tafttiger in California

LA to Sac on 99

Where to stop for lunch? First time driving back from LA to Sac (are
going I-5 tomorrow cuz we have a giant deadline). Can relax a bit
returning next Saturday.

Jul 18, 2013
tafttiger in California

Ashland for three days

We may do Winchester night #1 cuz we're there. Sounds like
a tad more food than we'd want before the theater but can
always do apps and salads. Will check on Smithfields - haven't
been there. And let me know if/when you hit Milagro's. I love
good Mexican food.

Jan 31, 2013
tafttiger in Pacific Northwest

Ashland for three days

Thanks, Bill. New Sammy's is pretty great - can't make it for
lunch but do have dinner available one night with no
deadline. Do you know anything about the food at the
Winchester House? I think that's where we're staying. Sue

Jan 31, 2013
tafttiger in Pacific Northwest

Amsterdam - one - maybe two - meals

We're spending one night at the airport in Amsterdam from the U.S. on
our way to Tanzania. Could have lunch or dinner in the city, taking the
train from the airport. (Are staying at the airport Sheraton). Two of our group of five are interested in the riistafel (I know I didn't spell it right)
but I'm wondering if that is sort of touristy and passé. If we do have
dinner, it would be early because we have an early flight the next morning.
Or we could have a fun lunch (get in around l10 a.m) and have dinner
at the hotel. Help!

Jan 30, 2013
tafttiger in Europe

Ashland for three days

We will have two dinner before the theater and one dinner with no
time limits in Ashland. Also need three lunch suggestions - and one
breakfast on the way out of town.

Jan 28, 2013
tafttiger in Pacific Northwest


Flying in from LA in February - spending one night at the airport
Sheraton before going on to Tanzania. Would love a great place for
lunch (we'll take the train in) or possibly early dinner? Somewhere
really good, not pretentious. Has anybody had dinner at the airport
Sheraton? Don't know whether to chance it.

Jan 08, 2013
tafttiger in Europe

Lunch between Cannon Beach & Port Angeles ferry

We're winding up our Oregon coast trip with two days in Cannon Beach. Then have to hightail
it to Port Angeles to catch the 5:30 p.m. ferry to Victoria. Any idea where we can stop for a
quick but tasty lunch?

Aug 20, 2012
tafttiger in Pacific Northwest

Lunch in Tahoe City?

Yes, that was it. Had the
thai seafood stew. Yum.

Jul 16, 2012
tafttiger in California

Lunch in Tahoe City?

Ended up lunching at Sunnyside on Hwy 89 past Tahoe City. It was good. Also had a
fine dinner last night at Wolfsen's or something like that. And both mornings wonderful
raspberry cinnamon rolls from Tahoe House Bakery.

Jul 15, 2012
tafttiger in California

Lunch in Tahoe City?

We're going to Lake Tahoe (north) from Sacramento tomorrow - first time for us. Need to have
lunch on the way. Ideas?

Jul 12, 2012
tafttiger in California

Steak in Sacto

I am actually going to Jamie's for the first time tomorrow for lunch with some friends at the
Zoo. (Am a docent there). Can't wait to try it.

Jun 13, 2012
tafttiger in California

Steak in Sacto

My son will visit us in Sacto next week from Kentucky and wants a really great steak. Ruth
Chris is way expensive. Are there other places? Okay to splurge; just want to make sure
we get some mighty good beef for the money.

Jun 13, 2012
tafttiger in California

Birthday dinner in Sacramento

Thanks to all for your advice. We ended up at Hawk's. Liked it a lot but it wasn't love. Ordered
ahi which had a short rib ragu on top of the fish. It didn't quite make it. Pricey - as we knew it
would be. Would probably go there from time to time if we lived closer. As it is . . . not necessarily a keeper for me. Other recent places - my husband and I had Mother's Day at the Porch (on the
porch) - liked it a lot. Soft shelled crab - yum. Being a recent east coaster, May means that dish
to me and haven't found it on any menu until the Porch. Tonight we ate at Press Bistro for the
2nd time. We'll be back. Trying Ella's again next week - we'll see what the new chef has done.

May 26, 2012
tafttiger in California

I-5 Sacramento to Ashland

Need a place to stop for lunch before and after a weekend at the Shakespeare Festival in June.

May 24, 2012
tafttiger in California


In August we are driving from Sacramento to Eureke CA (Night 1). Next day driving to Bandon or
Coos Bay or Florence - depending on where we can eat and where we can stay. (Night 2).
Next day is to Cannon Beach (two nights). Fifth day on to Seattle where we'll catch the people
ferry to Victoria. As we make our way up the coast we want to eat everything from fine dining
(maybe only once or twice) to local to down and dirty. Help!

May 22, 2012
tafttiger in Pacific Northwest

Harissa - Whoops - It's powdered

I'll certainly try the powder, garlic & oil. In the meantime I'll check in with Corti Brothers to see
if they have the paste version. "Tis certainly easier.

Mar 28, 2012
tafttiger in Home Cooking

Harissa - Whoops - It's powdered

Being new to the Sacramento area, I couldn't find Harissa paste anywhere. Ran in to Williams
Sonoma and grabbed what I thought was paste. Nope. It's powdered. Does anybody know
how much water or other liquid to add - or do I just make a paste-like consistency? And where
can I get the paste?

Mar 28, 2012
tafttiger in Home Cooking

Birthday dinner in Sacramento

Hi Souvenir, We moved to Sac in October from Englewood NJ - just outside Manhattan. Have
certainly heard about The Kitchen but haven't been. Must say the sample March menu looked
delicious. (However, my husband who is a bit finicky doesn't like menus where there is no
choice M;ay have to someday go without him.) Certainly we'll try Ella's again. Didn't not
like it = just did't love it. What do you know about Hawk's in Granite Bay?

Mar 23, 2012
tafttiger in California

Birthday dinner in Sacramento

My son-in-law is turning Big 40 in May - we'd like to take him and daughter to a really great
food place that is not too stiff but pretty spectacular because you only turn 40 once. In
Sacramento or environs.

Mar 22, 2012
tafttiger in California

One dinner in Half Moon Bay

Daughter, two grandsons 7 and 4 and I are spending one night in Half Moon Bay in a couple of
weeks just to walk the beach and smell the ocean. Which means one dinner. Obviously the place needs to be kid-friendly but Sarah and I want good food and drink - or at least wine. Ideas?

This foodie just moved from NYC area to Sacramento and needs help!

That's ironic. We just ate at Taylor's Kitchen this evening. I had bay scallops which were
delicious; Jim the rib-eye - good but a tad fatty. Loved the place - but it's definitely on
the pricey side. (They did have a scrumptious looking burger for $14 however. And
one could definitely just order salads and aps.) Freeport Bakery was closed - but
definitely have to stop by there soon.

Feb 09, 2012
tafttiger in California

This foodie just moved from NYC area to Sacramento and needs help!

My kids who teach nearby have told us about Opa! Opa! We used to have Greek food all the
time back on the east coast - and just haven't here. Will definitely try it. Also has anybody
tried Greek Village at the shopping center at Howe & Fair Oaks - behind Safeway? Lastly
any consensus on the kitchen at Taylor's Market?

Feb 08, 2012
tafttiger in California