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Please Help Plan our MSP Foodie Weekend!

Origami is in Mpls. The other sushi place in St Paul is Sakura. Both are good, neither is great, from my experience.

Also, for cheap eats, don't forget Tanpopo in St Paul.

Aug 20, 2010
Math in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Jfood returns to Heartland (MSP) - Food a 10; Management/Owner a Zero

Jfood - I'm so sorry to hear that your experience at Heartland was less than perfect. My husband and I have dined there many, many times since it opened its doors, and we've never had less than perfect food or service. I am shocked to hear that your conversation with Mega was anything less than 100% professional. She has been the best FOH person on every single occasion that we've dined at Heartland. Our only less-than-perfect experiences were when she was not working!

As a matter of fact, we happened to dine at Heartland Wine Bar last night, as well, and she made a special point of talking to us about our last visit and about a friend who was with us at that time. I have to believe that something really important was going on, or I truely believe that you would not have had the experience that you did.

Nov 20, 2009
Math in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Happy Hour/Dinner - Downtown Minneapolis

VINCENT! They have a terrific happy hour, including great small plates, a fabulous burger, and cocktail, wine, and beer specials.

Jul 21, 2009
Math in Minneapolis-St. Paul

MSP- PYO Blueberries

The best place I've been to, by far, is Rush River Produce in Maiden Rock, WI. It's a bit of a drive, but oh, so worth it! While you're on the way, you can stop in Maiden Rock for bread/cookies/dessert at the Smiling Pelican Bake Shop. It makes a lovely weekend trip!

Jul 21, 2009
Math in General Midwest Archive

Fishermen strike affecting restaurants?

I am traveling with a group of foodie friends to Italy next week. One of the things we were most looking forward to was the seafood! Can anyone tell me if the strike is still going on and how it is affecting the restaurants? We'll be mainly on the northwest coast and in Tuscany, but some of us will head to Venice for a second week.

Jun 19, 2008
Math in Italy

Bui St. Paul Catastrophe!

I have a friend who is good friends with the owners of Bui's. I believe the owners are getting a divorce and thus decided to close the restuarant. Very sad - I LOVED their Dim Sum!

Aug 07, 2006
Math in General Midwest Archive