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Tip Top Thai, Teele Sq.

Does anyone know if the chef "Monk" ever opened another restaurant after closing this location a few years ago? I miss his cooking.

Aug 12, 2013
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Falling in love with One Love in Worcester

Yeah the water pitcher with watermelon seems standard here. Very nice touch.

Falling in love with One Love in Worcester

There's a more recent topic, but I figured I'd reply to this one since no one else has.

I also feel the love when I visit One Love. Last time was two weeks ago on a Saturday. A young man was filling in for Venice who was on the road. He's up from Florida until it gets too cold and he leaves. He prepared a beautiful plate of plantains and thin-sliced cabbage and other veggies in a sauce with a hint of ginger. I offered him praise for it and he replied that it's his specialty. It was delicious. Venice eventually rolled in and was her usual warm, friendly and fun-loving self. I had jerk tofu and my girlfriend had pineapple chicken. Then we headed to Wholly Cannoli for desert. Big drop in customer service. Next time we'll just have desert at One Love.

Jimmy's Pizza in E. Walpole

I've been back to Jimmy's twice since, and my folks, my girlfriend, and I, have loved our pizza, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the fine and friendly service. Both times, my dad and I got onion, peppers, and black olives while my girlfriend and mom got pepperoni and pineapple.

Jul 14, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Ortanique closing...sad news

Thanks for the news MistaDobalina Mr. Bob Dobalina. It's a shame. I enjoyed every visit. Friendly people and great food. The kind of food you can't get in certain neighborhoods.

Jun 30, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

B & R Bread at Maynard, MA Farmer's Market

I might want to check out this farmer's market. What day of the week and what times?

Sichuan Gourmet, Framingham, 8/19/2007

Last night, my girlfriend and I enjoyed another meal at the Gourmet. It was about 7:30 pm and they had a good crowd. I'd estimate 70% were Asian. I had a smoky shredded chicken with thin-sliced green peppers in chili sauce dish which was rated double hot. I ordered brown rice with it. It was a good hot. I had to blow my nose three times during the meal. She had a shredded beef with fried rice dish. We shared, and both were delicious, with good cuts of meat.

They should offer more desert options. The waitress said they only had cake.

Jun 26, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Tofu a Go-Go, Greenfield

If it's still around this coming winter, I will definitely eat there after skiing Berkshire East in Charlemont.

Lexington & Concord Suggestions

I second Khushboo as an excellent Indian choice. Yesterday, I tried the downtown Lexington Lemon Grass location for my first time. I thought it was good, but not great. My spicy fried rice was missing a certain smoky flavor that I've been spoiled with at Tip Top Thai in Teele Square, Cambridge. The chicken in my coconut soup was a bit too chewy and firm.

Jun 04, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Where to eat - Burlington/Lexington/Waltham area

A new favorite of mine is Kushboo Indian Restaurant in Lexington Center. It's in a very pretty upstairs location, but the food price might be a little inexpensive for your budget. :-)

1709 Massachusetts Ave.

Sichuan Gourmet, Framingham, 8/19/2007

Late Friday afternoon of last week, my girlfriend and I had a good experience here. Service was excellent, with the wait staff lined up on the other side of the room, waiting for an excuse to come over and help. The food was fresh and spicy. We shared a fried tofu & veggie dish and a fried rice and veggie dish. We'll definitely be back.

May 27, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

What's all the fuss about Jose's in Cambridge?

On friday, a friend and I went to our usual lunch spot, Tacos Lupita in Somerville. To our surprise, the restaurant was filled with kids on a lunch field trip. We left and decided on Jose's, since my friend said that it got some love on Chowhound. We stepped in and were greeted by an extremely cute, short, pretty waitress. There was nowhere yet to sit so we waited. A few other people came behind us and waited just inside the doorway behind us. Apparently, a couple before us had gotten the last table. We were seated within ten minutes. I'm not going to write a long review, because aside from the cute waitress and cozy restaurant, there isn't much to say besides pointing out the excellent free salsa with chips. The wait for our food was long. My chicken taco was flavorless. The beef taco was a bit better but both needed the salsa (from the chips & salsa) for flavor. The rice & veggies on the side were from a package and a frozen bag. My friend says this about his chimichanga. "fine, just ok. Nothing to rave about. The guacamole didn't appear to be fresh--more like the packaged stuff in the produce section."

