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Puzzling Experience at Niche - YEG

That's really unfortunate. We visited Niche for the second time recently, during Edmonton's Downtown Dining Week. We were also not particularly impressed - when we first visited last fall it was much better. My husband and I both ordered the $25 menu. Happily, they were able to accommodate my celiac disease and even had gluten-free bread to go with the app. But, the food was underwhelming. In the duck parfait appetizer, there wasn't enough duck compared to the amount of berry compote. The lamb shoulder main was inconsistent, with some pieces tender and others dry, and the accompanying fig demi was flavourless. The minted pea risotto on the side wasn't so much a typical risotto as a mixture of rice and peas, and also lacked flavour. I swapped out the crepes suzette dessert for the gluten-free salted caramel brownie, and as you already mentioned, it was excellent. Definitely the best past of our meal. My husband's crepes were cold and he said they tasted like they had been cooked hours earlier and refrigerated.

The service was mediocre, and a little bit slow, but at least there were two servers working, unlike during your meal!

I doubt we'll return, which is too bad since it's right near where we live and we like the atmosphere.

Tres Carnales - Edmonton

We were so happy when Tres Carnales opened up - it is right around the corner from our place. We visited three times last week and really liked it.

As for the other comments here, I've never been to El Rancho so can't compare. We loved the Al Pastor and Rajas con Crema tacos. My husband found the marinated beef (Arrachera) not particularly flavourful. The house-made guacamole and chips are also excellent. And just a clarification, as of right now they don't have horchata, just Agua de Jamaica.

I love the vibe and the decor - casual and funky. It's just the kind of place we need downtown. And happily, the quality of food is strong and the value is definitely there.

Looking for Great Thai Food (Edmonton)

I second Viphalay. It's our new favourite and after at least 10 meals there they've never disappointed with food, ambience or service. We've taken tons of family and friends who have all loved it, including those who've been to Thailand. It's a pretty small room but ten people would not be a problem. I haven't visited any of the other restaurants mentioned here, but Viphalay is fantastic. It also easily accommodates food allergies including gluten and dairy. If you want more details I reviewed it on my blog:


Food shopping in Edmonton

Yeah, he only sells them at the Noodle Maker, and no it's not the same guy from the market.

Food shopping in Edmonton

The man who runs the Noodle Maker restaurant in Chinatown makes Montreal bagels once a week. Not sure how they compare to the real thing since I can't eat them (I eat gluten-free) but I know others say they're great. He is on twitter too @noodlemakeredm.

Who are the top 5 food blogs?

I like:

The Wednesday Chef
La Tartine Gourmande
101 Cookbooks
Tea and Cookies

One tip is to find a blog you like and then check out some of the links on their site.

Good luck and have fun!

Food shopping in Edmonton

This is a bit late ... but I'm pretty sure I saw queso fresco at Planet Organic South recently.

Sunday Brunch in Edmonton

I have been to Blue Plate several times and I like their brunch menu. The Ranch Eggs are delicious if you are really hungry, and their cornbread is great too. I really want to try Culina and Cafe de Ville too - I have heard nothing but good things.

Info on meat-buying habits and Brothers Quality Meats

Hello fellow chowhounders:

I'm a journalist with CBC radio and I'm doing research on a story about how (and if) meat consumption is changing with the economy. I've been calling butchers and meat counters, including Acme Meats and the meat counter at Andy's IGA. If anyone has any ideas for other butchers or meat counters I should call, that would be great. Does anyone know if Brothers Quality Meats in Capilano has closed down? The phone number I've found when I google the business is out of service and it's the only one I can find.

Also, I'd love to know if you're changing the kinds of meat you buy. Do you buy cheaper ( i.e. tougher) cuts and marinate them, braise them etc? Do you notice more variety of the cheap cuts of meat at your butcher or supermarket? Are you stretching your meat to make it last for more meals? If I decide to quote you in my story, I would definitely ask your permission first. And If you would like to contact me directly with your thoughts and opinions, that would be valuable as well. You can email me at

Thanks in advance!

Quality goat cheese in Edmonton

I just tried some Fairwinds Farm goat cheese, after Gail Hall mentioned it in her "25 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton" article in Avenue Magazine. It is delicious. Fairwinds Farm is in Fort MacLeod, where the cheese is made.
I got it at Planet Organic southside. Apparently it's sold at Sobey's Urban Fresh on Jasper too, but I've never see it there.

Knife-sharpening in Edmonton

Thanks to all for the advice!

I will check out these links and start honing my sharpening skills soon.

Knife-sharpening in Edmonton

I've never sharpened my own knives before and the two we use the most are getting pretty dull.

Is it pretty easy to sharpen them at home, and if so, what kind of knife-sharpener is best? Or, is it easier to take them to a sharpener? Does anyone know of any in downtown or near the university?


Special Dinner Out in Edmonton

Thanks for all the recommendations! I think we have pretty much decided on Red Ox, as long as it's not too difficult to get to. It seems like the kind of place we would really like. But I'm also intrigued by Wild Tangerine - their menu looks very interesting - Gabbana, and 4th and Vine, both of which I had never heard of. Any other thoughts on those?

We will definitely have to try Cafe de Ville sometime too. So many good-looking restaurants out there!

Dinner/breakfast in Edmonton over the weekend

I have to second Blue Plate for brunch - It's delicious and not too expensive.

Special Dinner Out in Edmonton

My husband and I will be celebrating our first anniversary later this month. One of the things we love to do together is go out for dinner, so that is how we will be marking this day.

We moved to Edmonton about three months ago so we don't know the restaurant scene all that well. We're looking for a nice place to go that has delicious food, good service, and a nice atmosphere. We've enjoyed the Sugar Bowl, High Level Diner and the Blue Plate Diner, but are looking for something new. We also love ethnic food, especially Japanese, Indian or Thai, but are really up for any type of food.

We haven't decided exactly how much we can spend - what matters most is that it is a truly wonderful meal. Something in the range of the Hardware Grill would probably be out of our price range, but I'm interested to know people's recommendations for restaurants such as that anyway. Which ones might be really worth the splurge?

The only other thing is that we live downtown and we don't have a car - so the best areas would be downtown near Hotel Mac, near the University or an easy bus or LRT ride.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing peoples' thoughts!