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Erie, PA

Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely try Rosa' Legacy and Khao Thai

I heard the Whole Foods Coop Cafe is good for some vegetarian food? Anyone tried?

Apr 09, 2011
rentboy8 in Pennsylvania

Steelers Fan Club in Los Angeles

The best polish food in Los Angeles is from Polka Polish in Eagle Rock.
I say order and cater from them for your party.

Everything is delicious there & they were recently featured in Diners, Dives, Drive-Ins

Mar 07, 2011
rentboy8 in Pennsylvania

Sababa recs?

I tried Sababa a few months ago.

I thought it was only okay, and I wouldn't exactly recommend it.
I ordered the Hummus Sampler & it was bland and tasteless to me.
My friends had a chicken wrap, which was decent, but nothing special.

The Greek Gourmet market, which also serves falafels and gyros across the street is even better. Some of the best hummus I've ever had. Fresh with tons of garlic. I recommend The Greek Gourmet. It's also ridiculously cheap

Mar 07, 2011
rentboy8 in Pennsylvania

Erie, PA

I'm moving to Erie, PA soon & I know very little about the place.

Any restaurants/fast food/diners recommended?
Also which dishes should I try from those places


Mar 07, 2011
rentboy8 in Pennsylvania

FOUND: Best Dim Sum in Pittsburgh!

I'm from Los Angeles, but visit Pittsburgh frequently. I was on the mission to find good dim sum in Pittsburgh & found it at Jimmy Wan's in Fox Chapel. Before I ordered, I asked about their dim sum & the server told me that they hired a chef from Hong Kong, so it was all prepared in-house and fresh.

What we ate:

Shanghai Soup Dumplings - Delicious and this was the best. Very authentic, and very similar to the soup dumplings I had on a recent trip to China. Definitely get this! A+

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling - Great

Pork Shu Mai - Larger than a normal Shu Mai and filled with tons of meat. Very good.

Cantonese Rice Noodle Roll - A small portion, but still good.

Steamed Egg Custard Buns - Delicious! Another favorite. They are traditional white round buns filled with a sweet egg custard cream in the middle. Try this one too.

I will definitely be returning to Jimmy Wan's on my next trip to Pittsburgh.

The Good: Jimmy Wan's dim sum is definitely authentic and a great find in Pittsburgh.

The Bad: The only criticism is the price. Most dim sum dishes are about $2-3 in Los Angeles, but Jimmy Wan's averages $5-8 per dish. BUT, Jimmy Wan does offer 25% off dim sum on Saturday and Sundays. So I would recommend trying dim sum on the weekend. Even at a few dollars more per dish though, their dim sum is a great find in Pittsburgh.

We were also the only table at Jimmy Wan's ordering dim sum, most of everyone was eating the usual Chinese dishes.

There was also a 15-20 minute wait for the dim sum to arrive at our table, which is understandable since fresh dim sum is steamed right before eating.

I didn't try Jimmy Wan's in Cranberry, but I did look at the menu and they had less dim sum dishes than Fox Chapel.

Jimmy Wan's Restaurant & Lounge
1337 Old Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Oct 03, 2010
rentboy8 in Pennsylvania

Foie Gras in Pittsburgh?

Where can I find foie gras at Pittsburgh markets?
Do any farms in Pennsylvania produce foie gras? Or is it only Hudson Valley in all of the US?

I'm also open to trying restaurants with prepared foie gras!

Aug 18, 2010
rentboy8 in Pennsylvania

Best Indian Lunch Buffet?

Any suggestions?

Feb 18, 2009
rentboy8 in Los Angeles Area

Roland Cornichons?

Susina serves these cornichons with their panini sandwiches.
I asked for the brand & they ripped off the Roland label for me.

They are the most authentic cornichons I have had outside of France.

Has anyone seen these jars/cans sold around LA?

I went to Monseiur Marcels at the Farmer's Market -- but they don't carry them.


Jan 10, 2009
rentboy8 in Los Angeles Area

Southern Cakes? Hummingbird & Lady Baltimore Cakes

Where can I find Southern cakes in Los Angeles?

The two I want to try the most are a nice Hummingbird or Lady Baltimore cake

I would think after the recent popularity of red velvet cake, we would see more of these cakes around!


Nov 23, 2008
rentboy8 in Los Angeles Area