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Short Party Weekend in STL

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! The tornado warning kept us at the hotel (Crowne Plaza) for dinner on Saturday. We went to Cafe Manhattan for lunch on Sunday and we all loved it. Their toasted ravioli was incredible and we had the best St. Louis-style pizza I have ever had. We all loved the charming diner decor as well. Thanks again for the input.

Cafe Manhattan
511 S Hanley Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63105

Apr 26, 2010
abbd in Great Plains

Short Party Weekend in STL

I am looking for recommendations for a quick Saturday night and Sunday morning road trip to STL for a group of friends in our 20s & 30s. We are going to a show at The Pageant Saturday night and would love to find some place for pre-show dinner that is within walking distance (and that serves cocktails – one person in the group doesn’t like wine or beer.) Recommendations for bars for after the show would also be appreciated. For various reasons, we probably won’t want BBQ, Asian, or fine dining. Anything else would be great.

For lunch on Sunday: Where is the best St. Louis-style pizza in the city? We also thought about having lunch on The Hill – is there any non-touristy place we shouldn’t miss? We are probably going to stay in Clayton so I would appreciate some recommendations around there too – but because we will be having lunch on our way out of the city location isn’t critical. Thanks!

Apr 14, 2010
abbd in Great Plains

Thanksgiving Lunch in Oklahoma City

I am looking for a good, mid-priced restaurant to take elderly grandparents for a Thanksgiving lunch in Oklahoma City. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Nov 26, 2008
abbd in General Midwest Archive