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Other PDX food boards?

Mr Taster, welcome to Oregon. I have lived here for 35 years with some back-an-forth detours in LA, SF and NYC. This is the land of provencial thinking. I read all of the Chowhound boards for these cities (particularly LA which does not get the overall respect it deserves regarding cuisine, living there not so much), and the boards are a remarkably in depth resource.

Here in P-Town most everyone active uses the Portland Food site. It is a mutual admiration society which precludes most new thought, and as you suggested, is just hidden enough to eliminate interaction with most interested visitors.

Portland has excellent food, but is determined to survive by ignoring the rest of the food world and focusing on small time establishments that are a dime a dozen most everywhere else with a similar population size. The best places that even approach the quality and ambiance of a NY Times 2 star restaurant are derided as too pretentious for our town. Quality is quality, and the best place in a town is not by necessity equal to another because it has no local comparison.

The more use of this board by locals (not administering their board) and interested others will provide a much more fertile and valuable resource for everyone.

Feb 09, 2014
biggestal in Metro Portland

Coffee in NE/SE PDX - First time meeting

Dear Chowsters, I need a spot with great coffee and a good chance to sit at a table Sunday morning for an encounter with a new aquaintance. Tasty pastry a plus. Thanks to all !

Aug 26, 2008
biggestal in Pacific Northwest

Grit and Grub in San Francisco's Tenderloin

Do you see the Shalimar resaurant next to Dottie's? Great food. Try the lamb brain masala.

Aug 14, 2008
biggestal in Features

Tillamook - Any Good Surprises

Attending the county fair this weekend. Have any hounds found any positive surprises that I may have missed in the past, There is a taco truck near the DQ that I have been curious about. The farmers market has some good pie. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks

Aug 07, 2008
biggestal in Pacific Northwest

Portland To Prineville HWY 26

On my way next Saturday to catch the horse races. Anything worth a detour or on the way?

Jul 06, 2008
biggestal in Pacific Northwest

Portland to Hermiston (then Pasco)

Anything worth a detour from I-84? Thanks !

Apr 24, 2008
biggestal in Pacific Northwest

Going to the horse races in Kenniwick

Any noteworthy chow on my way from Portland or in Kenniwick? Thanks

Apr 22, 2008
biggestal in Pacific Northwest

Kenny and Zukes - Quick Report

I went there today for lunch to have the sure test, pastrami on rye. The meat was hand carved (that's good) and the portion was fair. I had a quarter of the sandwich (half of a half) and that was enough. I did not want to eat any more. Too dry, much more like corned beef with a bit of spice on the outside. The meat reminded me of what you end up with after you seriously overcooked the piece of CB you bought from Safeway for St Patty's Day.

My dear hounds this is no Langer's in LA or any of several notorious delis in NYC. I hope the place thrives, it is the best in Portland (so!), but I also hope that it improves. The pursuit of a great sandwich is no easy feat.

Nov 10, 2007
biggestal in Pacific Northwest

best sandwich in the city: BLD

I was so excited by the menu description and the fact that there were many choices listed that sounded so good - on paper. The short rib sandwich was Bland. The best part was the slaw but that could have used some more seasdoning as well. A real disapointment. But, not as much of a disapointment as the crab cake sandwich. That really stunk.

Jun 09, 2007
biggestal in Los Angeles Area

Asian Chow in and Around Palm Desert


Taking my Dad out tomorrow night. He prefers "New York" style Chinese or authentic Thai. Any suggestions?

Dec 22, 2006
biggestal in California

Beacon in Culver City - Lunch Tomorrow

Chow Team,

What's good? What's not so good? Thanks

Nov 06, 2006
biggestal in Los Angeles Area

El Paso to Ruidoso


One time trip (2 days) to go to the races in Ruidoso and have some chow. I've noted Chileos, Casa de Suenos and Smitty's BBQ.

Give me the scoop please. I will be pleased to return the favorfor West Coast chow some time. Thanks

Aug 07, 2006
biggestal in Southwest