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Savannah - Tybee top 7

Have to say no on Walls. Its a cool place and an institution, but the bbq is just average. Very good sides, but for BBQ look elsewhere.

Crab SHack is tourist trap, and food is blech. Kids love it though

Social, new restaurant at Tybee, best tacos I ever had in my life, very authentic

If they reopen the place in time, North Beach Grill

Local 11 has gone downhill avoid too pricey blech

Papillote, downtown, french cafe, YUMMM

avoid il pasticcio, used to be good, now very sub par and not consistent. The owners son became the get where this is going, right?

I heard Leocis is good, and the chef is the old chef from Il pasticcio, but I don't know because I haven't tried, yet.

Ele which is in between downtown Savannah and Tybee on Wilmington island - Asia fusion but very good and consistent

Zunzis - great cheap lunch spot, nothing fancy, but very good and different

Jul 18, 2010
hungryinsavannah in Southeast

Korean BBQ in SC/Savannah?

Haven't tried the Columbia area, I am in the Savannah area. I lived in Korea for years and my girlfriend and I are addicted to the BBQ. Unfortunately, you have to go to Atlanta or Tampa to get anything really good. Didn't realize that Columbia had options, will have to check out.

Savannah has a decent Korean restaurant, but they don't grill at the table. It's actually a lot of fun to set up your own meal at home and get everything. If you head to a korean supermarket, the owners will usually guide you through the whole process.

Jul 18, 2010
hungryinsavannah in Southeast

Savannah GA...................

I know that a lot of you might be surprised at the rating, and I know that a lot of people go there and enjoy their meals. But my steak came out tasting like butter/oil. It was drowned in it, and I didnt enjoy it. The sides were salty and made me feel like I was at Paula Deens. Everything was very overpriced, but the service was great. I have only been to one other Ruth Chris, in S Florida, and it was good.

Ruth's Chris Steak House - Savannah
111 West Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401

Paula Deen's Restaurant
102 W Congress St, Savannah, GA 31401

Jul 18, 2010
hungryinsavannah in Southeast

Favorite Restaurant for Thanksgiving Dinner in Savannah?

I just realized the date of the post, but I will throw out some info for everyone. Pirate House is a part of old savannah, but has been very disappointing of late
Lady & sons is a tourist trap, but fun to go to once a year. Food is ridiculously salty and fatty. belford's across from vinnies pizza place is great sometimes, and horrible at others. savannah bistro is very good, garibaldis is fantastic, 45 bistro is great, local 11 is fantastic, Johnny Harris restaurant is A MUSTTTTT