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Madrid--Roast Suckling Pig

You will never ever forgive yourself if you go to Madrid and don't eat in Botin, the suckling pig of course, flan is offered for dessert but the chocolate mousse is sublime- the best..
Ignore those who say its touristy, what famous restaurant doesn't have a few foreign visitors? Many locals eat here also. It's not cheap but a delightful dining room and service and a reasonable wine list, check out the open fireplace kitchen as soon as you enter, straight ahead..Buy an earthen ware wine pitcher for a memento. you will dream of roast suckling pig, the eye on the ribs were as big as an American twenty-five cent piece,
an amazing experience that will be with you forever.
By all means splurge and eat here,

Cheap eats in Seville?

Enrique Beccera has by far the most sophisticated and exquisite tapas that I have had in Seville and wonderful choices of wine by the glass. the bar is small so get there as soon as it opens
the restaurant itself is expensive.
you may have cheaper tapas elsewhere but none so sublime as these.
Frank In Phuket