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rachel ray on network tv?

I love Chowhound, and I love the populist attitude most people have toward chowishness here. (The "Things you eat yourself but wouldn't serve to other people" thread is a perfect example.)

But I'm sorry. This thread is nothing more than middle-school-quality bitchiness.

Rachael Ray wouldn't have 4 shows on the Food Network if those shows didn't attract a shitload of viewers.

Maybe her shows aren't up to your exacting standards -- I get that. You're chowhounds.

But did you ever stop to consider that maybe she's introducing the fast food market to food that is a step above? (My parents are the perfect example.)

So she doesn't float your boat. Whatever. You're not the only demographic out there. Just let her do her job, realize you're not her market, tune in to PBS instead, and get over it already.

She serves a purpose. She (like Emeril before her, however annoying he is), teaches the uneducated about upper-market food.

Y'all should be championing that, not tearing it down.

Anything else points to snobbery.

Aug 07, 2006
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