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roadtrip from Orlando to Ginnie Springs.... and back

We are traveling to Ginnie Springs for the weekend and want to stop for dinner on the way back to Orlando. We will be taking I-75 most of the way and if we stop somewhere near the highway to eat, it would be perfect. We will be passing through Wildwood, Gainesville, Ocala, Micanopy, Clermont and The Villages.
Does anyone have any suggestions..
Any type of food will do as long as its delicious and there is no budget.

May 25, 2011
honduranterror in Florida

Eat Local Week in Orlando THIS WEEK (1/25-1/31/2010)

I think I might eat there tomorrow night. Very excited!

Jan 30, 2010
honduranterror in Florida

Help for Orlando, Please

I'm not sure how long you'll be here or if you have already passed by but here the website link for Old School Bus Stop

They are great. They just changed their menu so that you pay whatever you deem the meal to be..... it's crazy! Make sure to order the Bread Pudding and their original sweet tea.

Jan 28, 2010
honduranterror in Florida

Eat Local Week in Orlando THIS WEEK (1/25-1/31/2010)

[A ] Food quality grade
[A-] Value grade ($30, it would have been an A if there was better ambiance)

I was able to eat at the Plantation House this Monday and I was pleasantly surprised. They have a very straightforward and simple menu (which happens to be a mantra for me). The ambiance is definitely lacking but it's worth a trip for this menu. Make sure to make reservations prior.
This is their menu

Heart of Christmas Farms Heirloom Lettuces
Strawberries, Goat Cheese, Balsamic Glaze

Duet Entrée:
Deep Creek Ranch Flat Iron Steak and Cape Canaveral Wild Royal Red Shrimp
Root Vegetable and Potato Gratin
Organic & Locally Grown Herb Butter
Sunrise Bakery Breads

Indian River Grapefruit “Creamsicle”
Grapefruit Sponge Cake, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream,
Grapefruit Granita, and Mint
Austin’s Roasted Organic and Fair Trade Coffee

Their salad was simple and divine. The Flat iron Steak was seared to perfection; flavorful and dense. The highlight of the entree was definitely the Royal Red shrimp! Sweet, tender and cooked just right. Royal Reds are very delicate and therefore trickier to cook at the right temperature for the right texture. I was surprised it was marinated an herb butter sauce because it wasn't very prevalent. When I tried the gratin, I definitely tasted the potato but it took me a little longer to figure out the other root vegetable... it was parsnips which made the gratin mildly sweet with a crisp bite (delicious!).
Dessert was my favorite course. The chef, Mary Menzer, did an incredible balancing the bitterness and sweetness of the grapefruit. The Granita was refreshing and the ice cream was not overly sweet.
I can only drink few coffees dark, because very few can hold their own, and this was one of those coffees.

Overall; great experience!

Jan 28, 2010
honduranterror in Florida


So the Primo kick-off event was amazing! The octopus was so beautiful; they braised it and pressed it into this thinly sliced piece of heaven.

Jan 26, 2010
honduranterror in Florida

Where to buy fish in Orlando?

I agree with the statement about Lombardi's. Very few things are local there and not very fresh. Lighthouse seafood is also great but the only downside is that they cater to a demographic that prefer top-of-the-food-chain fish (e.g. snapper, grouper, mahi, tuna).

You should you go to Port Canaveral where you will find both Wild Ocean Seafood Market and Seafood Atlantic. While both are good, they have very different personalities. It's really cool seeing the shrimp boats floating next to the dock at Wild Ocean and you will regularly see both locations have fishermen bring in fresh fish. You are right about seafood being shipped out.... Seafood Atlantic actually ships a lot of their stuff to New York's Fulton's Market. I know its a far off way but its great seafood... i suggest making a day trip out of it and visiting the beach, having lunch at Grills or Smokehouse and going to Cocoa Village (historic city).
I actually like the Wild Ocean in Titusville.. because of its location they cater mostly to locals (hence local seafood)... and they process their own shrimp there too.
Whole Foods's seafood department is not have bad but definitely pricey. Bravo Supermarket is very hit or miss... but their Kingfish is local and well-priced.
1rst Oriental hit or miss and their local mullet is a little overpriced but they carry local pullet eggs from Lake Meadow Naturals which is amazing.

Good Luck!!

Jan 11, 2010
honduranterror in Florida


I just saw the list of participating restaurants and I'm wondering what Big Wheel Provisions will be offering seeing that they are not a restaurant.

Dec 28, 2009
honduranterror in Florida


Actually I think they might. From what I hear they will try to post the farmers/artisans who are featured by these establishments, on the website.
I already know a couple of vendors/farmers who are participating.

Dec 21, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

Smoked Mullet Roe: nay or yay

So, I am not a native Floridian but I like to believe that I have been inaugurated into the secret realm of local Cracker cuisine with this wonderful thing called Mullet Roe. Now, mullet roe is usually tossed around in some eggs and corn meal and then fried (which is delicious by the way)... but I did a little research and found that in Italy, it is cured then grated into different dishes. I was too excited about the mullet roe to wait for curing so I smoked it at work and let me tell ya'... creamy, bright-yellow, smoky, yokey goodness. So far I have put it on crackers and cheese, on my eggs, in pasta, with cream cheese, etc.
I love knowing mullet is abundant and sustainable and even better... that they produce a delicious delicacy.
Does anyone have another culinary function for mullet roe? If so, please tell me because roe season is about to end soon.

also... I smoked the yellow/red/female roe and am a little on the rocks about the white/male roe. Has anyone cooked the white roe? and if so, how.

