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Laguna Beach - Breakfast Lunch & Dinner ?

Nor Cal hound needs help! Spending Father's day weekend with extended family in Laguna Beach. Looking for recommendations for decent restaurants and local food "experiences" in the area. Doesn't have to be fancy, just solid. Any price range. Good seafood? Diner? Breakfast? Bakeries? And where to get good coffee (please no Starbucks!). Will have a car but prefer not to travel too far.

Jun 05, 2007
FoodTech in Los Angeles Area

Beard Papa Redwood City - Anyone Been?

Went by on Saturday afternoon. Looks days away from opening. Peeked though the window.
Piles of boxes, but no activity inside. The menu was up, but thats about it. No sign indicating when the opening is.

Bought The Penguin Companion to Food - so happy I did

I happened to see the hardcover edition at CostCo in the BayArea this weekend. I think the price was $24.99. Also there are piles of the new "Joy" for $16.99

Nov 06, 2006
FoodTech in Food Media & News

Time Life The Good Cook Series

I'm pretty sure the article was in the August or September issue of Gourmet. I can't remember the title of the article, but the accompanying picture was a side view of a stack of books.

Nov 06, 2006
FoodTech in Food Media & News

Vancouver & Whistler

Looking for some guidance for good eating suggestions for upcoming September holiday. I've been a few times and have some favorites:
RainCity Grill
Araxi - in Whistler
(Bishop's just was not as sharp as it had been several years ago.)

I really enjoy restaurants that rely on seasonal, local ingredients.
Any recommendations from Vancouver chowhounds? (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Also any good food shops/cookware stores?
Bakeries? Unique places?

Time Life The Good Cook Series

The latest issue of Gourmet has an article about Richard Olney who helped oversaw the development of this series. There are lots of copies out there on ebay, etc. Might be interesting to add to a collection, even though it is 25 years old. Quite an expansive collection from candy to salads to terrines and galantines. Does anything have any experience with this series? Comments?

Aug 07, 2006
FoodTech in Food Media & News