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North York lunch with elderly aunt

My aunt lives in North York and loves the Pickel Barrel. Whenever my sister and I drive up to see her from downtown she wants us to take her for lunch there (...or the Swiss Chalet.)

I am going to see her on Saturday and racking my brain to think of any other (comparable?) place to go.

Parameters: not the Swiss Chalet, $10-15, sit down, clean, not the Pickel Barrel

Thanks chowhound. you may just make our Saturday.

Inexpensive catering menu suggestions. June

thank you all. This is my very first post here, although I browse often.

These suggestions have helped me a lot.
Thanks again.

Mar 26, 2009
angelina47 in Home Cooking

Inexpensive catering menu suggestions. June

My good friend's son is getting married in June. Unfortunately her husband has lost his job so my sister and I have volunteered to do the food for the rehearsal dinner. I haven't ever done anything like this before and while I love to cook I am feeling a bit anxious about it.

Could anyone on this board give me some menu suggestions? July dinner for about 40 people? something inexpensive but fancy, not chicken. something we can perhaps make beforehand? We were possibly thinking crepes or a pasta bar or paella?

Any advice for the actual event?

Thanks very much

Mar 25, 2009
angelina47 in Home Cooking