Dec 18, 2009
honduranterror in General Topics

Do all farmers markets in Florida stink?

I agree! the only farmers market i actually consider worth going to is the Audubon Community Market in Winter Park You can be a vendor only if your product is locally made, grown or caught. They have local honey, chocolate, seafood, produce, clothing, bread, plants, foods, etc. One of my favorites is Big Wheel Provisions; they are a charcuterie and catering company that makes food from locally sourced ingredients (like right now they have eggnog, honey butter, crostinis, so much more). Old Hearth sells there too and so does Wild Ocean Seafood Market and the UCF arboretum.

Dec 12, 2009
honduranterror in Florida


Aunt Catfish in Port Orange has rock shrimp. I'm not sure whether they broil them but I know they fry them. I've heard good reviews but have yet to go there. Personally, I think broiling is the best. I do know they buy their rock shrimp from the same place that Dixie does, so the quality is there. Good Luck

Sep 23, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

Fresh Unique Seafood in Central Florida?

Crazy Cheap...... a small bread pudding is only $1.50 and a small order of their Tequila Sunrise chicken grill (which easily puts my hungry at ease) is only $3.75. They also have a special brew of sweet tea which is amazing: the citrus one. I love them

Sep 11, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

Best sushi in Orlando?

Shari .... hands down

Sep 11, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

looking for stone or restaurants

There is Wild Ocean Seafood Market at Port Canaveral and Titusville. If you go the Port Canaveral location you can see the boats dock (the shrimp boats come in every so often so you have to call to see when they are coming in) but the Titusville one has way more selection. I know they carry only Wild, East Coast Shrimp (not from the gulf), delicious Rock Shrimp and stone crab, local fish, local clams, oysters, etc. They will also steam shellfish for you if you like. Dixie Crossroads in also six blocks from them and they are known for their Rock Shrimp.
There is also Safe Harbor in Jacksonville (mayport) which is a fish market with a casual dininig section on the side. Safe Harbor is one of the biggest shrimp buyers on the East Coast. Their food is pretty good and reasonably priced. They have a great selection of fish but make sure if you ask for shrimp that it is local because they do carry imported.

Sep 11, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

Fresh Unique Seafood in Central Florida?

I can vouch for Dixie Crossroads. They are a little gimicky but their rock shrimp is great (broiled for sure). You can also order their broiled mullet or local pompano. These are the only items I love there, everything else is ok. The market (Wild Ocean Seafood Market) that supplies them with rock shrimp also has great smoked mullet and smoked mullet dip, gator tail, frog legs, clams, etc. Ask for the Royal Reds, they are very unique to the Florida and can only be found certain times of the year.
In Titusville, there is Lloyd have Mercy in the corner of South and Park Ave. He does a lot of soulfood and BBQ. I personally like him because he has Sheepshead on his menu (which many restaurants do not and it is a great fish).
There is also Mrs. Apple's Crab Shack which is great. The Indian River feeds their tanks where their crabs are ready to be picked. You can pick out your own crabs and they clean them for free.
On your way to East Coast via SR-50, you should stop at the Jungle Adventures's Big Alligator where a couple cooks from a school bus. They built their own bistro (Old School Coffee Stop) next to the ginormous alligator and serve gourmet food at crazy prices. Ask for the Reptile Ryan (BBQ gator sauteed) and do not leave without trying their bread pudding and choffee. (this is my favorite ever and they do not serve sandwiches)

*** the state closed down Turtle season for good, so you cannot find Turtle legally in Florida***********

Sep 10, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

Orlando nominees for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show

This is by far one of the more interesting places I've visited in Central Florida: Old School
Coffee Stop ( It is located in Christmas betweem Titusville and Orlando. They cook inside a small school bus and have a Bistro built right next to the Jungle Adventures Alligator on SR 50. They're food is amazing especially for the price. They sell gator (bites and sauteed), East-Coast, Wild Shrimp, choice chicken and the best bread pudding ever... ever (only $1.50 for a small). Obviously, they sell coffee and the ultimate concoction.. Choffee. Everyone should check these guys out. The only downside is that they are only open from Thrusday to Sunday from 12pm-10pm since they need the rest of the days to prep food. They make everything themselves and marinade all their meat in ridiculously delicious homemade sauces. Do not leave without trying the bread pudding.

Sep 10, 2009
honduranterror in Florida

Rock Shrimp in south Florida

I used to live in Titusville and I know the family that runs Wild Ocean Seafood. I can tell you that right now the retail price for split and clean Rock is $13/lb. These shrimp are caught in the East Coast of Florida, not the Gulf (which taste a bit different) and are split by hand-fed machines and then hand processed at the facility in Titusville. Mind you there are about 3-4 dozen in each pound, so the cost per dozen ends up being around $3 to $4. But you can buy them with the head on for just $3 /LB and I there is about 2 dozen in each Lb! I would buy them head on even though they are a pain to deal with. The way they do shipping is they charge you for the product, there is $15 packaging fee (dry ice, cooler, etc) and whatever UPS charges to ship it out.. which I think to Palm Bay if you wanted to ship out 5-10 lbs would be no more than $10-$15.

Hope that helped even though it was probably too much information. Oh yeah, you have to call it in to order them.