Jose's wasn't worth our time.

May 19, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Southeast Asian, Lowell Ma. - Yummm, Still awesome.

My friends and their two year old went to Southeast Asian Saturday night for dinner. Here are a few facts I noticed during our visit. The menus are very dirty and greasy. There was a revolving cast of friends and family that would come in to hang out with the employees, some would order takout and some just seemed to be hanging. The wait staff was young and capable. I didn't recognize many of the dishes by name but I recognized many by description. ...wide selection of very tasty food. I ordered a bowl of coconut chicken soup with a strong herb taste. It was very good. I enjoyed the scallions but after a taste, left the leaves in the bowl. I also ordered a Massaman curry veggie dish that did not come with rice. I asked for rice after the fact and they didn't charge me for it. That was a nice surprise. My friends ordered soups, noodle, fried rice, and fish dishes. Sorry, I can't remember exactly which ones. I tried the fried rice and while it wasn't extremely hot and smoky like I'm used to, it had a nice dark flavor. The two year old enjoyed the white rice and noodles. I will definitely go back if I have the opportunity. Afterward, we drove around the Lowell business district. I was really impressed with the architecture and the variety of local businesses. I hadn't ever been to Lowell except for a stop at Bob's furniture so I was happy to see how cool the center is.

Lunch in Norwood Area

Yesterday, had a late lunch with girlfriend and parents at Mint Cafe (Thai food) in Norwood. Theming is beautiful. Very clean. Attentive service. Good food and a great lunch menu value. Most dishes are $6.95. Bento lunch boxes are $7.95.

May 04, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Chop Suey Sandwich - Salem Willows

Last night, my girlfriend and I went to Salem Willows, mostly to play pinball on their beautifully maintained and restored coin operated games. Here is an edited version of my full trip report.

I chose to get the sandwiches at Genghis, the original establishment. A few tiny pieces of chicken, but mostly this is just a cheap, fairly unsatisfying sandwich. Although it only costs $1.50.

Earlier that night, I had bought a small popcorn and a large chocolate flavored popcorn bar from E. W. Hobbs. They cook their cork in an original, 100 year old machine and it was really good.

While in the Chinese restaurant and after I had finished my sandwich, I realized I should run back to E. W. Hobbs to try to get some homemade ice cream before they closed. It was a drizzly, chilly night and there weren't many patrons, so I imagined everything would be closing early. I went back to the window but it looked like they were closing up. A guy in a pickup truck told me to go to the side door. So I went around and they were still serving ice cream. I got a small frozen pudding cone and a small cookie dough cone. Really nice staff. I brought the cones back to the Chinese restaurant and Misha and I ate them there. The owner or manager of the restaurant came out and talked to us, and after I explained it was my first time there and I wanted to sample all the best stuff, he told me about all the businesses at the Willows. He spoke highly of every neighboring business and told me about peak summer operation. A very nice guy.

May 03, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Ethnic or seafood options in Salem, MA

My girlfriend and I are heading to Salem Willows to play some pinball this Friday night. We especially like Thai, Korean, Indian, Mexican, Jamaican, smoked BBQ, and seafood. We like cozy mom & pop places with high value and friendly service. Where should we try?

Burlington, MA Eats

I feel like we shouldn't mention a bunch of Burlington restaurants and leave out my favorite, and the rare, good, non-chain, spot Lester's Roadside BBQ. They smoke their meat. The owner and staff are friendly. It's clean.

Apr 28, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Really like Siam Orchid for Thai, Manchester NH!

My mom, girlfriend and I ate at the Concord, NH location last night and we loved everything about it including the decorations and friendly staff. I had the Hot and Crazy Noodles...similar dish known by different names--smokey flat noodles with chicken, peppers, baby corn, and basil. My mom had duck noodle soup. My girlfriend had pineapple shrimp and rice which was mild but the rice had excellent flavor. We shared two orders of coconut and ginger fried ice cream.

[Lincoln, NH] Bad review for Nachos Mexican Grill

Wanted to grab some food before getting on the Kangamangus Highway so my mom, my girlfriend, and I stopped in. We should have left when tables and the floor weren't clean. I won't say anything about the waitress, because she's young and has a lot to learn. The strawberry smoothies were not smoothies at all, but water and milk with maybe a tiny little bit of artificial flavor stirred in. The cloudiest glasses were hanging in the kitchen and we just knew our glasses game from that stash. The rice and beans were bland. Service was very slow. Food was greasy. Veggies were not fresh. The only compliment I had for the cook was his fresh salsa. He must have used fresh veggies in it because is snapped. Nice job. Overall, a tourist trap to be avoided. It would never last outside of a tourist area.

Apr 21, 2008
Joshua B in Northern New England

Name your favorite burger joint!

World Famous Ted's Restaurant in Meriden, CT

I found out about it while making plans to drive farther than I'd ever driven for an independent pro wrestling event. Some of the fans were going to meet up there, and they talked up Ted's steamed cheeseburgers. The meetup wasn't much, but the Ted's experience was.

[Gill, MA] Wagon Wheel Restaurant

While skiing Berkshire East's last operating day of the 2007/2008 season, I had the opportunity to stop at the Wagon Wheel before and after. Such a cool place. In the morning I picked up a plain bagel with butter, but on the way home I took away out a Turkey panini sandwich with avocado, goat's cheese, and spinach, plus a great big soft and chewy raisin cookie. Spring hours are now in effect. Nice friendly service.

Acapulcos in Sudbury, MA

I'm sorry. I was picturing Sierra's when I posted the question. I don't even know if Acapulco's has windows or not, but I know Sierra's doesn't. :-)

Acapulcos in Sudbury, MA

I'm not sure if this is New England or Boston, so forgive me if it's for the Boston board.

I've never eaten there, partly because I'm not too comfortable eating somewhere with no windows. Does anyone find it odd that this location has no windows? Or are there windows in the back? Or is the ambiance inside so friendly that it doesn't matter?

[Erving, MA] The Smoking Hippo

Sadly, it closed down a couple months ago. A shame, they had added really attractive signage.

Soup Herb in Hudson, MA

So I found a page of glowing reviews with barely any mentions of actual food.

Just asking again if any hounds have been here.

Finding Cadbury Flake candy bar in Boston area?

Pemberton Farms, 2225 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge has Flake bars about 50% of the time.

Feb 20, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Sal's Pizza in Lawrence- I was SOOOO Wrong

My folks and I ate lunch at Sal's on Saturday. We're still not used to every table in the large room being so clean. The staff is friendly and fast, and always working hard whether it's behind the counter or cleaning the restaurant.

Feb 19, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Tip Top Thai, Teele Sq.

This is my favorite Thai restaurant. The owner/chef, nicknamed "Monk," has been very outgoing with me, standing at the table for long periods of time talking about food, his desire to make every meal memorable for every customer, his training (starting with his mom's cooking), and his outlook on maintaining a balance in life. I love talking to him because I get just as excited talking about food. Last night, the restaurant was nicely decorated for Valentine's. Monk was much busier and only made one appearance outside the kitchen.

Anyway, I had one of the best meals ever. I ordered the Salmon/Veggies/Sticky rice special for $12.95 and it was just beautiful and delicious. The sticky rice was presented in one of those small woven containers. In front of that my girlfriend and I shared Ginger Scallion Pie. The sauce that accompanies that appetizer is it's own thing. Very memorable. I also had a coconut bubble tea which seemed to have some ginger. I always ask them to bring my bubble tea with regular ice and not the shaved ice they normally service it with.

The candle at our table was cut and shaped like a little mini basket. After our meal, the waitress brought us a cute little stuffed animal on a key chain.

Monk told me he was at the restaurant at 7 that morning and had been preparing for Valentine's all day.

Feb 15, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Sal's Pizza in Lawrence- I was SOOOO Wrong

Yes, that's the one.

Jan 10, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area

Sal's Pizza in Lawrence- I was SOOOO Wrong

I've just started going to Sal's in Marlborough, MA...over the last month or so. I've made three appearances there. It's large, bright, and clean. The staff is very friendly and efficient. As has been said, the pizza is best out of the oven. I like their fresh-filled cannolis.

Jan 10, 2008
Joshua B in Greater Boston Area